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  1. I LOVE this system and so glad I didn't chose a the touring or regular S-Type. On a cold start it barks pretty damn loud that it always takes me by surprise, but going down the road it has much more of a engineered tone than just a loud truck. It's loud but It definitely quiets down at cruising speed and wakes back up on acceleration. The Denali cab is so quiet originally that with the widows closed I couldn't hear the truck running or shifting gears. Now I definitely hear it for sure but it's just short of obnoxious and at highway speeds there is zero drone. I still haven't done a video but I will, I am really hoping to also make one showing the difference between the regular Cat Back S-Type compared to the True Dual Cat Back S-Type. The "true dual" S-Type is a $100 + more and the installation is a bit more involved as you have to cut the Y pipe right behind both cats. As long as you cut in the correct place shown in the instructions the system clamps on tight right behind the cats but I did add some weld just to be sure.
  2. Just a little dress-up to the interior, Lloyd's Luxe 40oz .5" cut pile floor mats. Figured I'd post a couple pics since when I was researching buying them I couldn't find any pics of the mats in my truck. I bought my Denali with the all weather mat's (which I love for protection) but I wanted something a little dressier during the good weather. I'm kind of surprised how "Grey" GM's "black" carpet really is, I never noticed until I laid down the new black mats. Still looks pretty good, would look better if the truck's carpet was real black cut pile instead of grey trunk liner.
  3. First a bit of an update on the install, above I said there were some precision cuts that needed to be made it turns out after mocking up the exhaust the cuts were not bad at all, they are pretty simple cuts 2 1/2 inches behind each cat. The install was very straight forward and went together using standard clamps and factory hangers. It came out straight and strong with no leaks or surprises. As for the sound, the tone is actually identical to the Cat-back S-Type clips you find on You Tube, I was kinda surprised how familiar it sounded when I started her up the first time. However I was surprised at how loud the system is, I'm not sure if it's just the true dual or if You Tube videos just can't really give you a good representation of volume of the standard S-Type system. So I'll have to wait until I can do a comparison of another truck that has the Borla standard S-Type cat-back before I can comment on the difference of the two. At idle it has a fairly loud purr, really nice note, under load it turns into a growl with the lightest bit of throttle and barks with anything more than feathering the peddle when accelerating. The neighbors won't hate it unless you are a heavy peddle driver. Soccer moms will roll their eyes even when accelerating as tamely as possible. Once at cruising speed it goes back to a purr, I haven't done any long highway rides but I don't expect any drone. If you don't want to draw attention to yourself then stick to the GMPE/Borla Touring set up. This set up will easily drown out a stock Mustang 5.0 exhaust, even the guys at the shop said... "It's Loud!". From inside the cab with the windows up and the AC and radio on it's a bit louder than I expected during acceleration. I was really torn between the touring and S-Type, but I was afraid to spend the $$$ on the touring and be disappointed, did I make the right choice for my daily driver?... the jury is still out, I need to put some more miles on before I can answer that but I am having fun putting those miles on. I suspect I made the right choice, I guess I'm still more of a show-off motor head than I thought I was. Here is a real quick clip of the idle, I'll try to do a full video soon and update this thread.
  4. So I finally opened up the box and after reading the instructions I decided not to do the install myself, it's at the shop now being installed. The part that scared me from doing it myself was the precision cuts that need to be done on the factory Y pipe. The new pipes connect behind the cats at very curvy bends, it has to be cut perfectly as there is only a very limited amount of round pipe where you end up clamping the new pipes behind the cats. Not something I wanted to try laying on my back under the truck. Even high on the lift the shop isn't convinced that clamping on that limited amount of round pipe will be enough to seal well, they might end up mig welding those connections. I'll follow up after they finish. I also got a look inside the dual-in dual-out single muffler, I was real curious if it was dual straight throughs just sharing a case. Turns out it's not really straight through, the inlet starts as dual straight through but then opens up some in the middle with a port connecting the duals together making a shared single expansion chamber, then the chamber narrows out and goes back to dual straight through outlets. So the muffler makes a 2-1-2 style exhaust, like a mini X-pipe inside the muffler. That's good from a power perspective, can't comment on the sound... yet. More to come.
  5. This from the Borla site, all 4 are the True-Dual... it better fit a 6.2 CC SB. 140785 is sitting in the box in my garage, I'll find out this weekend if I can find the time.
  6. When researching for a new exhaust for my 19 Denali (6.2 / Crew / Short) I found many sound clip videos, instillation videos, posts, and info on the Borla S-Type Cat-Back system, however I noticed on their site they actually offer an S-Type True Dual Cat-Back in addition to their regular Cat-Back system for the 6.2. None of the videos I found, including the ones on Borla's site, were of the True-Dual system, matter of fact I couldn't even find any posts about it at all. They both offer the same tip options, 50- Round Rolled Angle-Cut Black, 71- Round Angle Cut Carbon Fiber, 42- Dual Square Rolled Angle-cut chrome, 44- Factory tip. The True Dual system is about 8lbs heavier and costs and extra $120. Anybody have any idea on the sound/performance difference... there must be some sound difference considering they use completely different mufflers as well as different pipe volume?
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