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  1. I've got over 15k on mine and still get the same smell when she gets warmed up. I wouldn't worry about it unless you end up with a puddle. my fluid levels have always been spot on. so I know I'm not losing anything. i was told by many with more diesel experience than i that it's the Def making the smell, remember ours happens under the hood instead of further down the pipe.
  2. I drove it to work and the next time I started up it worked. Similar topic, yesterday the backup camera didn't turn off when it was supposed to. I had to cycle through the menus to fix it.
  3. Before changing the tires ask them to try a set of tires and wheels from another truck, that will tell you right away if that is your problem or if it's an unbalanced driveshaft.
  4. I did something similar with my old Dakota R/T. a cold air setup would have cost $400+ at the time so i set up a hunk of Dryer duct from the factory air box to the grill. ended up doing a number of dyno pulls with it and the expensive setups borrowed from buddies, my $12.00 mod that never even got a second look from the California smog Nazis actually bettered the best of them by 2HP .
  5. I checked yesterday on the GM site, no recalls coming up for my truck at all. I might get lucky on this one.
  6. Thanks, probably come around on my next oil change
  7. What is the DEF recall you mentioned? I just checked mine and I haven't seen anything 2020 3.0
  8. Same thing happened to me twice in the past, it reset itself after the truck being shut off for a few hours.
  9. I got the check engine light and the same codes on Saturday, it was off by Monday when I drove the truck to work. Had an appointment at the dealer for this afternoon but decided to cancel after reading this thread (will also be changing dealer due to customer service issues). I don't have any of the battery drainage issues and the gauges are all good, so Ill try the brake trick and see if the light stays off and wait until there is a fix for the actual issue. I'm in the 3.0 so this obviously isn't a power train specific issue.
  10. if it were and older truck id say have the shop check the voltage regulator, if it's faulty it might be giving enough power to run but not run and charge. I havn't even found my alternator yet on this truck
  11. Mid December in SoCal I had to drive 100 Miles to Find mine. they few that were delivered to my area sold the same day. I haven't seen another yet in the Ventura area.
  12. My son is in the process of printing one up for me right now, it will be a two piece (due to the size of his print bed) but it will sit in the slot's on the top part of the console.
  13. Happened to my truck the day I bought it, at the dealership. one of the salesmen and the service guy came out (both owners also) and said they have had the same issue and had a fix/explanation. Not long ago trucks used a key in the column to start the truck and lock the column. Today we have a push button on the dash instead, so the column lock is not the same any longer. the shifter is locked into park instead. Don't grab the wheel as you are getting into and out of the truck and the problem will go away, the pull/tug on the wheel put it into lock. if you forget and do it anyway it will take you turning your wheel lock to lock numerous times and then it will still be difficult to get it to shift out of park. I've trained myself (and my wife) to use the grab handle instead of the wheel and haven't had it lock up since.
  14. Fortunately I didn’t need to do that, the dealership was trying to make statewide #1 and knew I was willing to walk (and had cash in hand). They gave me a better deal on the first offer than I was expecting after a fight.
  15. My wife has the habit of showing crap into the door pockets of whatever vehicle she’s in And it’s a pain in the butt to clean it all out. Used to be trucks had knobs all over to hang bags on, but not any more, so I had my 17 year old son 3D print a solution for my 2020 Silverado, REMOVABLE TRACH BINS!!! I have one on the drivers side & he’s currently printing one for the passenger side. If anybody is interested let me know ([email protected]) with what you think they are worth and I’ll have him get back to you. Each one takes almost 20 hours to print Individually and we’re guessing a pair would take about 24hrs. They are printed using PLA filament
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