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  1. I’m just following my oil life monitor in the truck. 2019 elevation. 5500 kms at 45% remaining. I’m assuming they want me in every 10k kms. Free oil changes.
  2. I have the elevation black 20”s but looking for 20x10 wheels on 33s. Trying to figure out if I need to do a level to do so. Fuel has some pretty nice wheels and go with a quality tire. Bf KO2, nitto tera grappler, falken wildpeaks.
  3. There’s a few threads already on this subject.. I ended up going with the muffler delete (flapper delete as well) and covering the 6 screens on the rear resonators with metal and clamps. sounds great, very minimal drone. cost me 100$ total. I’ll try and get a sound clip tomorrow. worse case if you don’t like it you only spent 100$ instead of 5-800$ on a cat back.
  4. Elevation with Bose here. I guess we can use the SD card slot for this ? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/2019-Chevrolet-Silverado-GMC-Sierra-1500-GPS-Navigation-Map-SD-Card-84528704-OEM/233563494683?hash=item366178191b:g:kP0AAOSwTphdxaa0 Not sure about music
  5. honestly in the same boat, I need something.. its way to quiet. im thinking muffler/flapper delete and covering up the resonators in the rear with tape/metal. This should produce the best sound if i read correctly.. could go cat back but doesn't sound as pure imo and 600+ $$ sooo
  6. There was a vid on YouTube, someone with Silverado did it I believe - I’ll try and find it
  7. Have you went and seen the dealer? Just had all four of these yesterday and the light was also gone after next day. Are you having any braking issues ?
  8. Just picked up a brand new 2019 elevation model. Just hit 1000kms and did my first full tank of gas. was installing a new tonneau cover at night and had the bed lights turned on for maybe 20 minutes. Went back in to drive and engine light was on with these codes. reading about brake failures and stuff isn’t very re assuring. Called Gm and send me these codes. many info on these or what it could be ? Truck runs fine.
  9. Also worth noting that I parked on an incline and parking brake was randomly on when I went to go reverse. Didn’t engage it so thought that was weird. Also someone was complementing my truck and said he heard a noise come from the rear right side of the truck (near the right rear wheel). Said it was almost like an air releasing noise. Thought I had air suspension or something. WTF is going on!!!
  10. So I literally just went through my first tank of gas with my 19 elevation.. 900kms on it. Went to go drive and engine light was on - called on star they said it was code P25A2 and U0101/U0100/U0146. I noticed some brake pad wear already gone and I’m not even at 1000kms. Same with oil at 73%. on-star set up an appointment with local dealer. What should I mention to them or make sure they do so I don’t incur any of these brake failures while driving. Kind of worried to take it into work tomorrow before going to dealer... should I let my brand new 60k truck sit? (new to GM from a 2016 ram, this is not a great start)
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