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  1. The chrome ring is integrated into the vent itself. I don't believe they sell just the ring separately but they are fairly easy to remove from the vent rings. I have a driver side vent in atmosphere that has the chrome ring if you're interested though. Bought the wrong color and couldn't return so will sell it for fairly cheap as I have no use for it. Part number is 84266583 (has the 4WD/double button layout)
  2. No problem, already got shipping notification on mine. To your other questions though, I can't answer. The wheel I ordered was this: 84813359 It came with a harness and I had the dealer install so I am hoping there is nothing additional with the clock spring that needs to be messed with. I have my WAMS cluster and the harness already on the way so I will update you next week if you don't have an answer sooner. Wish me and my wallet luck lol
  3. Here is the link. https://harnessdr.com/product/2019-2021-silverado-sierra-steering-wheel-lin-bus-harness/?fbclid=IwAR3Vkr-toHqYeLC6V_e6Zxq3e4bF4aqnGOwdCtg30SY8cOJLnxIzRvaCq7Y
  4. Link is now live, thanks! Now if only we can figure out how to upgrade the radio to and IOS so I can get wireless car play
  5. I’m assuming this is the harness to order then put in the notes for a T1? https://harnessdr.com/product/2014-2019-silverado-sierra-steering-wheel-lin-bus-harness/
  6. I have a 2020 Custom and here is what I did: ~450 dealer installed fog lights ~ 2000 for swapping over to factory High Country LEDs with grill replacement Sticking LED/HID bulbs works but the beam patter sucks. OEM is the way to go IMO
  7. Yes. Files on the SD card are music files so it will come up on the source screen for music files
  8. I have done it, just plug and play. FWIW, he installed his upside down in the video
  9. This is by far the biggest scam ever. If you have a Costco near you they have free nitrogen for members and they have the machines outside of the tire shop so no wait. IF you are inclined to want it that is.
  10. I mounted my tweeters in the door, this was the “best” location without having to do too much modification to the door panel itself. Right, wrong, I dunno but worked for me. I’ll take better pics if needed but it’s right above the 6.5s behind the door. I went with JL audio C2 components
  11. No sound clip but I have had the AFE since they were release. It doesn't make a huge difference in turbo spooling, if that's what you're after. but you do hear the intake itself at low RPMs (1500 - 2500 specifically).
  12. I used a LOT of second skin when I did my speaker installs. Made a huge difference IMO. Debated on doing the floor boards but will probably save that until I get a sub
  13. Update, looks like my impact (Ryobi) doesn't have enough ass to it. Guess it's off to the dealer I go to have them install. Tried heat gun, breaker bar, etc. Couldn't get it to budge and worried about stripping it out or worse.
  14. https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/t1-pickup-wams-spec-bcm-programming/
  15. Just a heads up for anyone doing this down the road. GM parts store changed the part# of the steering wheel to 84813359. This has the atmosphere trim cover already and comes with all the buttons (paddles, cluster menu) included for same price. Good thing I bought the trim cover listed as well because I hate the atmosphere color. if anyone needs an extra atmosphere trim cover just lmk and can sell for cheap
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