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  1. No sound clip but I have had the AFE since they were release. It doesn't make a huge difference in turbo spooling, if that's what you're after. but you do hear the intake itself at low RPMs (1500 - 2500 specifically).
  2. I used a LOT of second skin when I did my speaker installs. Made a huge difference IMO. Debated on doing the floor boards but will probably save that until I get a sub
  3. Update, looks like my impact (Ryobi) doesn't have enough ass to it. Guess it's off to the dealer I go to have them install. Tried heat gun, breaker bar, etc. Couldn't get it to budge and worried about stripping it out or worse.
  4. https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/t1-pickup-wams-spec-bcm-programming/
  5. Just a heads up for anyone doing this down the road. GM parts store changed the part# of the steering wheel to 84813359. This has the atmosphere trim cover already and comes with all the buttons (paddles, cluster menu) included for same price. Good thing I bought the trim cover listed as well because I hate the atmosphere color. if anyone needs an extra atmosphere trim cover just lmk and can sell for cheap
  6. cannot be done either way. WAMS does have a new module they are working on but have not explicitly stated it will work on customs to add full functionality of the steering wheel controls on the Custom trims.
  7. Just a few tabs on the back to remove, nothing major.
  8. That's definitely the whole headlight. You do need the harness as well though which you can get from gen5DIY
  9. You’ll need to take into account that the Custom trucks do not have the steering wheel controls to access and scroll through the cluster menus. So far, no one seems to have been able to address this part in particular which would make this “upgrade” a waste of time for you for the most part
  10. Yes, I have the same and works.
  11. Looks really good, need to do this soon myself. What size is the center bolt to remove the wheel itself?
  12. Yes, send me a message if you're interested. As far as I have seen, most component sets recommend against doing this don't they? I opted to install my tweeters in the dooes then I went with 3.5in JL Audios after having the small memphis direct replacements. Sounds way better now.
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