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  1. Went with JL Audio C2-650s all the way around personally. Just finished the install actually yesterday. Definitely better than stock but can’t really tell their full potential until they get amped one of these days
  2. Just buy the caps and have them painted. That’s what I did
  3. I don’t need to tear down that extensively. It’s just the top dash pad, infotainment surround and the glove box
  4. Anyone have access, or know how to find it, to the dealer schematics for replacing some of the dash components? I am looking to swap over all the plastic trim pieces on the upper dash over to leather wrapped counterparts and was looking for some help on where all screws and stuff located. Thanks!
  5. Straight forward, couple good YouTube videos to walk you through it
  6. It will work in the sense that it can be mounted. Where you run into problems is the forks that go on the LED headlights will be exposed and look complete ridiculous.
  7. Swapping my Custom (no leather) door panels for the ones with leather. Also went ahead and installed JL audio C2-650s all the way around while I was at it. Waiting on a few parts to come in for the dash as well to swap that over to leather too
  8. This is from Crutchfiled, should help you out CrutchfieldInstructions-2641200009.pdf
  9. First, great job! Second, if you're interested in selling one, and can make it in black, please let me know as I would like to buy one. Thanks!
  10. Not that it would matter too much but did you also swap the steering wheel harness plug when you did the wheel swap? Why not just keep the high country cluster, not much you "need" in the menus for the cluster is there?
  11. Tag for follow up. Just so I’m clear though, you bought the screen only or the radio control module?
  12. Took mine in today for first oil change as well and had similar recalls today. One for the engine harness and one for a trip estimation something or rather? I dunno. I only saw the Brake controller as listed as a recall when searching my VIN so not sure why the other two didn’t get announced? hopefully they have the parts in stock
  13. All in maybe a hair over 2k. Lights I got brand new off eBay for 1300 shipped, grill was 500 with paint from the dealer and 250 for the harness from gen5diy. thankfully I was able to recoup 700 of that selling my old headlights and grill though
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