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  1. Exactly, thank you! Glad to see people understand the concept of thinking outside the box and doing what they like/can afford to do. Since when are modifications only done so others can recognize them? Just because you don't see a point in something doesn't mean it's not worth it to someone who either A has the means to to whatever they wish to their truck or B doesn't see something as an upgrade. Does adding leather seats have a gain of function or is it cosmetic only? Does adding wheels, tires, a level add gain of function or are they cosmetic? What about paint job? List goes on. If you actually knew what you were talking about instead of just vocalizing confusion for someone wanting to mod their truck, you would know I HAVE in fact swapped my entire dash for the GMC/leather version because that's what I wanted to do and to my knowledge the first one to do so. Did I need to, absolutely not. Did I do it because I wanted to and wanted to find out what was possible to cosmetically upgrade my interior, absolutely. To the OP and my original question, we are curious just how much will actually swap over and if we have the means and desire to do so, why shouldn't we ask questions and seek knowledge to see what can all be done? GM doesn't give a damn about selling parts to people as its not a shortage of door panels that they are facing and believe it or not, people still get into accidents with new trucks.
  2. What does it matter to you? OP, I’m also looking into if they will fit or not and will order one as a test fit and keep you posted once I can find some better pictures of the panels themselves
  3. Factory fogs, just added after I got the truck and they were dealer installed. They used to come on and the indicator on the cluster worked too. I rarely encounter fog so I don’t use often. Just so happened to need them one day and noticed after the swap that nothing worked (lights never came on and no indicator either). Wonder if it’s just a bad or disconnected relay or something then
  4. So I just noticed, after months of doing the swap, that OEM fogs don’t work. These were added after I purchased the truck so I’m guessing I screwed up by not letting WAMS know when they programmed the cluster? Or, do I need to chase wires for a few hours under the hood and see if something else is wrong? hoping just a loose connector somewhere but I never have that good of luck
  5. modifying the arm bar for the door panels is very easy. If the exterior door skin is the same, which appears it is then the likelihood of a re-worked interior panel from a structural standpoint is fairly low. If anything, may just need longer wires for the power windows. What I’m more concerned with is the panel shape/size itself and the mounting tabs.
  6. Can anyone get some better pictures of the front and rear door panels? Wondering if these would be a direct swap into last generations. thanks!
  7. thanks, I’m having it looked at now and seems you’re right it’s a balancing issue
  8. Anyone have a rougher ride at highway speeds after installing these? Above 70mph, I’m getting notice or vibration. I did the 5100s (no lift initially) and had the fronts used to level truck out. Trying to figure out if it’s the shocks or the Falken Wildpeaks that’s making highway speeds annoying now
  9. you have to buy the trim pad for the passenger and the driver side depends on what you have (4wd vs 2wd, fogs or not, etc) I did the leather upgrade swap and ended up keeping my black trim since I hate the chrome and sold off those trim rings. I do have an extra driver side though if you have 4wd
  10. I noticed the same thing, may have something to do with the change in Ohms of the doors and dash speakers from the factory since they are fed off the same line?
  11. For the upper glove box, you need to remove the center parts (radio bezel, AC controls, etc.) and remove the dash pad that extends the length of the passenger side. Once that is off, you will have access to all the screws to remove it. It's not bad, just time consuming. I'll locate my old glove box (swapped to the leather GMC one) and get some pics of the mounting points for you tomorrow if I remember.
  12. The chrome ring is integrated into the vent itself. I don't believe they sell just the ring separately but they are fairly easy to remove from the vent rings. I have a driver side vent in atmosphere that has the chrome ring if you're interested though. Bought the wrong color and couldn't return so will sell it for fairly cheap as I have no use for it. Part number is 84266583 (has the 4WD/double button layout)
  13. No problem, already got shipping notification on mine. To your other questions though, I can't answer. The wheel I ordered was this: 84813359 It came with a harness and I had the dealer install so I am hoping there is nothing additional with the clock spring that needs to be messed with. I have my WAMS cluster and the harness already on the way so I will update you next week if you don't have an answer sooner. Wish me and my wallet luck lol
  14. Here is the link. https://harnessdr.com/product/2019-2021-silverado-sierra-steering-wheel-lin-bus-harness/?fbclid=IwAR3Vkr-toHqYeLC6V_e6Zxq3e4bF4aqnGOwdCtg30SY8cOJLnxIzRvaCq7Y
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