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  1. I don't have my truck yet, TPW is this week. Does anyone have the measurements handy of the space under the rear sea?. Wondering what else might fit there other than the custom-fit boxes.
  2. Cool, good to know. I emailed them this afternoon but hadn’t heard back yet. I also wrote and heard back from ground-shaker.com and they have a box complete and are just waiting to get it test fit to confirm everything is correct. They said they’ll be starting with a dual 10” and a dual 12”.
  3. The chat feature on the GMC and Chevy websites has been great for me. Give them your zip code and what exactly you're looking for and they'll find one or a few that are the closest to you and put you in touch with the dealers if you like.
  4. You’re not the only one, but there aren’t many of us. I had two dealers tell me they didn’t even think a leather bench was available. I knew it was and ended up just doing a factory order because it was virtually impossible to find one with a 6.2L. The nearest one was a few hundred miles away if I remember right and still wasn’t exactly what I wanted otherwise. It’s scheduled to be built next week. We’ll see how much that seat gets used, but I’m guessing a fair amount. I know when I was a kid that was always my favorite seat in the car. I did find one with a leather bench and a 5.3 to sit in before I ordered mine and found the comfort to be just fine. In the driver and passenger seats, I mean. Only a kid could love that middle position.
  5. Anyone have any experience with the BAK Revolver X2: https://bakindustries.com/revolver-x2 It looks like a good higher security choice with the convenience of a roller, but I wish I could see one or hear some firsthand experiences before committing to it.
  6. Silverado/Sierra vs. Tahoe/Yukon

    The other thing to factor in financially is the fact that the trucks appear to hold value far better than the SUVs. According to Edmunds and KBB numbers, the trucks should likely be worth over 60% of initial value after 5 years, and the SUVs tend to come in under 50%. Adding that to the extra up front cost of the SUVs was the final push to get me to commit to ordering a new 2019 truck the other day. The SUV really ends up being much closer to 2x the cost over 3-5 years. I’m in a similar family scenario as you (but the two kids are big enough to ride boosters) and went with the front bench, hoping it’ll prove useful when we occasionally need to pile the grandparents or a couple friends in for a short trip. The bench + leather + 6.2 made it impossible to find anything nearby in stock though, so I’m waiting on a factory order. Time will tell how much that front middle seat actually gets used. I know back when I was a kid I thought it was the coolest seat though.
  7. 2019 Sierra 1500 18" Tires

    OK great, thanks a lot. I've got QDF.
  8. 2019 Sierra 1500 18" Tires

    Yeah, good point. I'll do that one of these days. I'm with you on selling them and getting exactly what you want. That's exactly why I'm asking. I did that on my current car and never regretted it. And I think it probably saved me money actually, since I got $450 or something for the factory tires and according to reviews, they most likely would have worn out sooner and needed replacing anyway, whereas the ones I bought will still be fine when I trade it when the new truck comes in. So I would have paid for one new set of tires either way, but this way I got $450 back for the factory tires and I got to drive on the good tires the whole time I owned the car. Just would like to know ahead what I'm getting if possible so I can have replacements (if necessary) ready to go to keep the factory tires as close to brand new take offs as possible to bring the highest value. TireRack shows the Michelin Primacy LTX as the OE tire, which I'd be totally happy with. I don't spend much time off the pavement and I always run snows in the winter anyway. Just want a great-in-the-wet, long-lasting highway tire for the warm months.
  9. Wonder if there’s a way to read anything out with a ScanGauge or similar?
  10. Is there any display anywhere that lets you know what it's doing at a particular time?
  11. Does anyone know the details of the all season tire that ships on the 2019 Sierra with 265/65R18? Brand, model, etc? Just put in a factory order and the dealer wasn't sure what the tires would be. Thanks.

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