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  1. GM Financing - Early refinance

    I think this probably happens automatically within their inventory system or something. I saw mine on the dealer’s website too, but as soon as it arrived I got a call as promised and picked it up later that day.
  2. Agreed. I had the auto braking feature on my last car and it would trigger in similar situations, making passes around cars where I knew exactly what I was going to do. Always felt it was about as likely to cause a crash as prevent one. Happy I left all the assistance tech out on the truck. And I’m a tech guy by trade. I did sort of like the adaptive cruise sometimes when driving on the interstate behind a trail of cars following someone blocking up the left lane, but otherwise never used it that much. Definitely isn’t something I miss.
  3. I just signed up for a 1 day repairprocedures.com subscription. It's $15, but they have a pretty awesome archive of info, including what appears to be a full service manual. Anyway, the details on this seem to be that the system sees the battery voltage dropping while parked, which makes sense because I just added a BlackVue dashcam system with park mode that's drawing power while the truck is off, as long as the battery doesn't get too low. When the system sees a low voltage, it tries to wake up some other modules to do various things. But in earlier versions of the software, the codes that it sends to wake up those other modules may not be correct. There's an updated software that became available on 3/18/19. My truck was built about a week before that.
  4. Service manual

    I just signed up for a 1 day subscription to repairprocedures.com to grab a service bulletin related to an issue I'm seeing with my truck. And as a bonus, it looks like they have a pretty complete service manual there. It's not cheap, I paid $15 for the day, but there's a ton of content.
  5. Thanks. That looks like a likely candidate. Does anyone have a copy of the full document?
  6. The check engine light just came on in my new GMC with just over 2k miles on it. I just towed for the first time yesterday, but not a heavy load (definitely under 3000 lbs). I pulled the codes just now and got: U0101 Lost Communication with TCM U0129 Lost Communication with Brake System Control Module I'm probably going to have to take it in to the dealer, but first wanted to see if this is a common issue or if there are any relevant bulletins or recalls out first, just so I can go in well-informed. Thanks.
  7. Yeah, agree. Especially since my tailgate would drop right onto my trailer’s jack when it’s hooked up. It’s just a matter of time before one button or the other accidentally drops it onto it. I think I’ll probably just add some kind of foam padding to the jack, but it would definitely be nice to have some way to lock it out electronically too.
  8. About 1600. Just want to know what the process looks like for a change in the future.
  9. I picked it up Wednesday night. It’s totally awesome. There’s not a lot to see (intentionally) but I’ll try to remember to get a few pics and post more details soon.
  10. That’s nice if it would fit. I had great results and an easy install in my last car with the Mirror Tap cable that just inserts into the pins for the autodimming mirror power connector. On the new truck, I had an audio system installed so I just had them run a hardwire. But when I thought I was going to DIY it, I was planning on a Mirror Tap. This is the recommended one for the new trucks for a RD that uses an RJ-11 power port: MTX-1015, RJ-11, 15" Long Overall... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L2SVV2U?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  11. I agree. Keep in mind that you need to be covered fully not only from issues related to the original failure, but also from issues potentially caused by the repair of the original failure, in this case the replacement of the engine. There’s quite a bit going on there. When the guys at the dealer that mostly do oil changes don’t run a wiring harness in exactly the right place, strain an electrical connector because they didn’t notice it and forgot to unplug it, don’t torque a bolt to spec, or forget one entirely, or whatever, the resulting issues aren’t necessarily going to be limited to the powertrain, and certainly not to the narrow window of things that the powertrain warranty covers. Your new truck shouldn’t have been subject to any of this, nor should you be having to spend your time dealing with it and worrying about it. Obviously sh*t happens from time to time, but it’s their responsibility to make you feel good about it, not the other way around. You’re also doing the rest of us a service by getting everything you can. The more it costs them to resolve when the issue occurs, the more likely they are to actually preemptively fix it.
  12. Service manual

    Bump. Does anyone have any idea from past experience when these typically become available? Where can they be found once they are?
  13. Do they tend to leak at all if you’re looking closely before or do they often just blow without warning? Is one end or the other consistently the problem? Is there any better aftermarket replacement available?
  14. I never found the full QR code, but I used the chat function on the GMC website and they were able to get the full list of RPO codes for me from my VIN in just a few minutes.

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