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  1. Heath, I’m glad I could help brother mine had me so frustrated that I couldn’t think straight i was loosing sleep and about to throw a bunch of money at it I got lucky and noticed a wire not in it place under the hood it was even at night with a drop light glowing just right evidently but I am ocd about my whip so I’m always cleaning inside and out under the truck under the hood so when something is amiss Im usually on top of it. I’ve been wondering how it worked for you glad it worked before you threw a pile of money at it have a great afternoon
  2. I posted original photo then photo after I marked it up couldn’t get any good ones of the bolt on back of block I’ll try again though if this doesn’t help
  3. Txab is correct no screen under sending unit till afm in 07 but the O ring is crucial and the right o ring as well when i replaced my oil pump it came with 3 or 4 different o rings have you ever had a stuck lifter maybe when it was cold out that you can recall a damaged lifter will cause this issue your having and worse case a spun cam bearing but I’d definitely start with priming the oil pump then move on to the oil pump itself cause it has a bypass spring loaded valve Incase you get to much oil pressure it will open up and dump right back into the pan causing this issue as well I can go on and on with the possible causes believe me been where your at still there just finally gave in and quit worrying saved my money and bought another motor ain’t swapped out yet cause this one with no oil pressure is a beast and doesn’t seem to mind not having it
  4. I gotta tell you cause you sound just like me I’ll keep this short if you want to know more I have several posts on here about this oil pressure situation in an 04 z-71 Tahoe 5.3 went through everything you are even used 5 qts synthetic royal purple oil and 1 qt Lucas oil stabilizer every 3000 miles with an AC Delco filter I used to have 40 psi at idle and 80 psi on hiway now I’ve got my sending unit unplugged so I don’t have to listen to the alarm sounding at every stop sign cause I got about 4 psi at idle and maybe 16 or 18 with my foot in it been like that for two or three years now
  5. That won’t work the oil pump is on front of motor and it will need primed there are several YouTube videos on how to do this and you can make your own or rent one from the local parts store but it will require a priming tool mellings has a good video on priming the oil pump on you tube
  6. Just saw your message give me about 20 minutes and I’ll hve the pics for you
  7. On the back of the engine block passenger side coming from the main wiring harness on the fire wall will be a single ground wire that goes to the back of the engine block it’s kinda hard to get to and harder to see but the connector is damaged or loose and is causing your issue undo the wire and relocate it to the ground pin on the fire wall that has the braided ground strap coming from it this will solve your issue for sure it sounds to simple but believe me it works have a great day
  8. I'm no expert but I'm pretty knowed up on what dosent cause your issues it's most likely not your oil pump min bearings rod bearings timing set although these motors do have quite a bit of slop in the chain probably not your pick up tube or the o ring on the tube sealing he tube to the pump probably not your sending unit the type of oil your using its most likely not even the filter under the sending unit but it more than likely could be your cam bearings or damaged lifter/lifters hope this helps
  9. Well time for an update oil pressure still sucks unplugged sending unit so I don't have listen to the dam low oil pressure alarm at every stop light other than thT the truck runs like a stripped ass ape no issues
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