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  1. ABS Light

    Adam, I finally took the time to see if I could find the wire and I did and moved it and test drove it and it fixed it as far as I can tell!!! thanks for taking the time to post the information and plus the pictures they made a huge difference in making it easier to find the correct wire!! Have a blessed weekend!! Heath
  2. ABS Light

    Adam, I finally took the time to compare pictures with my truck and found the wire and grounded it and took it for a test drive and no abs light or warning sound!! Thanks so much for taking the time to post messages and pictures it is greatly appreciated!!! Heath
  3. ABS Light

    Ok thank you for posting I'll let you know how it goes!
  4. ABS Light

    Have you had opportunity to take pictures? Or have I missed them? Thanks Heath
  5. ABS Light

    You can send pictures to my email if you would like! [email protected]
  6. ABS Light

    Adam, Thank you so much for your input!! I would like to ask you to do me a huge favor!!?? Please snap a couple of pictures of yours and its location so that I know exactly what wire I'm looking for so I don't mess up and pick the wrong wire. I would appreciate that very much! Regards, Heath
  7. ABS Light

    Back in January I had the ABS light coming on and the brake booster kicking in at low speeds or when beginning to stop, changed the front ABS speed sensors and solved problem. Now at highway speed of 60 mph or greater the abs light comes on and the alarm dinger that is identical to the buckle seat alarm comes on goes off a few miles later it comes again. It usually has to be driven about 6 to 8 miles before this cycle begins. Can anyone help me diagnose this problem? My mechanic put his computer on it and it's not throwing a code and it has us puzzled.
  8. My 2004 GMC Sierra SLT 4x4 had the ABS issue stated in other post on this subject where the abs motor started kicking in (when slowing down and hitting the 10 mph to stopping) shortly after I had abs light coming on randomly. First thing done was followed the code reading and changed the driver side sensor wire and that didn't solve the problem. Second step was checked for bad wheel bearings, all bearings seemed in good condition. Third move was run computer code 0269 to think all wheel sensors needed cleaning and the surrounding areas. So I got online and ordered another front wheel sensor so mechanic could changed front passenger side in the process of cleaning the hub (and he did find a Knick in the sensor wire that could have been a problem). First one I bought at Oreilly's for $60 versus the one I bought online at AM-Autoparts.com for $15. He cleaned each wheel hub sensor and reluctor rings and this solved my problem. Hope my post helps someone who encounters this issue.
  9. Thank you Matt for taking the time to respond with valueable information to save me money and time to solve my truck issue! I will pass this on to my mechanic.
  10. Did you ever get any solution on this abs problem? I'm having it with my 2004 GMC.thanks in advance!

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