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  1. Ed Bozarth is pretty good. My engine is great but truck has weird infotainment quirks and climate control issues. No matter how good the dealer is they only can do with the provided FSBs or TSBs to do. This is a bad on GM, and the USA in general. ALL PARTS need to be made and assembled in the USA; I'd pay more for that.
  2. My LTZ sags with the smallest amount: I'd go with additional support
  3. my 2020 does the same thing, took it to dealer last week and they flashed it again. Now its WAY worse, at one point it lost the radio ID for a day, the screen goes black for a bit and it started fake dropping cell calls ( going to radio during a call and then returning to the call). The NAV is horrible all the time.
  4. End link comes off, no alignment needed. There's a sold youtube on it for a 2019. They're the same.
  5. Got mine in yesterday. LTZ left it at stock ride height because I have 3.0 and am looking for mileage. The shocks are AMAZING!! No more bounce, drives like it should. Highly recommend. It's not that big of a deal the fronts are just struts. Compress the spring and R+R
  6. What happens if you get into an wreck? Take the GAP. I financed through GM to get the deals and the immediately refinanced through my credit union. Gap was $300 for the term vs GMs 900$. The dealer I bought it from wasn't happy but screw them.
  7. The recalls were done just because I noticed it had them. With the exception of the DEF; one day the truck started using 5X more DEF a couple gallons every thousand miles. The DEF recall seems to have fixed it although some speculate that the DEF consumption is slowly calculated so the consumption issue may return.
  8. Recalls were 2 software updates and 1 DEF which so far seemed to help normalize def consumption
  9. 20500 on mine bought in 12-30-19 No issues just a couple recalls. Love the milage.
  10. 18K runs great no CEL. 3 recalls. Does have some random display reboot issues. Otherwise a good truck so far.
  11. Did they send you a tracking number? I can't get a hold of them on chat, phone, or email
  12. Has anyone received the fronts from shock warehouse? Been 2 weeks, no update or response to email.
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