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  1. Not sure what the deal is with some people on this forum. I use the Auto 4WD when the roads are icy in spots. Otherwise don't use it. If its dry use 2WD; consistently slick use 4WD When its in Auto its always prepared to go into 4wd the transfer case has a wet clutch pack these are what's used to engage the auto 4wd. They will wear and in addition driving in 4wd Auto cuts down on fuel economy. Basically its for those half and half conditions.
  2. You need this 19366958 . I have the tech - trailer package therefore no flat 4 connector. With this $14 adapter my truck recognizes my flat four trailer. On shop chevy parts it states that this adapter has resistors in it to compensate for the voltage draw that the truck monitors. Either way it works.
  3. I'm pretty sure that all the owners of newer DFM engines can confidently ignore this post as the individual that started it has not produced any proof, rational thought, or adult behavior. God help us all if he actually works on anyone's car or truck. Watch out Canada! Pinnacle just FYI your middle finger emoji is so small I can barely see it.
  4. If they haven't been changed since 2007, why are you waiting 2 weeks for parts?
  5. After 3000 miles I added 2.5 gallons and it shows full on the gouge. Was one bar under 1/2 when I added it.
  6. That's what mine has too. Look like we need the GM adapter, its only $14 so whatever.
  7. I can't find the flat 4 on my 2020, did they remove it? Where is yours at?
  8. You need this https://www.shopchevyparts.com/trailering/2020-silverado-1500-trailer-electrical-adapter-way-blade-way-flat/19366958-p-92306593.html
  9. WIX and Napa have the filter. The oil is just now coming into stock at dealerships.
  10. Have them verify sensor connections and flash the new file to the ecm. If you have a bad DPF I'm sorry but overall I've had zero issues with min going on 4K. You might have just won the bad part lottery but that doesn't mean the whole truck is bad.
  11. WRONG. RG-58 is a standard in radio and GPS. we commonly use it in aircraft. Directv does NOT use this. They use RG-6 and sometimes RG-59 if the installer is lazy. In addition you cannot use a splitter in this application. If you listen to this guy your camera will be damaged at the least.
  12. Mostly highway no towing, I burn 1 gallon per 1000 miles. The manual says if you tow it will use a lot more fluid. How much weight do you have in the truck?
  13. Buy the Range start stop .005 Plugs into the OBDII port. Works great even on my 3.0 diesel.
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