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  1. I did use the oil kit from Amazon and everything went fine. I will say they designed the crossbars and parts underneath to make the oilchange very simple and clean. No dripping onto your frame or anything.
  2. I refused to buy the oil at the dealership here, Don't want them getting a single penny out of me. I did order that oil change kit from amazon and I have emailed Mobil 1 about where I can buy their ESP2 locally, but their advice was to give my local suppliers the mobil 1 stock number so they could order it. However none of those supplier CAN order it! It's not available to them in their systems. I was just curious about what the differences were between the gas/diesel versions of that Dexos. I think I got my answer a few posts above and its mostly about the Diesel Particulate Filtration. Thanks again.
  3. These two statements: 1) "... The vehicle may have to be driven for up to 13 minutes at speeds greater than 41 km/h (25 mph) before a shutter begins to move. If low ambient temperature is detected, the shutters will remain in the closed position..." 2) "... If the conditions for opening the shutters are reached the engine control module commands the active grille air shutter actuators to open one or both shutters..." indicate that the shutters will be 'normally closed'. So when warming up in the morning at 0 degrees, should those shutters be closed? Because they are always open when I check them. I am always parked when I check them, but I'm checking them because my engine isn't getting to the normal 210 degrees while warming up, or on short trips. If the vehicle must be moving before the shutters can change their state, I guess I'll have to set the cruise control on a straight road, climb out the window and over the hood so I can lean over and see if they are actually closing eh? It's risky but I guess I can try it /wink.
  4. Its going to be 8 degrees tonight. I went out to warm up my truck and I peeked through the grill to see what was going on with those shutters. Drove all the way into town, engine never got up to the temps I usually see, approx 210. At what temp do those shutters close?
  5. I tried to get my first free oil change at the dealership but they failed at several things including keeping my appointment timeliness. So I must change the oil myself. I ordered 7 quarts of the AC Delco DexosD 0w-20. My question is what is the functional difference between: DexosD 0w-20 (dexos for diesel engines) And Dexos 0w-20 (for gasoline engines)? I asked because its nearly impossible to find DexosD but I can find Dexos2 0w-20. I live in remote interior Alaska and its very problematic to find this unicorn oil.
  6. Unfortunately this adapter does NOT work with Android auto. Only with iPhones. So I'm still searching for a suitable solution. I know there is a hack for using an old Amazon fire stick, bit it doesn't succeed to provide all features.
  7. I don't know what you mean by shutters. Looking right through my front grille I can directly see the radiator with no visible vents or flaps. What closes? See attached picture o took looking straight back to the radiator.
  8. What are the options please? I have a 2020 Silverado RST and I modded the center console for wireless charging but that's wasted because I still have to connect a cord for android auto. I'd LOVE the wireless android option. So please point me in the right direction?
  9. Thanks for feedback. My engine has never done the stuttering start thing in cold weather, only warm weather. I'm certain there is no water in the fuel. I even drained it. I'm willing to bet it's a software bug, because after the 45 secs of attempting to start, it starts no problem next attempt without exception.
  10. Firstly, my truck is the 2020 Silverado RST 3.0 Duramax. I live in remote interior Alaska and we need to do a bit more Winterization here than just a block-heater. Last year we had a couple separate weeks of -50 to -64! degrees here. Typically we do an oil pan, block heater, transmission, battery heater pad (or trickle charger) and use an electrical outlet splitter to connect all of those back to the plug which hangs off the front. Now, I have searched far and wide for some engine diagram to show me where the block heater is on the LM2 3.0 Duramax but I cannot find it anywhere. Man I miss having Chiltons/Haynes manuals available but I guess those are becoming things of the past. I have climbed under it and started following the wire bundle from the from bumper backwards, but lost it in those tight spaces on the drivers side. I'm guessing the block heater is on the driver side but I cannot find it. I'd like to combine the power plugs somewhere back near the block heater so that I do not have to run heater pad cables so far back and under to the transmission, oil, etc. I'm also half tempted to bypass the GM power cord, which apparently won't conduct until -18 degrees because "you don't need it". Well, that doesn't make good sense. #1 that thermistor which blocks current is very likely to fail at some point, cutting off ALL of my engine,trans,oil pan and battery heat which would be QUITE inconvenient. Secondly, error codes or no, I disagree with the idea that you don't need to plug it in at -15 degrees. If you run your engine, get it hot and then park it and let it go back to -15 and then run it hot again (repeat,repeat) you will build condensation in all those parts... which is another reason to plug these things in during continuous cold weather. I could run a completely separate electrical splitter and have *another* cord hanging out the front, but sigh, this is a NEW truck and I'd kinda like to avoid that. I've also been looking for a front end bra of some type, to help block some of that -50 degree air from cooling down my engine compartment (up here that really does help) but I'll be damned if I can find one anywhere for the 2020 Silverado RST. If you know of one please help me with a link? Lastly I've had a funny quirk happen to me twice on this truck. I go to start it, press the ignition button and rat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat is unstoppable for about 45-secs to 1 min. It's weird, but then it stops, I hold my breath, press ignition again and it has always started up without a problem but that's weird. Anyone else had this happen? Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.
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