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  1. But you can’t see the top of the fill pipe when you have a jug with a nozzle inside filling it! I read that too and that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. That’s why gas pumps have automatic shut offs. It’s impossible to know when you’re full.
  2. It’s been in the shop 24 of the first 30 days since I bought it.
  3. I just went to refill my DEF fluid for the first time. I slightly overfilled it with on a dribble coming over the fill cap. I wiped everything up from the truck and garage floor and went back in the house. I came back out to the garage a few hours later and there was a huge puddle of half-dried DEF fluid on the garage floor on the OPPOSITE side of the truck, passenger side between the bed and the cab of the truck. I looked underneath and saw dried DEF on the side and bottom of the frame. I have no idea how it leaked so much and how it leaked from the complete opposite side of the truck fr
  4. I told them today that I was not going to take the truck back. I said they needed to figure out a way to either get me in a replacement truck or a refund. The dealership said they would look into it. I told them I didn’t have any faith in the truck anymore.
  5. Yes, they say it’s still leaking as before. I won’t attempt to try to figure it out, it’s beyond my ability.
  6. Just an update on my truck. It is still in the shop and they can’t find the oil leak. They replaced the dipstick tube assembly and seal and that did not solve the problem.
  7. No oil change. Truck has less than 800 miles on it. The truck was previously in the shop for P2B60 code that resulted in a replaced coolant flow control valve. I wouldn’t think a coolant flow control valve would have any impact on the oil though.
  8. Truck is back in the shop again with a pretty significant oil leak now. Third time in the shop within 2 weeks of buying it. Just shy of 800 miles on the truck. Now I’m starting to be concerned with my decision to buy this truck, particularly the Duramax. This is less than 24 hours of sitting in the garage.
  9. Got the truck back this morning after the installation of a new coolant flow control valve that resulted from code P2B60. Trucks seems fine now.
  10. I forgot to ask what the code was, but they called me back said they found a faulty engine coolant flow valve and that was why it was happening first thing in the morning. They have one on order from Texas and it will be here Tuesday. They put me in a loaner vehicle which also happened to be a new Silverado. They also said they would throw in a free set of rear wheel liners for the trouble since they knew I already wanted to get a set.
  11. It was NOT a fluke. Happened again this morning just as I was taking my son to school again. Truck is back at the dealership until next week.
  12. I'm hoping that I made the right choice. I got in my new truck this morning to take my son to school. Truck was parked in the insulated garage overnight, temps in the low 60s this morning. I started the truck and immediately got a warning of about reduced engine power and a check engine light! The engine fan immediately came on full blast and stayed on. I took my son to school and took it back to the dealer. They said it was a service bulletin about a "flow control valve" that needed to be reset in the computer. They said they reset the computer and everything was working fine now, but
  13. I went ahead and bought the warranty. I can cancel it for a prorated cost when I sell or trade the truck. I thought it was very good coverage for relatively low cost and with the Duramax 3.0 being fairly new, I thought it was worth it for piece of mind. Bought the truck a little bit ago and just got it home. I love it!
  14. Just went to a dealership yesterday and looked at a Sierra 1500 AT4 with the 6.2. Salesman disclosed that someone had previously bought the truck and left the lot and had a valve spring break and lock up the motor before he got home. Truck had 43 miles on it. He got a whole new truck and the truck in question got a whole new engine they said, not just a rebuild. Scary to think you drive off in a $55k truck and the engine locks up before you even get home.
  15. This is what I’ve found too. With plants being shut down for COVID and just now starting to crank out new trucks, trucks are trickling in and dealers are sticking to their guns, especially on higher demand trim models, to keep their lots looking full and knowing that people are chomping at the bit to buy a new vehicle.
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