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  1. There is a solution: Go to settings on your phone. Go to sounds and haptics. Then go to ringer and alerts. Turn OFF the "change with buttons" slider thing. Problem solved.
  2. That's for a 3/4 and 1 ton trucks.
  3. It automatically connects when I start the truck up. It just tells me that my phone is connected. Upon startup mine goes to FM then slowly loads XM and then goes to the last station that I was listening to on XM.
  4. I did and I wouldn't recommend it, lol. It deleted everything.
  5. So you think if I delete my profile, the station that I have on when I shut the truck off will be the station when I start it up after sitting awhile?
  6. If I'm listening to Sirius XM when I shut my truck off, the next time I start it up it goes to FM them a couple seconds later it says loading XM then it finally goes back to XM. And I have the latest updates.
  7. GM engineers didn't specify one from the factory, which suggests they didn't find it essential. The companies that sell catch cans, on the other hand, tend to suggest that these add-ons are very important , which isn't surprising. It's entirely normal for a modest amount of oil mist to circulate around in an oil-lubricated, internal combustion engine. Prior to about 1963, most manufacturers dealt with the oil mist by simply venting it out into the atmosphere. After that approach was rendered illegal, manufacturers added PCV or similar "closed loop" systems that handled the mist and relieved crankcase pressure by routing the oil laden air inside the engine through the induction system and into the combustion chambers. So, instead of venting out into the atmosphere, the mist got burned as part of the engine's normal operation. In some cars and in some circumstances, misted oil can accumulate in certain parts of the engine with ill effect. Also, oil mist may contribute to "coking" of intake valves. Coking is the solidification of oil resulting from severe oxidation and thermal breakdown, and it can occur when the oil mist is deposited on the underside of hot valves. This problem is more prevalent with intake valves in engines utilizing direct fuel injection, where the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber rather than into an intake port. With port injection or carburetors, the fuel passes over the backs of the intake valves and both cools and cleans them, reducing the likelihood of coking. When deciding whether an oil catch can is right for you, weigh the negatives against the positives. The negatives include the cost to buy and install one, and the need to periodically dispose of the captured oil. The positives include a reduced chance of coking, cleaner exhaust tips and maybe some extra peace of mind. WHEW!
  8. How baseless can it be when people all over the country are reporting the same issues?
  9. Not me but the guys who did catch it are saying it's happening while sitting still, running and in park.
  10. A guy even posted a video of his truck running but not moving and the mileage changed. While just sitting there! I said from day 1 that there was no way my truck was racking up that many miles! I mean how many people could be imagining the same thing, lol?
  11. MIGHT BE SOMETHING TO THIS AFTER ALL! - They're talking about this exact issue on the Facebook AT4 page - Someone even has a video of it doing it. Cody Greene 9tSponosiodrerhd · Hey guys. Everyone watch your odometers. I sat in my truck the other day. Running and in park. The mileage went up sitting there. 1313 31 Comments https://www.facebook.com/groups/277274859597876
  12. Why is the 2500 too much truck?
  13. I'd like to know why the 2500 is too much truck also. I traded my 2016 2500 on a new AT4 1500 and would give my left nut to have that 2500 back, lol.
  14. Well apparently some corn fed sod buster who's embarrassed of the length/strength of his manhood does, LOL LOL!
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