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  1. Never said you did. But I'll bet you have the lettuce.
  2. I don't know, something about the 6.0 and 6 speed. No dynamic fuel management, no direct injection. Maybe it's just me but I'm a big dude and the 2500 now seems a lot more comfortable. Seats in the 2020 1500 seem smaller. I loaded up a bed full of bagged mulch and the rear was sagging. Never happened in the 2500. 2500 just seemed more basic truck. Old school if you will. I'm not making excuses, it's my bed and I'm lying in it but in the big picture, I miss my 2016 2500.
  3. You're right. I have absolutely no need for a 2500. But man once you've had one the 1500 is a let down. Reason for 1500? I don't have your money, lol. I'm a retired senior on a fixed income.
  4. I recently traded a 2016 2500 HD Sierra in on a 2020 AT4. At4 is alright but I'd give my left nut to have that 2500 back! The 2500 was a TRUCK. The AT4 is a car. edit - AT4 is a 1500
  5. https://adblockplus.org/
  6. C'mon, really?! You're patching 3 big holes in the paint yourself when you have a bumper to bumper warranty? I'm not smellin what you're cookin, lol.
  7. Whatever you do do not go with Tonno Pro or order anything from Real Truck or Tonneau cover world. Their customer service is non-existent! My Tonno Pro arrived damaged and I cannot get any one to even answer the phone at either Tonno Pro or Tonneau cover world. They won't answer the phone and after 100 tries, someone does answer, promises you the moon and does't deliver. No exaggeration! Tonno Pro, Tonneau cover world and real truck are the absolute worst! Buyer beware!
  8. That didn't work either. Mine were deselected. Still, every time I open the door engine hours are displayed as pictured above.
  9. I'm trying to figure out the same thing, lol!
  10. I believe on the 2020's the weather and stuff has to be purchased through on-star. Yesterday I tried to purchase the weather and radar through Sirius and they told me this. Not sure but I think that applies to traffic also.
  11. Sticker 58.000. Paid 50k OTD. (that includes tax, title and plates) 2020 AT4 built just 1, 1/2 weeks ago
  12. ME TOO! Was about to trade till I started reading this thread.
  13. I had my hood latch/catch replaced at the dealer under warranty and my truck did the exact same whistle. I had to monkey with the adjustment to get the whistling to stop
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