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  1. thank you guys. I really appreciate all this great information. looks like wont be getting one till 2022, every dealer I call either they are out of diesel or they got the loaded 6.2 ($75K). you guys know when this chip shortage is going to end? thank you again. if you guys know any dealer in michigan got 3.0 diesel AT4 put their info please.
  2. thank you. where I live no one sell 2.7 mostly 3.0 diesel or 5.3
  3. nothing wrong with the tune. 274 comp cam. long tube headers catless. zoomers exhaust, intake and HP tune. and a little heavy foot. I looked into those and they don't look as good
  4. 22 MPG average and 100K powertrain warranty I'm sold on that. yea I was considering the 5.3 not anymore ! thank you for the response
  5. the only reason my concern the mpg because sometimes I fill up twice a week LOL I'm done with the 6L family lol, sounds like 3.0 It is. and for the performance wise I'm keeping it stock not touching anything lol
  6. Hey guys so I made the decision to leave Mopar and hopefully join the GM family. I’m looking at the AT4/Trail Boss but I’m not sure which engine to go with! I’m debating between 5.3 or 3.0 duramax. I won’t be hauling anything lol I’m just looking to get good MPG specifically comparing to my current SRT charger 2014 averaging 9.5 mpg (cammed) 180 miles per tank I’m done with this garbage mpg and the rear wheel drive and service Department LOL So the main question is which engine is best for mpg? I did some research and the diesel guys bashed out the gas guy and vise versa LOL thank you in advance guys.
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