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  1. I have the same issue (2019 Denali) so I guess I'll take mine it at the next oil change. Thanks for the info As an aside. We test drove a Tesla Model 3 for my wife this weekend. That autopilot is awesome! GM needs to step it up a few notches in that department.
  2. 6.2L Denali because power and smooth as butta 10 speed. I like the 6.2 because while I normally don;t need or use that much power when I do I like to have it on tap. Also, I can get 22 MPG highway so the few extra cents for premium is negligible IMO. FTR I previously had the 6.7L Diesel in a 2014 F250. The GM 6.2 gives me the same smile.
  3. No seal persay. What I meant was other than the trifold and bed rug my truck is stock. No issues with water leaking into the bed that I've found. The cover has a nice drainage system that I believe takes car of that. Plus the rubber seals on the cover are pretty good. It is an undercover flex solid trifold.
  4. I have a trifold hard tonneau on mine and have yet to find water in the bed anywhere. That includes rain, washing and power washing. Factory seal is good.
  5. Had the same problem. After disconnected the main wiring harness behind the dash (reset I think) everything works. However, now whenever i connect my phone through bluetooth the sd card removed error pops up then goes away within 30 seconds.
  6. Took the GM financing for the incentive. Paid mine off with cash on the first payment. Title came in the mail 2 weeks later. No hate mail or complaints from GM or the dealer. Easy peezy.
  7. I also have a stock 2019 Denail 6.2 with Ultimate. If the DFM is coming on I surely can't tell. Feels smooth like butter all the time in all conditions. If the DFM is what is getting me 21.5 MPG on the highway then I'm a happy camper.
  8. Update: Everything works now. Truck sat overnight and check engine light is off and nav continues to work. I'm thinking the reset of the power to the system did it when I unplugged the harness.
  9. So now the Nav suddenly works (not sure why/how) but the check engine light came on. I did unplug the wiring harness behind the glovebox for second but that's it. Fix one find one...
  10. 2019 Sierra Denali Ultimate. 900 miles. Truck is great. Love it. However after 2 days the Nav started acting up and now doesn't work at all. I get an error saying the SD card has been removed. SD Card is perfectly fine and in place. I've tried reseating, rebooting multiple times... nothing... I've also noticed the USB plug in the center console right next to the SD card slot does not charge anything. I'm suspecting a loose connection or bad wiring harness. I've checked the connectors directly behind the card slot and reseated them but no dice. Where does the other end go? Behind the glove box? Not trying to tear everything apart but it is annoying. Anybody got a fix? Really don't want to take it to the dealer and wait around while they figure it out if I don't have to. On a positive note as a result of this bug I've discovered Android Auto and love it. Almost better than the infotainment system itself!
  11. I discovered that if you leave the the turn signal on for a few minutes on the highway the dash display tells you to turn it off. Simple but nifty. 2019 Sierra Denali
  12. I've notice mine only automatically engages when I park on an incline. When level it does not engage. I like the feature.
  13. Just picked up this 2019 Denali 6.2L with ultimate package in Onyx Black 2 days ago. Love it! Had a 2009 Tundra, 2013 4 Runner and 2014 F250 prior. This truck is next level.
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