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  1. Thanks for the info, just ordered a set!
  2. Awesome price. My dealer told me that it is illegal to charge more than 250 for admin fees don’t know how truthful that was but I think it’s a rip off to file some paper for more than that!
  3. That’s the nature of the beast when going from plastic to metal. I haven’t seen a car manufacture yet transition from paint to mental smoothly.
  4. Pearl white hasn’t been yellowish for a few years now. Ever since they came out with white frost tricoat. I would of gotten that colour again, but the at4 did not the option
  5. 9.76” Rear End

    Good to know boys. Cus I want to change to 3.73 when tuning is available for the new 6.2s I feel a whipple coining sometime soon 🤟
  6. At4 6.2 satin steel. Every option available. Msrp was 76k cad. Out the door taxes in was 60k
  7. Just took delivery of my at4. All I can say is wow.
  8. Two good looking trucks right there. I wanted a new raptor but my wife said no. Told her if we win the lottery I’m buying a Raptor lol.
  9. 2019 Auto Show Impressions

    At first I wasn’t impressed with the new platform when they realeased it online. After my second test drive I was sold. So the interior didn’t change much, and doesn’t have that wow factor like ram. At least the interior will last for years to come in the gm. Had a dodge a couple of years ago and the dash would rattle like you wouldn’t believe, and the leather seats looked like crap after 2 years. I work in the mining industry and I’m in/out of my truck all day. My current gmc the interior look like the day I got it.
  10. Fender flares might be from air design!
  11. Truck Month

    My at4 hasn’t come in yet. Hopefully the incentives get better soon!
  12. MPG 6.2l

    My last gas truck had a 6.2. Ran it with 89 most of the time. Never had an issue. Had 189000km on it still ran like a top. But I did have a catch can. No oil in my intake to lower fuel octane levels. Plus I didn’t dog my truck or run wot very often. Mostly highway driving for me. Even with 89 I was still able to achieve 21-22 mpg.
  13. True. But think of the boys that live up north. That same effect will help heat the trans fluid when in -30.

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