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  1. I have it all over my truck. Entire front clip, roof, door sills, tailgate, rockers, doors, and rear bumper. In my opinion it’s worth it. If I was gonna get the whole truck done it Would of cost almost 6k. But that for 3m pro series. My installer uses xpel software as he says it’s the best in the business.
  2. Red Stitching Anyone?

    You should not of shown me this lol. How hard is it to wipe the extra ink off?
  3. Towing Pics

    The lakes here just cleared off all ice. Ours shall be in the water this week!
  4. Towing Pics

    Nice boat. We have a 24 foot Yamaha X. Is that a jet or inboard?
  5. Key fob

    Thanks, the truck is going in on Tuesday.the fob needs to be constantly in the slot or the truck doesn’t recognize the fobs. The keyless entry only works on the passenger side of the truck. We shall see what the dealer says on Tuesday. I hope this truck isn’t a nightmare like my 14 was.
  6. Hey guys. Anyone having problems with there key fob. I keep getting a key fob not detected on both sets of fobs. Called the dealer they say to put fob in the centre console cup holders to reset fob, but when I do my keyless entry stop and I can’t lock the truck. And the fob won’t open or lock the truck. Any thoughts.
  7. Is that a doodle? We have one also. If you don’t mind me asking, how much for the entire truck to get PPF?
  8. Has anyone found aftermarket mud flaps for the sierras yet? I live down a gravel road and the stock molded ones are not cutting it. I’ve noticed that the factory ones are part of the wheel molding. Is there a cap for the factory ones if I take them off. Or am I up the river without a paddle?
  9. GM Employee pricing

    Here in Canada employee pricing is 1.5% more than dealer cost. My At4 had an msrp of 78k, taxes on the road I paid 61k hope this helps
  10. I like those fender flares
  11. Dash squeak

    I have the exact same noise. Did they drop the tranny to get to this?
  12. I have e the same squeak. But it sounds like styrofoam. Which side of the truck is this harness located ?
  13. Ya fraction of the price. With exchange and there current price it’s still cheaper then the factory option here in Canada.

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