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  1. Same old song and dance. I came across this exact same situation with Borla 5 years ago. I can just imagine how much money they loose with how poor there resource are.
  2. I’m waiting for truckhardware.ca to make a no drill offset for the new Sierra. I hate the factory molded ones. They barely stop any rocks from being thrown up against the truck when driving down my gravel road.
  3. I found with stock tires my at4 was all over the road. Put some 10 ply duratrac on. Problem solved. But in the end it’s a truck not a sports car. Even if they do refine the 2020 I don’t think I’d trade up. I’m pretty content with this one. Want a rough ride drive a 2500 hd. We had one for about a year. Never again lol
  4. Nokian winter tires hands down, the best winter tire on the market. It’s developed in Finland where where they have some of the harshest winter storms on the globe. I’m in northern Ontario and it’s the only tires I’ll run on my truck.
  5. You tube my friend. Pretty much every exhaust company has a single side exhaust. Longer the muffler the quieter it get. If you want a mild setup look up magnaflow in a 18-21 inch.
  6. I was a little disapointed when nothing happened lol
  7. So I just tried this free mod. Absolutely no difference in tone with the 6.2. Looks like I’m gonna have to crack open my wallet
  8. You sir had me going. It was a good chuckle. So I crawled my old ass under my truck and noticed that the 6.2 exhaust has 2 of these flapper valves and not screens.
  9. 3.23 and 3.42 are to close to one another that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I test drove a nht Chevy and my at4 back to back. You can’t tell the difference. The tranny has more then enough gear in both trucks. These things have so much power these days your splitting hairs trying to compare 3.23 to 3.43s
  10. How’s it in the cab at hwy speeds?
  11. I had the s type before on my 2014 6.2. Way to loud, and the drone at 2000 rpm was rediculas. my kids always had head aches after a road trip to camp.
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