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  1. Any pics of the front end with the plow mount only?
  2. I’m getting the same mileage as you. But I leave it in mpg. And the dash shows 16.8-17 mpg. Also the google conversion gives the same as my dash reading.
  3. Hey man it’s all good. I have the same truck. Truck it lucky to get 20mpg driving like a grandpa with a tailwind going downgrade lol still wouldn’t drive anything else.
  4. Hate to burst your bubble chief but 14L per 100km is 16.8 mpg. No where close to 20mpg
  5. I use the same stuff. By far the best undercoating up here in Canada
  6. Winter here my mileage is shit. But I have a 6.2 with heavy E rated duratracs. My over all average is 19.5 litre per 100km. Buts it’s been -20 here
  7. I looked into Costco too. Kal tire here told me the wheel has to have an offset of 14-25 in order to clear the calliper. It’s hard to find a set tho. Most of which I find are either +44 or +30. I have Nokian studded tires that I’m not willing to part ways with because they are awesome tires. So a 17 inch wheel is a must. I may just bite the bullet and order some aftermarket 17s and say screw the Steelies.
  8. I’ve been trying. People still want 2-300 per wheel for factory take offs!
  9. Hey guys, went to install my winter tires today on my 2019 At4; And what do you know the winter tires form my 2017 don’t fit. Looks like gm changes the offset and my 2017 17 inch rims hit the calliper. Anyone know the offset that the rim has to be on a 17 inch rim? Up here in the north the dealers want $300 a rim.
  10. Same old song and dance. I came across this exact same situation with Borla 5 years ago. I can just imagine how much money they loose with how poor there resource are.
  11. I’m waiting for truckhardware.ca to make a no drill offset for the new Sierra. I hate the factory molded ones. They barely stop any rocks from being thrown up against the truck when driving down my gravel road.
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