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  1. Mine is bouncy like crazy as well. I posted here in the past and almost ordered some bilstiens. After a host of other issues I just decided to leave it as is and dump it for a Toyota when the warranty is up. I have owned at least one toyota product and sometimes two at a time since 2003. This 19 Sierra has been in the shop more than all of my Toyotas combined. Done with it.
  2. I'm only planning to keep it 5 years max. I have a small travel trailer I tow with it. When my kids don't want to hang out camping I will go back to a small truck.
  3. Hey folks, I have a 19 elevation that I have owned for almost two years. I was planning on ditching it after three years when trade in value didn't hurt so much, but now I am thinking of keeping it for five. Reliability of these trucks makes me nervous and I was thinking about buying the bumper to bumper warrantee. Has anyone done this? is it worth it?
  4. Happened to me also. Had the repair done no problem. Another reason to go back to a Toyota
  5. Hi guys, I can't take it any more. I have had trucks all of my life...mostly Japanese models. I am in a 2019 sierra elevation right now. This is my first GM since 2006 and it is so bouncy it is driving me crazy. The roads where I live are crappy and the truck wants to bouncy me into the roof over every bump. An is un-controlable when I take a corner with bumps. My old trucks never rode like this. I have had it for a year and will probably keep it for another two, till the waranty is up. I used to always run bilstien shocks in my trucks. Have people switched out their ranchos for other shocks? Does it help? I am honestly thinking of getting rid of this truck but there are things I do like about it so I will keep it if I can fix the ride issue. Please help!!!
  6. I would give anything to ditch my GM and go back to toyota
  7. Has anyone installed a motofab level kit? I am thinking of the 3 inch front / 2 inch rear. I only need a bit of ground clearance and don't want to affect my ride. I also want to keep my stock size tires.
  8. Just bought an elevation this summer. I am new to non-japanese vehicles and didn't realize I could have got one with a lift AT4/Trailboss or else I might have bought one of those models. I would like to raise up the truck, it seems like it has no ground clearance compared to my old tacoma. What would people recommend for a small lift( around 3")? I am not looking to put bigger tires on it and will not be doing any crazy off road driving (any more). I would like to have more ground clearance for crappy logging roads and the rest will be around town. I am familiar with bilstein 5100 lifts but I haven't found any for GMC. Other than that I know Toytec for Toyota and PRG for Nissan but thats about it.
  9. Thanks everyone, I am not asking if i should get winters. I am getting them, always have had them. The 20s came stock on the truck but I cannot find a 20" black steel winter rim. Will have to go to a 17 or 18" rim size so I am asking what tire size people are going with because the closest OD matching size is only available in LT. Also asking what happens when you don't have sensors in your tires. In the toyotas I have always had, the tire light comes on after about 20mins of driving thats all. Am I going to get anything else from my GMC, like a giant error message on the screen?
  10. Hi, this is my first GMC. It came with 275/60R20 tires. Just wondering what people are using for winter tires? What size? does it mess up your speedo using a different size? Are you using pressure sensors? If not what happens? I have always had toyotas and used P rated bridgestone Blizzaks. They are not available in the close sizes as I ca only seem to find LT rated tires in the closest size that matches 275/70R18
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