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  1. Here is my setup. 7000lbs loaded. Suspension handles it well and the 6.2 tows it with ease.
  2. I want to replace my factory tires with a more agressive tire. Please show me your pictures of aftermarket tires on factory wheels!
  3. I have the Pedal Commander on my 19 AT4 6.2. I also had one on my 16 AT 6.2. Definitely worth the money. I bought 420 hp and I want to feel 420 hp, none of this pedal lag crap! Go buy one and put a smile on your face every time you accelerate!
  4. I too am wondering how you are able to see thru the trailer. My truck has the Tech package and my travel trailer has a camera on the back of it.
  5. I had a 16 AT 6.2 and now a 19 AT4 6.2. Both also had/have Pedal Commanders but I can’t tell which one was/is faster. Both are fast trucks!
  6. My guess the tie rod ends have grease zerks.
  7. 20% I also did the front windshield strip and the black GMC emblems.
  8. Just picked it up on Tuesday! Awesome Truck! Nice improvement over my 2016 AT 6.2.
  9. Pulled the trigger on a new AT4 today. Now I need a tonneau cover. What soft roll up tonneau cover works best with the new multi-pro tailgate and grab handle?
  10. Pulled the trigger on a new satin steel AT4 this morning. MSRP was $64,995 price paid $55032 less trade for my 2016 Sierra 4x4 AT $36,712. I walked out paying $18,500. Pics will be coming next week.
  11. What dealer and where are they located are you working with?
  12. How loud is the performance exhaust in the backseat when you are pulling a trailer and the engine is running between 2600-2800 rpm?
  13. I am leaning towards ordering a truck with all the options I want! I have done that with the past four trucks I have purchased and I have been so much happier with them.
  14. I highly doubt anyone would qualify for all rebates.
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