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  1. My apologies. I actually sold them local about a week ago and forgot to mark the add as sold.
  2. How hard were these to install? Not difficult at at really. I watched a couple of YouTube videos on handle removal. If you want to completely remove the handle with the peps then you will need to remove the interior door panel in order to unplug it. However, you can separate the painted or chrome portion from the main part of the handle with a pry tool without removing the interior panel. This is what I did. Took maybe an hour to do all 4.
  3. I've ordered many times from tascaparts.com and have had good results. They usually let you know pretty quickly if parts are backordered or unavailable. Sometimes it can take them up to a week to ship.
  4. *******SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD******* I have a set of Satin Steel Metallic door handles with the keyless peps on all 4 handles. One handle has a small chip in the paint as pictured. Otherwise in excellent condition. These were removed from a 2020 GMC Sierra as I swapped out for chrome. Should fit 19-21 current body style Sierra or Silverado. Asking $200 and I'll cover the shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S. or pick up in Cullman AL area code 35055. *****SOLD SOLD SOLD*****
  5. If the jumpseat you removed had the rear usb ports with the a/c vents then the harness that unplugged from the jumpseat will plug directly into the new console. This was the case with my 2020 Sierra sle. The rear usb, charging tray, and interior console light are now functional. If your jumpseat did not have the usb at the rear then you'll need to do some custom wiring to get things to function. I also purchased a console like the one you mentioned. I replaced the rear bezel trim for one without the heated seat buttons. There is a cable you can get that connects from the dash usb to the interior console usb. However, I chose to get a blank cap that replaces it.
  6. I'm just curious if you've experienced and more CEL's or other issues. I'm thinking of doing this swap on my 2020 Sierra 5.3 and adding the Pulsar lt. I already have a gm cai and Borla S-type installed. The part numbers I've found are 12639087 for the l86 intake manifold and 12678223 for the throttle body. Are these the parts you used?
  7. Drive a self tapping screw into the center cap with a cordless drill. Then use a pair of pliers to pull on the screw. They pop right off. But only if you aren't interested in keeping the old ones because they are now garbage! I did this when I swapped out for the black emblem caps. Zero damage to the wheel if your careful. Only takes a few minutes and your done!
  8. I added the Range DFM disabler to my 2020 Sierra 5.3, 10 speed, 4x4. I had previously added a GM Performance CAI and Borla S-type exhaust. The exhaust just sounded strange when the dfm kicked in, so I got the disabler. The truck sounds alot better now, but my mpg dropped from 22 to 19 with the disabler.
  9. I've got a 2020 Sierra sle, 5.3, 10 speed auto, 4x4. The 10 speed is smooth as silk. Absolutely love the truck.
  10. I did the exact swap your talking about on my 2020 Sierra SLE. Replaced my stock 255/70r17 with a set of take off 275/60r20 with no ill effects other than the speedometer difference. My truck has the 3.23 gears, not sure if that would make any difference. My dealer did the tire size recalibration. I got lucky, the 275/60r20 was optional on my sle. They told me that GM would only authorize the recalibration if the new tire size was optional on your specific trim. The speedometer difference bothered me, that's the only reason I did the recalibration. If you can live with that then I doubt you'll have any issues.
  11. They call the color "silver hammer". There are 4 different parts numbers depending on your truck. Crew cab or double cab, with or without console.
  12. I wasn't sure if I liked them at first. But the longer I had them the more I liked the look.
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