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  1. Already checked and both parts are listed as a “fit”. Weird
  2. Im trying to order a new bumper for a newer body style 2019 Silverado. However, I’m coming up with some problems when I do a part search. The part I need is a new front bumper. The first part number is 84219085 (link) . The description on this part in the link is, “Bumper & mounting, without park assist, 1st design, chrome.” however, there is another part that is 84588809 (link) The exact same descriptor and picture. Except this part is listed as “second design“. what in the world is the difference between “first design“ versus “second design”? Both of these bumpers are obviously for the new generation and not the Legacy truck, as those are listed on a separate part of the bumper pages and they look completely different than these. I am at a loss here on which one to order. First design versus second design. What’s the difference?
  3. Yeah, I might just throw it on and see. It’s a $2,000 decision. I just don’t want to make any mistakes. If I do that my only “big” concern would be the relative gear ratio change. I’ll Definitely have to think about this a while
  4. I understand that now, just didn’t realize I couldn’t cross platform from the work truck to the custom, etc. I wouldn’t figure it would be as big of an issue being that they are the exact same truck other than appearances. I know the trail boss would be out of the question because of the upgraded suspension, but I didn’t realize it would be this strict. Bummer
  5. This statement alone has convinced me to probably never increase my tire size. I did not realize that the power steering and body control module also had to be reprogrammed. What a nightmare. ? oh well, time to look for some new “aggressive as I can get” tires on 17 inch wheels. ?
  6. Hey thanks for the info. After talking with the dealer, in order to replacard the TPMS/load pressure (door sticker of recommended psi)...they have to have a authorization code from big GM. (This is apparently the process that reprogrammed the “brains“ of the trucks electronic control module to see the new tire pressure as normal.) Apparently, they said that big GM won’t give them this code unless it’s a “stock“ tire that is “included in “on the work truck model. It is not. I find this humorous because they sell a 22 inch wheel for the work truck in the “Chevrolet accessories“ department. That’s not stock either. Ugh! ? as far as aftermarket speedometer programmers for the 2019 Silverado speedometer, they only have a kind of crappy solution. You have to plug-in a “interface“ box that kind of makes up the speed difference. But it must stay in place and is not an actual reprogramming of the ECM. It might be able to be reprogrammed with the high end aftermarket scan tool, but I really don’t wanna spend $1000 on such a device. Maybe I’ll see if the local tire shop can wing it. However, I still think they will probably need the GM code and it probably can’t be hacked like earlier models could. Either way, so much for doing it the “right“ way. as far as the speed calculation(yes my original math might have been wrong), I thought I took the The old revolutions per mile of 650 and divided by the new revolutions of 612 and got 1.06% speedometer difference. I could be wrong. does anyone know if the new gear ratio of 3.22:1 vs the 3.42:1 will bog me down? I’m just guessing that it won’t, because the Silverado custom has this exact same set up and I don’t hear any complaints about it being slower than a work truck.
  7. Ouch! This sucks. I figured that since the work truck and the custom truck have theEXACT SAME body, suspension, engine, tranny, clearances, gear ratios that it would not be an issue. The whole reason I was going OEM was to get everything re-calibrated and reprogrammed as planned. Oh well, looks like I’m going to buy somebody else’s OEM takeoffs and have the constant annoying low tire pressure alarm.? Speedometer will be off by about 1%, probably not enough to really care. I tried to do with the “right way“, however I learned the lesson very quickly on here that that isn't the “right way“. this is kind of ridiculous figuring that GM specifically offers a 22 inch rim for my truck on their accessories website according to my Vin number. I even called GM and asked why they don’t offer a 20 and the guy in the parts department, laughed and said yeah this doesn’t make sense. He said all he showed according to my vin was an 18 inch and a 22 inch accessory wheel that could be ordered. So aside from the dealer not being able to reprogram and re-calibrate things, does anyone else see any possible issues with doing this? i’d rather not make a $2000 mistake. Or worse, destroy something. just to reconfirm, I am using an OEM rim off of a custom Silverado of the same year, same tire specs offered on the custom, however will be aftermarket tires. The tires will be the same size specs that GM offers on the custom new
  8. So I logged into the Chevy app and looked at wheel accessories with my vin number. All they offer are 18 inch and 22 inch wheels. I can’t understand why they don’t offer the 20 inch. I don’t think 18s are going to make enough of a visual difference, and 22s are just a bit too big and goddy for me. Oh well, back to square one
  9. Sorry for the long post. This has been a headache to try and find “factual” information on instead of “opinions”. I have a 2019 Silverado work truck V-6 , 6 speed, with 3:42 gearing. I have a stock suspension. The 2019 work truck comes with three tire options From factory. 1. 17" 255/­70R17 all-season, blackwall tires (my current tire) 2. 17" 265/­65R17 all-terrain, blackwall tires 3. 17" LT265/­70R17C all-terrain, blackwall tires However, ... the Silverado Custom (with the same 3:42 gearing) comes with the following tire opens. 1.20” 275/­60R20 all-season, blackwall tires 2. 20”275/­60R20SL all-terrain, blackwall tires 3. 22” 275/­50R22SL all-season, blackwall tires My current truck has the 17” 255/70R17 all seasons. I love my truck, but I absolutely hate these tires/wheels. They look like baby wheels on a big truck. Way too much fender well free space. Looks like the truck missed “leg day“. My question is if I purchase the OEM wheels and tires for the custom, is there any issue with them fitting my work truck? As far as I know both trucks have the exact same suspension, body clearance, control arms, wheel well clearance, etc. I was looking at going with the 20”275/­60R20SL all-terrain, blackwall tires. The only changes that I could forsee that would happen are the following... 1. An increase in wheel diameter of current 31.1” increasing to 33”. 2.a width increase from 10” to 10.8” 3. A sidewall decrease from 7” to 6.5” 4. A revs/mile decrease from 650 to 612 (affecting speedometer speed by .058%) 5. A new effective gear ratio of 3.22:1 6. A change in tire run pressure from 35psi to 32psi. (Annoyingly setting of my TPMS “low pressure” alarm ) several questions.... 1.will these custom tires fit my work truck? I can’t Find any reason that they won’t 2. Will the dealer reprogram my speedometer for the percentage difference, and replacard/reprogram my ECM with the new psi setting to 32psi. (Not sure if they will since the Vin number of my truck does not include these tire size as “options“.) I really don’t want my low pressure alarm going off 24/7. 3. Will I noticed the change in new affective gear ratio from 3.42, to 3.22? (I’m assuming I won’t since it is the exact same gearing/tire size as the custom. Man, there sure is a lot to changing a tire size. Almost doesn’t even seem worth the trouble. Am I going down a bad rabbit hole? Just an FYI, I am not interested in lift kits, aftermarket speedometer programmers, etc. . Would like to stick OEM as much as possible.
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