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  1. I asked the same question is a post earlier this week. No responses at all. It seems not too many people have them and the they modified the AFM unit to also deal with DFM. I bought one, but now am reluctant to install it. DFM is totally different than AFM and I can't tell when it's engaged. I'm probably going to sell my brand new unit at a discount pretty soon.
  2. I think they are great. I had a 2015 truck and these are definitely lower, but everyone (even the wife) has commented about how comfortable and roomy it is over there. But I can see where some folks might prefer to be higher. But before I spent $170 I would make a trip to hardware and see if could make something.
  3. I bought some for mine week1. Took it to dealership to get my tonneau cover installed, and they stole em! 90min drive later I'm home and realize it. This after it had to go back in shop cause the bed cover wasn't installed properly. I was rather pissed, so the wife called the SW and was nice but firm. Sure enough he calls back and says he found them on the tech's workbench with the expected "he forgot" excuse. I got a good deal from this outfit, but their service dept won't be seeing me again. I typically just delete survey requests, but I returned that one!
  4. Greetings, I purchased my 2020 RST/Z71 5 weeks ago. 6.2/10. Add ons include tri-fold bed cover, Bedrug, AVS Bug screen and Luverne Running boards. Won't be making any other mods. So far the truck is outstanding, 1300 miles. My last truck was a 2015 LT2 Z71. Five years, 63k and no issues at all. Hoping I'm as lucky with this one! Great group here! Happy to be among ya'll. Pappy!
  5. Greeting's ya'll! I have a 2020 RST 6.2. I have noticed a couple things about the oil readings that make me curious. When the truck is warm and at idle, the pressure gauge reads ~30. As soon as RPM's are raised 1500-1800, it starts to move up towards 50-60. Is this the general behavior ya'll are seeing? Also, the dipstick is not very useful it seems. There is barley 1/2 in of range. Right now my level is in the middle of the level indicator, but with an 8 quart pan what is that telling me? If there is no visible oil on the stick, how low is it at that point? Is the middle the nominal read point for "Full"? Any guidance here would be appreciated. TIA, Pappy
  6. Greetings ya'll, I've had my 2020 RST/Z71 6.2/10 for just over a month. I have 1200 miles on it and to date it's been a rock. I'm coming from a 2015 5.3 with AFM. So far the DFM is pretty smooth and I really can't tell if and when it kicks in. I typically drive the truck in "Sport" mode to get the better response. MPG is not a big concern to me. I purchased a "Range" device that is label "AFM Disabler" but per their website also disables DFM. Does anyone have one of these installed and have any feedback on it. I'm kind of hesitant to install it seeing as I can't quantify a "problem" to fix, and I always can put the shifter in "L" mode which will disable the DFM. So I'm really wondering if there is anything to gain form this, or if I should just let this engine do it's thing? Thanks in advance for any objective knowledge you can provide. Pappy
  7. Yes it is annoying but now that I'm used to it I've mentally adjusted....and it's not just on entry/exit. If you're running Car-Play and listening to music coming from the phone, an incoming call or text will interrupt the music and kill the volume. Also took forever to figure out that each function (music, maps, etc) has it's own master volume. Why? I guarantee this is a "feature" some idiot in product development thought was a good idea, operations won't address it until they get a documented design change.
  8. Not wanting to highjack the thread, but I'm a little confused with the onstar thing. Do you get "Connected Services" even after the trial is over? Or is it completely dead if you pay nothing and hold no subscription?
  9. In my opinion the AC-Delco AGM batteries suck! Went through two on my 2015 Silverado and after the second I bit the bullet and bought an Optima. I've had the issue on several GM vehicles, so now I put the charger on once a month or so, and once the original batt dies, I go Optima. I have two 10 year old Redtops and they still rock and roll!
  10. Greetings all, Does anyone know of a all encompassing TSB list and where it can be found? I just bought my 2020 RST/Z71 about a month ago. So far it's been great with the exception that I have the "rear headrest rattle" which I fixed by spreading the legs a little. But reading the list of items here; Rear window leaks, Engine/Lifter failures and Differential 'Jingle", I'm thinking I need to review things and make sure all the open TSB's have been addressed. My build date is 02/20. Coming from 5 years in a 2015 LT with zero issues, I was expecting the same from this truck... and maybe I got lucky and got a"Wednesday" build. But I would really like to get proactive with the service dept and let them know I will be on top of everything. The service writer I deal with I've known for 25 years since I bought my first new GM truck, a 95 Sierra, I trust him and he will be up front with me. Thanks folks!
  11. Sorry to hear of all your troubles, but yeah I agree I would be pushing for a lemon law replacement. Rule #1.NEVER buy a first year redesign. I've had four GM trucks the last 25 years. 95 GMC Sierra, 2004 Avalanche (Best Truck I ever had) 2015 Silverado, and now my 2020 Silverado. The 95 is still running at 250k miles. it has had one trans rebuild. The Avalanche lost the the 4L60 with 110k. It has 200k+ plus now and still runs great. The 2015 has 62k and sold to my niece. One dead battery in it's history. So far the 2020 is "Like a Rock"...but I've only had it for a month....so I guess we still have a ways to go...but I don't go throwing a lot of mods on my trucks, and treat em with love!...or maybe I'm just getting lucky, IDK.
  12. Just upgraded from my 2015 5.3/6 to a 2020 6.2/10. The 2015 had AFM and it was quite noticeable when in v4 mode and going from v4-v8, especilly when driving round at slow speeds, around town etc. I solved it by putting the shifter in M5 unless I was out on the highway doing 70+mph. So far on the 2020 I really cannot tell when DFM does it's thing. Any change is negligible. But this can also be solved by putting the shifter Ln and selecting a top gear range. In town where the top speed limit is 35mph, L7 is more than adequate. This also disables the start/stop crap.
  13. So did they give you an explanation of why they are denying your claim? In writing? Unless they can somehow point a finger at you, I agree it's time to lawyer up.
  14. I just checked and mine has the FUYAO 43R000072 E4 glass. Fingers crossed and knocking on wood.
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