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  1. I've found pretty much nothing at all, looks like no one is making tips for the new gen trucks, only full exhaust systems with integrated tips. I did send a email to MBRP to see if they had any tips for the new gen Silverados and they said no, and were not developing any as of now. I'll definitely measure and see how far you would need to cut back to get rid of the oval and make it round. Should be really easy to tell with a caliper. The only thing I would be worried about if the piping is angled down or up by a little bit the tips would also be angled. I'll tear into it this weekend and remove the fake disgusting chrome tips and get some actual measurements / mockup pictures. Like I said before I do have a 2.75 inlet to a 4" (or maybe 5") single. Even if it wouldn't fit I'll take some pictures just to see how a round tip looks in a rectangular hole.
  2. Not yet no, I haven't really had the time. Plus I've been searching for more tips that are actually made for the Silverados. I'd rather install something that fits and doesnt leak then put a tip in a vise to ovalize it and hopefully make it fit. Maybe I'll try some more this weekend once I get home from this long haul.
  3. I had a hard shift / clunk when shifting into first / second until about 10,000kms. My dad has the same 8 speed and had the same issue. I guess it gets better in time because now I dont feel it
  4. Can you tell a huge difference between taped vs non taped?
  5. Personally I really feel as I dont have any drone, I dont know if I dont hear it because of the 33's or what. My old Silverado had tonnes of drone so maybe I'm used to it? I also rarely hear the DFM kick in, and if I do it's only at low speeds, never on the highway.
  6. Theres some clips for you, hopefully it all came out ok. Sounds great, I'm considering taping up my mesh screens now too, are you enjoying it? Also you might as well kiss your gas mileage goodbye, I always romp it because I love the sound haha.
  7. I just went out to measure it, pipe is 2.75 all the way to the fake tips. One thing your definitely right on is that the tips are ovaled, so that sucks. I'll take a better look to see how far you would need to cut them back to get them to be round.
  8. Absolutely, I just left for a long haul this morning, so once I get back in a couple days I'll edit and upload what I have. I think I have external from a dig, external fly by, and external cold start. Let me know if you want any other angles.
  9. I have cut the flapper and muffler off of my 19 Silverado with DFM. I left the screen resonators and it sounds great. I do have the 8 speed transmission and the z71, so I have 6 screen resonators instead of 3, and I also run fairly aggressive 33's. I dont really notice the DFM at all, if anything I only notice it at lower speeds. You do hear it kick in but it's not that noticeable. I did the same thing to my buddys 2018 gmc 5.3 and you can REALLY hear the v4 mode. And I left the flapper in on that but forced it to stay opened. The "cold" starts are pretty loud, and it gets louder the warmer it is outside and that makes no sense to me at all. If you have any questions just quote me and I'll respond. I could get some sound clips too if you liked.
  10. The stock exhaust pipe is 2.75", I have a 3.5" tip that fit on my old cat eye Silverado, I might give it a test fit when I get the chance
  11. Hello, I've been looking around for some exhaust tips because frankly I hate the rectangular fake exhaust tips on the z71. I've been seeing pictures of dual oval tips and I do like them, but I'd rather have bug singles, like a 3" or 3.5" . I've really been trying to find some pictures to see if it would fill the rectangular bumper cut outs, wondering if anyone here has done it.
  12. I think it depends with what model of exhaust you have, my truck is a z71 model and I cut off the flapper and muffler and just put a straight pipe in. But because the z71 is a dual outlet it has 6 mesh resonators instead of just 3 like the passenger side exit exhausts. My truck has very very very little drone if none at all. Maybe since I run 33's it might be a lower RPM but I doubt it makes a difference. I did originally do a stright pipe but the initial start up was pretty loud. So I went to a borla pro XS instead. Really nice muffler. Quiet when you want it to be, loud when you want it to be, but I went back to the stright pipe because it was too quiet for my taste. But then again it could be louder on a single passenger side dump.
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