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  1. I've got a neighbor that's trying to tell me that by removing my muffler, I just voided my warranty on the truck. Is that true? Only thing I did was cut the muffler out and bolt in a piece of pipe in place. Left the flapper installed. I cant imagine that by removing a muffler I'd be voiding an power-train warranty.
  2. Yes I left the screens alone. Only mod was removing the muffler. And yes I'm in AZ. San Tan Valley to be exact!
  3. Thank you everyone for providing input and video clips! I ended up just doing a muffler delete only and leaving the flapper in place for now. I think it sounds perfect with absolutely no drone at all at any speeds. Here's a before and after video I made of the muffler delete.
  4. Thanks for the info! I'm going down to the exhaust shop this morning to have it done!!! Super excited. I already took a before video and will make a before/after video of the sound. Will post here once done.
  5. I am seriously considering deleting my muffler and flapper on my 2019 Silverado 5.3l with the dynamic fuel management system engine. I know that the AFM system would give a loud helicopter sound when switched to v4 mode and everyone says how terrible it sounds. My question is, does that no longer happen with the new DFM system? I literally can't ever tell when my engine has changed active cylinders. It is so smooth at making that change. I just don't want to cut off my flapper and then find out that it sounds horrible when it does change cylinders. Does anyone know how the removed flapper effects exhaust sound on the dynamic fuel management system? Please don't give me input purely based on the AFM system since it isn't the same thing. I'm looking for input from those of you that have the new DFM style engine and have removed the flapper. Thanks.
  6. I just bought a brand new 2019 Silverado 1500. 1,749 miles on the odometer as of today and this happened to me after I was grocery shopping for about 30 min. After starting my truck to leave the two warnings were displayed and I didn't have any power steering. After reading your posts, I shutoff my engine, waited about 10 minutes, and tried again. The problem went away and I was able to drive it home just fine. I'll be submitting a service call with my dealer now.
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