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  1. Absolutely, it is not much different, you can achieve the equivalent response to a single TC setting by changing the driver demand tables in the tune. Except perhaps, the tune can "brick" the ECM if attempting the highest levels of our TC, that's according to some tuners, not sure how high you can go with a tune. Here are the main differences (mostly for other folks reading this thread, I believe you already know most of this): Throttle Controller: - Changes the information sent from the pedal to the ECM. This is a more basic level, untraceable for warranty purposes. - 37 settings (levels of response) that can be changed on the go. - Affordable, customizable, DIY for everyone. Editing Driver Demand: - Changes the information in the ECM. - One response level per tune. - Perhaps a bit more expensive, and depends on tuner, or must have tuning software and tuning knowledge. BTW, we have customers with driver demand tables edited for better response, that still find our throttle controller fun and useful under some driving conditions. Thanks,
  2. Hello, the comparison is relative to the L86/L87/L96 stock throttle body. Our 100mm TB comes with an Adapter Kit to fit your manifold included in the price, we also match the adapters line-to-line to ported L86/L87/L96 manifolds or aftermarket superchargers, or customize the hole pattern on the TB for those who ported their manifold or supercharger to 95mm for a direct fit. It will require a tune and a CAI or flexible silicone tube/coupler.
  3. Pretty simple, for those of us who don't have the GM tool or any other OBDII tool, let idle for 3 min, ignition off 1 min, repeat. You should see your idle rpm's stabilizing around 600 rpm over the course of those 3 min. If that doesn't work (idle speed fluctuating +/-50 rpm or more), then disconnect the battery for 10 min, and redo the two 3 min idle. After that just drive, and it will learn the new airflow and slightly adjust and stablish short and long term fuel trims, over the next 50 miles or so.
  4. Hello there, here are a couple of options for those of you looking for a better throttle response and more airflow/power from idle to WOT for you Colorado or Canyon 3.6L V6. We have the original OEM 72mm throttle body modified to 76mm, this is a direct fit. Figure 1. https://www.solerengineering.com/generalmotors/se0981-76 We also have an originally 80mm throttle body modified to 84mm that comes with an Adpater Kit to fit your manifold. Figure 2. https://www.solerengineering.com/generalmotors/se7792-84
  5. We also have a controller for the 2019-2020 trucks and SUV's. https://www.solerengineering.com/generalmotors/se0820-tc
  6. If you send your own it's $275 for the whole rework. If you were referring to the work on the shaft only, it is $100.
  7. We do for TB's with 12mm shafts. The 5.3L TB comes with a 10mm shaft, and that would be pushing it to the unsafe side.
  8. Just wanted to update you, that controllers are back in stock and the offer is still on. Free controller w/ performance throttle body purchase, that's a whole new throttle actuator control system for as low as $275. There's no other Mod that will change your truck so much for so little money and effort, and warranty safe. Money back warranty, and one year replacement warranty.
  9. Let me add that these work for model years 2007-2018, we also have one for the 2019-2020. For a limited time, free with your purchase of a throttle body. 2007-2018 https://www.solerengineering.com/store/se0867-tc 2019-2020 https://www.solerengineering.com/store/se0820-tc
  10. Hello, everyone. The TB's for the 5.3L are now ready, we took them from 80mm to 84mm at WOT plus all the features that make them great at partial throttle. That's more air/power at every throttle position. Tested by members here. Link below. The deal stands, free controller with your TB purchase. Controllers for 2007-2018 are sold out until next week. Controllers for 2019-2020 are in stock. And Adapter Kit to fit the our 87mm (91mm Effective) to your 5.3L Manifold or SC coming soon. https://www.solerengineering.com/store/se7792-84
  11. Thanks, Everyone. The deal is still on, Free TC with your purchase of a TB. Also wanted to announce that the TB's for the 5.3L are ready. Link below. https://www.solerengineering.com/store/se7792-84
  12. Thanks, Tom. We also have a throttle controller to spice up the throttle body, and they are now FREE with your throttle body purchase. No other Mod will change your truck performance so much for so little, or your money back, including free return shipping. This is a 15-min DIY, and warranty safe Mod that won't cost you a single penny to try for a month.
  13. It adds a moderate amount of power, which can also be used when towing. It is more enjoyable for simply driving, these Mods trickled in here from sports cars that use very similar engines to yours, and folks like fast trucks too. In the end, power can be split into speed and torque, so towing too; why not?
  14. Tom, they are all very similar in what they do. The differences come in the numbers of settings/modes, geometry/size, colors, etc. You should have no concerns about codes. While they happen, and no brand is immune to them, you shouldn't be concerned about that for we will either refund you (including prepaid shipping label) or replace it right away. The problem is not endemic of the parts or the car and part compatibility, they are simply quality escapes or installation errors. They happen, as with anything else. I can tell you that we haven't had a single CEL's issue with trucks and that most issues happen b/c folks do not follow instructions (attached for reference) or put unduly strain on the harness. I don't like talking about this as if it were to be expected. But it does happen, 1/100 to give you an idea. Anyway, there is no way you can go wrong with us. It is either a part you'll love with a 1-year warranty or every single penny back to your pocket. Thanks, SE0820-TC (CVT7, CMR6, CTS3) Installation Instructions Rev NEW V4.pdf SE08XX-TC Operating Instructions Rev NEW V2.pdf
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