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  1. T1 Switched Power Source

    RAP only stays on until the driver door is opened.
  2. Power programmer

    Does anyone know how Hennessey is supercharging 2019 silverados without the ability to program the ECM and tranny?
  3. Ever since the last update, every time I get in my truck the DIC displays a waring that User 1 Profile is in use and requires that I dismiss the warning. Anyone else experiencing the same?
  4. Happened to me last night too. The Radio was playing in the background with any other source as well. I tried turning it off and back on and it didnt correct it. I let it sit for 30 minutes and it cleared itself. I love this truck, but the damn software bugs are driving me crazy.
  5. Serice Steering Column Lock

    Same thing happens top mine.
  6. GM Performance Exhaust is manufactured by Borla from what I have read.
  7. High Country LED Cluster Goes Blank

    I had the service bulletin performed. My truck required the cluster to be replaced and reprogrammed. I am happy to report all appears to work now without blanking out. Even the chevy bow tie graphic displayed on the DIC doesn't blink when I first enter the vehicle now. The fix works.
  8. T1 Switched Power Source

    No issues on my truck.
  9. Front and rear camera park assist

    On the camera app; bottom row of view selection on the far right is an arrow pointing to the right. Touch it. On page two there are two selections. One of them toggles between hitch guidance asssitance with a single line and the other is the box you are searching for.
  10. Service Power Steering and Service ESC

    I didn’t have any brake issues and no warnings regarding brakes. I bet that was unsettling experience. I did check the DTC codes with my scanner and nothing was tripped or recorded. It hasn’t happened anymore so I am hoping it was a glitch in the computer. These trucks have too many computers! I am interested in hearing what your dealer finds out. Please post the results when you find out.
  11. Drove to a store was in there maybe 15 minutes. Came out and started truck and was met with Service Power Steering Drive with Care and Servoce ESC warnings. I tried several times to restart in an attempt to clear the message. No luck. Sat for about 20 minutes with engine off. Called tow truck. I tried to restart and message was cleared. No DTCs. And no way to replicate.
  12. High Country LED Cluster Goes Blank

    I have been trying to figure out the pattern, but there doesn't seem to be any I can come up with. It happens every once in a while and I could be on the highway underway, sitting at a stop light, driving through a neighborhood, rough road, smooth road. Completely inconsistent as far as patterns. I am beginning to think its a software issue because if it were a loose connector, rough roads and bumps would exacerbate the issue, but it hasn't proven out so far.
  13. T1 Switched Power Source

    A couple of pictures...
  14. 19' Startup Noise?

    It almost sounds like the starter is sticking open and is getting overdriven by the engine once is started. I have a 2019 6.2 and it hasn't made that noise at all. Does it happen more when cold or after the truck is warmed up to operating temperature?
  15. T1 Switched Power Source

    I installed some RGB footwell lights this weekend (picture forthcoming) and part of the project involved locating a switched power source and preferably one with retained accessory power. In the right fuse panel (passenger side) by fuse F27 which is a square shaped fuse, there is an additional prong next to it that will accept a spade connector which you can then run a wire to a separate fuse for whatever you are installing. I hope this helps someone else since wiring diagrams are not readily available on the net yet. Enjoy!

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