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  1. I have a 2019 Silverado and I use Apple Car Play quite a lot on long drives. I have noticed that after about playing for 2-3 hours it will produce static that is corrected by unplugging the phone and re-plugging it in. I have never figured it out. I use the original apple cord and it has happened on both the USB and the USB-C ports, same phone and different phone.
  2. Part number referenced for the isolator he used is 84474225 which is different from the SB part number.
  3. I brought my truck to a different dealer after getting frustrated with how bad the noise is getting now that it is full on summer in Houston. The tech that did the work noted that the other dealer did in fact perform the service bulletin but that he had a different isolator that he uses when he does the fix. He's been doing truck suspensions for 25 years. After the fix, the rear end is more quiet then when I bought it. I don't know what he used, but it works. Supper quiet and tight. I guess I have learned that the SB fix may not be adequate or the first dealer didn't do the work correctly. I will keep y'all posted if I have new issues.
  4. I have further narrowed my suspension noise to be coming from the passenger side leaf spring where the band wraps around the leaf spring in the back. There is enough play in the “band” that when the truck is shaken side to side to emulate what happens to the suspension when I leave the driveway. The problem is I have not a clue how to even try and isolate the band form the spring. I feel a piece of rubber would be a potential solution, but there is no way to remove the band and do this. I might just buy the composite leaf springs which don’t have this band and see if this will fix it. Anybody got a part number on the Denali rear leaf springs?
  5. I torqued mine to 85 and about 95% of the clunking is gone. What I have discovered is that the clamp that surrounds the leaf spring is what is making the noise on mine but only on the passenger rear side. I got under the truck and rocked the truck side to side and that is where the noise is coming from. I’m not sure there is a fix for this as the clamp is not capable of being removed or how you would put a thing sheet of rubber around the spring to isolate it from the clamp.
  6. Did you have any clunking noises before tightening? Mine is better but not completely gone. I think I will tighten to 85 and see if any further improvement.
  7. I had the dealership check out the clunking noise coming from the rear when traversing sharp inclines. Picked it up and SM said they cleaned and lubed. No noise for a couple of weeks. I finally got around to crawling under the truck tonight to check the torque on the ubolts. First pass was at 60 lb ft. And not a single one was torqued to 60. Probably needed 1/2 turn to get to 60 then I torqued to 75. I will see what it sounds like tomorrow. Bottom line is you need to check your u bolts.
  8. Mine does it too. I have had all the recalls done. It did it before the recalls and after. I have a 2019 Silverado with 30K on it.
  9. I had all of the recalls done last week and no issues. The final revised fix works. No issues with lane departure or front camera either. Worked as soon as I picked it up.
  10. Has anyone looked into adding the DEF tank to a gas truck as an auxiliary tank to add 7 gallons of additional fuel?
  11. This is the best picture I could grab this morning. It’s side ways for some reason. The spots on the other doors are more subtle but there. You can feel them when you run your hand over them.
  12. I have an early 2019 built Silverado HC. I noticed that on the front passenger and driver door there is what can only be described as a bubble in the vinyl on the top of the door panels. It loos like the vinyl separated form the backing and has lifted. I also have this on the rear driver side door. The truck is always garaged or out of the sun. Has anyone else noticed a similar issue? I have an appt this week and will request a fix form the service department.
  13. I have a 2019 High Country and went through the exact same issue. Dealer was instructed by GM to remove the rear spoiler and apply sealant. Didn't work. Next fix was to remove the rear window and reseal. Didn't work. Finally had to replace the entire rear window and that solved it. Dealer kept the truck for close to 7 days but they made sure they didn't return it until it didn't leak. Make sure they test it with water before the return it. My dealer was well versed in the process and made sure it was done correctly.
  14. Changed my exhaust to a Borla and still have the chirp. It is not the exhaust.
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