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  1. I had all of the recalls done last week and no issues. The final revised fix works. No issues with lane departure or front camera either. Worked as soon as I picked it up.
  2. Has anyone looked into adding the DEF tank to a gas truck as an auxiliary tank to add 7 gallons of additional fuel?
  3. This is the best picture I could grab this morning. It’s side ways for some reason. The spots on the other doors are more subtle but there. You can feel them when you run your hand over them.
  4. I have an early 2019 built Silverado HC. I noticed that on the front passenger and driver door there is what can only be described as a bubble in the vinyl on the top of the door panels. It loos like the vinyl separated form the backing and has lifted. I also have this on the rear driver side door. The truck is always garaged or out of the sun. Has anyone else noticed a similar issue? I have an appt this week and will request a fix form the service department.
  5. I have a 2019 High Country and went through the exact same issue. Dealer was instructed by GM to remove the rear spoiler and apply sealant. Didn't work. Next fix was to remove the rear window and reseal. Didn't work. Finally had to replace the entire rear window and that solved it. Dealer kept the truck for close to 7 days but they made sure they didn't return it until it didn't leak. Make sure they test it with water before the return it. My dealer was well versed in the process and made sure it was done correctly.
  6. Changed my exhaust to a Borla and still have the chirp. It is not the exhaust.
  7. Mine does it to. I have an early September 18 build. It's done it since I took delivery. Service department has not been able to find nor fix it. It goes away about 20-30 seconds into warm up.
  8. E85 is not an approved fuel for the 6.2.
  9. Just noticed that every time I back into a steep driveway that requires the rear suspension to articulate to one side there is a pronounced suspension clunk and bushing noise. This is a pretty extreme articulation even for a driveway, but was curious if anyone else has a similar noise. Suspension is Z71 on 20inch tires. No noise if both tires hit curb at same time. Similar noise is produced when exiting and turning making each tire descend the curb individually. Thanks!
  10. My High Country has also done this on several occasions under different version of the software on the head unit and the iPhone. The only solution I have found is to turn off the truck and leave it for a few minutes and then restart it. It's a huge pain, but that is the only thing that has worked to correct it.
  11. Perhaps we are getting closer to being able to tune the 6.2. Not sure about the 10 speed transmission though. http://hennesseyperformance.com/715-rwhp-2019-zr1-corvette-tuned-by-hennessey/ Mike
  12. Happened to me two days ago. I signed back in and my profile download form the cloud. I did lose the Messenger App (never ever go it to work anyway), Weather Channel and Spotify. I had to re-download these two apps. The computer gremlins on these trucks is a nightmare. I have to wonder if our new trucks are the ginny pigs for the new systems in the C8 vettes that have been giving the engineers hell. I love my truck, but never know what message will pop up, what view from the camera will default or when my profile decides to delete itself.
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