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  1. Oh man. Don’t I hate knowing I bought something this expensive with an issue like this. Thanks for the info though.
  2. Oh ok I thought it was the 6.2 so was just waiting for my truck to blow up in the road haha
  3. Anyone know what the build date is for the ones with spring issues? I’d be curious to know as anything that can go wrong for me will lol.
  4. That’s real handy. I’ve tried even plugging the phone in and still can’t get it resolved. I just want to listen to music!
  5. Got a 21 AT4 a few Months ago and the apple car play constantly skips like a scratched CD while listening to music. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Anyone experience this and figure it out?
  6. I never should have clicked on this topic. Yup there goes 2 grand. Haha.
  7. I guess I wasn’t sure why they unbutton if you can’t buy another one to replace it, what’s the point in unbuttoning it? The dealer said you can only buy the entire liner, so it seems pointless to me I guess.
  8. Anyone know if these new floor liners are made to take out the carpet to add a rubber one for winter or? They are buttoned in carpet inserts but I can’t find anything about it online.
  9. Oh I don’t know that, make sense. Yeah I just don’t really need anything that rugged. They look way cooler though.
  10. I read reviews and somehow got swayed to go toyo. The Nitto RG is def better looking and more aggressive.
  11. These are stock GM 20s with 275-60-20 Toyo open country at3 tires. Got the wheels on eBay. There are tons of like new takeoffs on there If you want black OEM Chevy wheels.
  12. If you have a decent trade then yeah, to me under 40k for a $66,000 truck is pennies.
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