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  1. Any idea how well know if it downloads? Will the screen say anything?
  2. I have been noticing this is exactly what is happening to me. I hop outta my truck at the bus stop everyday and when I get back in it skips like crazy. I realized that if I leave my phone in the truck it doesn’t do it.....hard to figure out what the issue is with the reconnection when truck is running.
  3. Is this something that Downloads somehow or does the dealer have to do it ?
  4. Hoping to find a sure fix on this at some point so I don’t have to goto the dealer 100 times.
  5. What’s the other issue you’re having? The skipping is killing me. I dread bringing it to the dealer as I know it’s gonna be a headache.
  6. Oh man. Don’t I hate knowing I bought something this expensive with an issue like this. Thanks for the info though.
  7. Oh ok I thought it was the 6.2 so was just waiting for my truck to blow up in the road haha
  8. Anyone know what the build date is for the ones with spring issues? I’d be curious to know as anything that can go wrong for me will lol.
  9. That’s real handy. I’ve tried even plugging the phone in and still can’t get it resolved. I just want to listen to music!
  10. Got a 21 AT4 a few Months ago and the apple car play constantly skips like a scratched CD while listening to music. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Anyone experience this and figure it out?
  11. I never should have clicked on this topic. Yup there goes 2 grand. Haha.
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