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  1. Does anyone know if the running boards I took off my 2019 AT4 will fit on a 2016 GMC double cab?
  2. Anyone hauled their atv in the bed yet? Any reason I should be concerned the top section of the tailgate isn't sturdy enough to handle either putting the ramps on it or having the back wheels sitting on in transit?
  3. Another engineering fail, in my opinion, is that with the load stop up, the bed's about an inch too short to hold an 8' sheet of plywood (or any 8' lumber). Come on man, couldn't gimme another inch?
  4. My favorite reverse camera view is the split screen where the left is a birds-eye view from above and the right shows what's behind me with the lines predicting where I'm headed. one way or another I successfully set this as my default and it was the view that popped up automatically every time. Out of the blue yesterday the default view changed. I'm able to get it back somewhat, but I've lost the lines. Anyone know how to get them turned back on?
  5. Just noticed the little silver "performance" badge mixed in with the paperwork that comes with the performance package. Anyone stick this on their truck? I'm curious where you put it. I won't be using mine, it has a Chevy Logo on it, I've got an AT4
  6. Would it make any sense to only add the cold air intake, or only the exhaust? As I type it it feels like a dumb question, if I increase the air in I'll probably need to increase the trucks ability to expel it, but I know practically nothing about exhaust systems.
  7. Thank you guys so much for the feedback. I'm going to order it tomorrow!
  8. I recently purchased an AT4 withe the 6.2L. I love most everything about it, but I'm considering adding the GM produced/installed cold air intake and cat-back exhaust. All I'm looking for is a little more rumble, not trying to announce to the world I'm driving by or wake the neighbors when ever I pull in. There's very little in terms of reviews or vids out there to give me some insight. What do you guys think, Is the dealer's performance upgrade offering on the "tame" end of intake/exhaust mod offerings? Will it be an annoyance inside the cabin while driving down the highway? I know these are pretty subjective questions, and thank you in advance for any insight you can offer.
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