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  1. What bug deflector do you have? That is the style I am looking for and have the same color truck.
  2. Installed the new charger module and turned the mat as suggested. My iPhone xr with surphy silicone case charges wirelessly in my 2017! Rganks for everyone’s help.
  3. I have a 2017 Sierra with the wireless charge center council. I just ordered the upgrade kit for the wireless charge module and now need to upgrade my phone. Will the iPhone XR fit on the center council and charge with a case or with out? I want to make sure I get a phone that will fit on there. thanks for your help.
  4. That is what I have been looking for. Do you have apart number?
  5. Any rubbing with those tires before the bilstien's specifically with the stamped steel UCA? Need new tires but don't want to get new shocks yet.
  6. Do you know what bug deflector she has? I am looking for that same trype(not low profile). thanks
  7. Rear facing “all in one” seat and I can not put seat all the way back so the car seat goes behind passenger seat.
  8. Nice and love the sound. What level kit did you go with and any issues with the stamped control arms?
  9. I have the same noise that is described. Thinking of upgrading cai and gm borla exhaust to cover it. It gets annoying in stop and go traffic.
  10. That explains the part number difference. I wonder what the reprogram does, a gm custom tune?
  11. I had the same intake for about a week and took it off for the same noise. Curious if that is the same for all cold air intakes.
  12. Resurrecting an old post but interested in either of these but can’t find any clips anywhere on them.
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