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  1. I actually JUST sent my logs over to Lew and waiting for them to be sent back. I was already impressed with the canned tune, cant wait to see what difference his custom tune makes. Thanks for the input.
  2. That's exactly why it'll rust. 409 is barely a step above aluminized steel. 409 is prone to rust especially in colder states where salt is used. I replaced 3 rusted out flowmasters (one aluminized and two 409 ss) before I finally gave up. If you don't live in a colder state you're probably ok. If you do It'll be rusted out within 5 years. Borla and Magnaflow both use 304 ss. They're also flow thru design, which IMO sounds a bit better than baffled. Just my 2 cents. But if you do find yourself replacing that Flowmaster I'd take advantage of that Borla in your attic. Like I said above I was a bit disappointed at first, but now that its broke in it sounds awesome.
  3. I love the sound of flowmaster but have swapped out way too many do to rust. Borla is the way to go. And pay diablew.com to send you a custom tune for that i3. Its $150 and you wont even recognize the truck when you upload it.
  4. You did the black gmc's too...nice. you'll love the level. Dark slate metallic rocks!
  5. I havent gotten a chance yet, I willnget on that soon. I will however tell you that I was a bit disappointed when I first left the muffler shop. Now 5 weeks later its perfect. Give it some time to break in the fiberglass before you make the decision to remove the resonator.
  6. The difference between the two can mean the difference between a screwed up truck and one that is not. If a novice like me purchased a full blown tuner and goes in and starts tweaking crap that he doesn't understand, that spells trouble. I opted to go with the predator because it seems to be more "beginner friendly", and the things that can get me in trouble aren't even available. Your logic makes sense, but I just wanted a simple tuner that I could screw around with, find out what best suits me, and maybe learn a few things in the process...and if I fail miserably, I can still just have Diablo write me a custom tune and quit while I'm ahead.
  7. I appreciate your opinion Jacob, but literally thousands of Chevy folks with 5 star reviews disagree. You COULD be right, but I'd rather try it out and see for myself.
  8. After a ton of research I've gathered that its the sound of "natural aspiration". Which my RAM did not have. So that explains why it stands out to me and not other Chevy loyalists. But still, wouldnt trade this truck for a RAM any day. That truck was a POS and in and out of the shop from the day I bought it. In truth, I'm a Tundra loyalist, but I wont go back to Toyota until they do something about their gas mileage. I'm sure I'll catch alot of flack for that comment, but I have a video of my Tundra half ton tied up to a Chevy 2500 and pulling it 100 ft. Tundras are tough @ss trucks!!!
  9. I actually already purchased the https://www.diablosport.com/shop/predator-2-platinum-for-gm-gas-truck-and-suv.html that Rich mentioned above. From what I read on their website, I THINK it does pretty much everything you mentioned. I too am interested in the 89 octane tune, so I'll load it up and let you know what comes of it. I also need to re-cal for larger tires, turn off AFM, and accommodate my Airaid MIT and Borla muffler, which it says all those are pre-loaded options. On their website it does say they do custom tuning. From what I gather, you tell them exactly what you've done, they create a custom tune, send it to you via email, and you upload it to your tuner, so it can then be uploaded to the truck. I'm sure there's a fee involved, but like you, I'll check the pre-loaded tunes first, and see where that gets me. In the meantime, feel free to check out the spec sheet for this tuner, and let me know what you think.
  10. No...it's really hard to explain. It has nothing to do with a mechanical malfunction. It's just the natural sound of the engine, and as I've said, I'm probably only noticing it because I'm coming from a RAM. You guys are probably immune to this engine sound because you've always driven Chevy's.
  11. Damn dude, nice info! Thanks! I'll look in to the Diablo Predator2 Platinum. So this is the style that you plug in, upload your tune, and unplug...correct? I'm not digging the thought of having to keep one of these things plugged in and mounted somewhere inside the truck.
  12. So from what I'm seeing, do these tuners have to stay plugged in even if you get a custom tune? I know that sounds like a dumb question, but I guess I assumed that they just hooked up a laptop, tweeked a few things, unplugged, and off you go.
  13. I went with a Borla muffler, left the resonator and flapper on, and I love the sound. You can only hear it inside the truck on a cold start. Otherwise, it sounds stock unless you're standing outside. I put an AEM dry filter in and I just ordered the Airaid M.I.T. I'm thinking that paired with my muffler should sound pretty good, and I'm hoping the M.I.T gets rid of this stupid sound. It's definitely a "baffled drone" type sound. That's why I think it's coming from the intake (the big ugly @ss cooler lid you described).
  14. Ah good question! It does not make the sound in park while revving.
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