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  1. It looks like the center caps on the 18" black Trail Boss wheels are black with a silver outline bowtie decal, not a molded/raised/painted bowtie...can any owners confirm this? Anybody happen to know the part number for ordering them?
  2. Thanks man, they were the stock red Z71 badges that came with the truck but I painted them gray to match the wheels. What a pain THAT was, had the whole side of the truck covered in plastic drop cloth except for the badges, and covered the badges with painters tape and then carefully trimmed out the inside area with a hobby knife so the chrome trim around the badge didn't get paint on it.
  3. Thinking of selling my wheels / tires / TPMS, they are currently installed on my daily driver 2015 Silverado. Wheels are 18 x 8.5 OEM GM with +24 offset and include black GM bowtie center caps. These wheels were optional equipment on 2016 Tahoe Z71's. The tires are Kuhmo Road Venture AT51, P275/65R18 with 5 to 6/32 of tread left. They're in excellent condition. $700
  4. Did you have to cut off your stock lugs to make these work? Or did the lugs fit into the pockets of your stock wheels?
  5. Just had it detailed today...wow those guys know how to make it shine. 60,000 miles and looks brand new.
  6. I had a Hellwig rear sway bar on while the noise was coming from the leaf springs. The sway bar rusted out in about 18 months so I replaced it with blue Sumo Springs and now the leaf spring noise is gone too. I know it was the leaf springs because even with the sway bar on, the noise would go away for a while if I sprayed them with WD-40.
  7. From my experience, all the extra sound is in the intake tube between the airbox and throttle body. Stock tubes have resonators to reduce noise, straight tubes don't. It's really that simple. If all you want is more sound then get an Airaid MIT.
  8. I had an aFe Momentum GT intake for about 500 miles and then removed it due to the noise. I also didn't notice a big improvement in performance and there was no improvement in gas mileage. It did seem to have better throttle response though. Instead, I opened up the restrictive intake ports at the fender in the stock airbox, and installed a Green filter. Now it feels the same as the aFe did for about $350 less.
  9. A couple updates: 1) Worked out a deal with another forum member to sell the intake. He's getting a practically brand-new intake for a good price, win-win. 2) Beware of Moore Racing Technology in Nevada who I bought this intake from. aFe actually said they would accept the intake back as a return, but I would have to do it through the seller. After two emails, multiple unanswered phone calls, and a Facebook message that was read within minutes of me sending it, MRT has never responded to any of my attempts to communicate with them. 3) I instead modified the stock airbox by cutting out some of the stock filter box plastic that blocks airflow in from the fender well, and installed a Green Filter #2006 drop-in oiled filter into the stock airbox. Although it doesn't feel quite like the aFe did, it definitely feels better than stock, especially with throttle response.
  10. Not a bad idea. I did some research on the resonators on the stock box also; apparently one reason they're there is to allow the backpressure coming OUT of the throttle body (which is mostly sound) somewhere to expand, instead of slamming into the air that's trying to enter the throttle body. I may try to line those two corrugated sections with some flexible tubing or something. Too bad because I like the performance of the aFe intake, especially the throttle response.
  11. Well after 3 weeks and 500 miles I removed the aFe intake and reinstalled the factory air box. Guess I'm too old for a louder engine. I must have spent about 20 hours experimenting with ways to quiet it down, but no luck. Bought some industrial sound deadening foam and wrapped the intake tube and air box but it made no difference at all. I also lined the inside of the fender well, tried it without the air box (just tube and filter), and with the wheel well liner removed. Nothing made any difference. Working on a return but if I can't return it, I'll be looking to re-sell it...fits 5.3L and 6.2L trucks.
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