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  1. Public service announcement... many of you already probably know or figured this to be the case, but the USB GM Map Updates can only be used on one VIN. I bought a used 2019 update 84513064 on Ebay and it wouldn't work on my truck. Called Here America who is the GM nav update support group and they confirmed it can only be used on the VIN it was ordered for.
  2. mikepol2


    Pittsburgh so not very local to you unfortunately.
  3. mikepol2


    Supposedly a guy is going to buy them next week but I have my doubts. I'm sure they'll fit a 2017 Sierra if it's a 6-lug.
  4. mikepol2


    Price reduced to $600
  5. mikepol2


    Price reduced to $700
  6. It looks like the center caps on the 18" black Trail Boss wheels are black with a silver outline bowtie decal, not a molded/raised/painted bowtie...can any owners confirm this? Anybody happen to know the part number for ordering them?
  7. mikepol2


    Thanks man, they were the stock red Z71 badges that came with the truck but I painted them gray to match the wheels. What a pain THAT was, had the whole side of the truck covered in plastic drop cloth except for the badges, and covered the badges with painters tape and then carefully trimmed out the inside area with a hobby knife so the chrome trim around the badge didn't get paint on it.
  8. mikepol2


    SOLD OK so I've had these wheels, tires and TPMS listed for a while, a lot of looks but no buyers. Is it the price? I would think $600 is pretty reasonable, am I off base? Wheels are 18 x 8.5 OEM GM with +24 offset and include black GM bowtie center caps. These wheels were optional equipment on 2016 Tahoe Z71's. The tires are Kuhmo Road Venture AT51, P275/65R18 with 5/32 of tread left. TPMS included. They're off the truck, cleaned up and ready to go, they're in excellent condition. $600
  9. Did you have to cut off your stock lugs to make these work? Or did the lugs fit into the pockets of your stock wheels?
  10. Just had it detailed today...wow those guys know how to make it shine. 60,000 miles and looks brand new.
  11. I had a Hellwig rear sway bar on while the noise was coming from the leaf springs. The sway bar rusted out in about 18 months so I replaced it with blue Sumo Springs and now the leaf spring noise is gone too. I know it was the leaf springs because even with the sway bar on, the noise would go away for a while if I sprayed them with WD-40.
  12. From my experience, all the extra sound is in the intake tube between the airbox and throttle body. Stock tubes have resonators to reduce noise, straight tubes don't. It's really that simple. If all you want is more sound then get an Airaid MIT.
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