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  1. Bump... $150 shipped... Thank you for the clarification Black Bear
  2. Bump to the top. Want this thing gone, someone make me an offer I can't refuse! Correct, need this thing gone so I can buy more parts
  3. You ever find anything on the zone 4.5” with 275/60-20 tires? I just bought Continental TerrainContacts in that size and now I really want to get the Zone 4.5” but would prefer not to upgrade tires. Many run 33 x 12.5 and it looks good. 275/60 is a 33” tire just not 12.5” wide.
  4. gupster88

    IMG 6024

    No this is a 2.5” front lift with 2” rear lift blocks and 275/65-20 tires.
  5. I was a victim of a hit and run very very similar to your incident earlier this year. Came out to find my truck had been essentially t-boned in the driver rear door. Pulled security cam footage but only thing I had on camera was ONE vehicle coming into the subdivision and leaving that night: newspaper delivery driver. They came in with two good tail lights and left with one busted which was plain as day on camera. I did not have them actually hitting my truck though. My neighbor is a County Deputy Sheriff, he pulled them over a few nights later and questioned them about the damage to their vehicles. They didn't know how it got there. Bottom line, my insurance company and the police both said unless I have either A) confession or B) video evidence of them hitting my truck they can't do a thing about it. Sucks, they put people away for life with less evidence than what we both gathered.
  6. Hello all, I’ve been “enlightened” to the say the least about the Diablo tuners. I’ve always thought if it wasn’t Black Bear it was subpar lol. My current 2015 Silverado 5.3L 6spd 3.42 rear end has me at whits end with the low speed gear hunting and lugging around when I should be getting instant acceleration. Aftwe reading this thread I’ve started looking at the I3 and the Predator 2. It seems like the only benefit the I3 has is it can take custom tunes but the Predator has a tow tune. Anyway, my main question: is everyone in agreement that the basic issues are taken care of with the Diablo (lugging and gear hunting)? I’m not the most tech savvy but I could handle the basic functions of a tuner as long as there’s no formulas for fine tuning lol. I just want this truck to be more smooth and responsive as a daily driver.
  7. 2015 Silverado 1500 LT CC Standard Box. Purchased used (1 owner) with the GMC wheels already swapped. Added a tonneau, Z71 grille, and debadged. Leveling and tires coming soon.
  8. Traded in a "problematic" 2500 for this beauty. 2015 LT. I purchased it with the GMC wheels already on it from previous owner. While I do like the look of the crew cab short beds a little better, after coming from a crew cab duramax with the 6.5' box I couldn't downsize. Have already swapped out grilles and debadged. level and tires to come next (hoping to avoid caving in and buying wheels!).
  9. Crew cab standard bed is what I went with. I had a double cab prior and it was a little tight in the back seat with my 7 year old and 80 pound dog. Now we have 2 - 80+ pound dogs so I am thankful for the extra room of the double cab but am also happy I did not lose the bed space either.
  10. I am looking to buy a chrome Z71 Grille. If you have one PM me or contact me at 304-539-4977
  11. I did a sloppy photoshop of them on a truck like mine for better reference.
  12. Ok so I'm looking to get some opinions about some aftermarket head lights and tail lights. I really like LED strips in these that kinda give it the new Sierra look, but don't want the truck to look to "ricer" if you know what I mean. I'm also still up in the air about the head lights altogether, with all this made in China crap they may leak the first time it rains. I may just throw some brighter head light bulbs in em and just get the rear tail lights? Also, I've read to remove the whole head light housing is PITA. Open to opinions, suggestions.
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