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  1. WTB '14-'15 Silverado 1500 Z71 Chrome Grille

    Sold! Or well in my case BOUGHT!
  2. Crew or Double Cab?

    Crew cab standard bed is what I went with. I had a double cab prior and it was a little tight in the back seat with my 7 year old and 80 pound dog. Now we have 2 - 80+ pound dogs so I am thankful for the extra room of the double cab but am also happy I did not lose the bed space either.
  3. I am looking to buy a chrome Z71 Grille. If you have one PM me or contact me at 304-539-4977
  4. Upgraded from 1500 to a 2500!

    I did a sloppy photoshop of them on a truck like mine for better reference.
  5. Upgraded from 1500 to a 2500!

    Ok so I'm looking to get some opinions about some aftermarket head lights and tail lights. I really like LED strips in these that kinda give it the new Sierra look, but don't want the truck to look to "ricer" if you know what I mean. I'm also still up in the air about the head lights altogether, with all this made in China crap they may leak the first time it rains. I may just throw some brighter head light bulbs in em and just get the rear tail lights? Also, I've read to remove the whole head light housing is PITA. Open to opinions, suggestions.
  6. Upgraded from 1500 to a 2500!

    Thanks for all the compliments guys, I absolutely love driving this truck. Complete uprgrade in every category possible!
  7. Well, about 2 weeks ago I went to my local dealer to have my 2016 Silverado LT Z71 Double Cab inspected. While I was waiting I found a 2011 GMC Sierra Denali hidden in the detailers shop waiting for a detail then to be put out on the lot. Somehow, a couple hours later I drove off with it. 1 owner, 52,000 miles. Not a rock chip or scratch on it! Clean Carfax. It did have and H&S programmer on it with a straight pipe DEF delete exhaust. Needless to say I love this truck. It was much needed after I bought a 33' TT weighing right at 7,000 pounds. I was going to wait untli spring to buy one, but I couldn't walk away from this beauty of a truck. I already have installed Husky floor mats, underseat storage in rear, and a tonneau cover. Future Mods are as follows in no particular order: - 4 step deatail including paint correction, swirl remover, polish, then a ceramic coating. - Xpel paint protectant film on front bumper, hood, fender, and mirrors. - rear inner wheel well liner install - Husky mudflaps - New tow mirrors, I have already removed the chrome covers on em but they could be replaced with and updated version - Aftermarket LED headlights and tail lights (pics to follow for opinions)
  8. Just out of sheer curiosity...could one purchase the Borla Touring muffler and just swap it out with the stock muffler? That way you are keeping your PEV system to eliminate the drone but getting a little more of a Borla sound?
  9. Exhaust Flapper Rattle - Again

    Ok thanks, was wanting to get the TSB number just in case the dealer wanted to play dirty and say it was just normal noises.
  10. Exhaust Flapper Rattle - Again

    I did, and that link says 2014 Silverado/Sierra
  11. Exhaust Flapper Rattle - Again

    Does anyone have the TSB info for the 2016 Silverados? Mine is doing the same chirping at 10,000 miles.
  12. Summit White DL8 Mirrors

    SOLD. Please close this thread.
  13. I've literally gone back and forth on this same dilemma since I purchased my 33' TT (6800 lbs). My 2016 1500 DC pulls it just fine to the lake, which is approximatley 85 miles of 55 mph back roads with no major mountains to trek across. Towing down to Myrtle Beach or down south for vacation might be a different story. The truck will tow it, it's within the limits, but at 8.5 MPG (worse since I will be going across the Applachian Mountains) will make for a long trip. A Duramax would definitely do much better. ...with that being said, I put a huge chunk of change down on the 1500 when I bought last fall. My payments are $290/month. Even at the best scenario of trade in I'm still looking at a $600-$800/ month Duramax payment. I can't justify spending an extra $3600-$6000 a year to pull a TT that my 1500 will pull. If push comes to shove, I'll rent an HD truck and use it to tow to the beach next summer. But dang, I would love a High Country Duramax
  14. Aftermarket brake controller ??

    Mine did that the first time as well, reset it and problem fixed! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Aftermarket brake controller ??

    It's just a matter of reaching down and adjusting. It's about shin level for me so it isn't too bad to lean forward and reach down. Next Chevy I get will have brake controller already installed for sure.

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