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  1. The audi is great so far, still under factory warranty and bought it from a good buddy of mine. No comparison to the chevy, Ive owned 6 new trucks and 1 new car in the last 10 years and this was the biggest POS of them all. The audi is my first used car and to be honest, i may never buy another truck again lol
  2. Sold my junker Silverado. Never had more of a hate/love relationship with an automobile as I did with this truck. It had to be in the shop for at least 10 times for rattles, shakes, alignment (before drop), recalls, headliner falling down, etc. Sold her for $36k with 11k miles after only 8 months. Picked up a 2012 Audi A6 Prestige. Wont miss that truck one bit.
  3. More pictures and full description; 2014 Chevy Silverado - Crew Cab - LTZ - 2WD - Every Option - 5.3 V8 - Black Leather Interior - Navigation - Sunroof - Rear Sliding Glass - A/C & Heated Seats - Front Bucket Seats w/ Center Console - Front Crash Detection - Lane Detection - Driver Assist Package - Rear Camera - Front and Rear Parking Sensors - Heated Steering Wheel. 10,700 Miles. Truck is in perfect condition. Has tint and a few minor upgrades. I have also installed a 3/6 DJM drop which consists of upper and lower control arms & rear flip kit. Truck rides just like stock and I have all stock parts.
  4. Its a 2012 A6 Prestige with the supercharged V6. With tons of other mods like wheels tires big brake kit and coilovers.
  5. I have a buddy selling a beautiful Audi A6 and I can get a really good deal on it. I love the truck, just time for something different. I can't keep anything long lol. Multi-step process that removes all swirl marks and imperfections in the paint. Makes it look better than the day it was purchased.
  6. I'm looking to sell my 2014 Silverado LTZ 2WD. Silver ice metallic with black perforated leather interior and center console option. The truck currently has 10,700 miles. Truck stickered for 47,800.00 and has every option available on the LTZ/2wd. I have changed out the chrome handles and mirror caps for color matched oems, added a DJM 3/6 drop kit which consists of upper and lower control arms as well as a rear flip kit and rides like stock. See signature for other small items. Truck has been well taken care of, I just had a professional detail shop perform a paint correction about 3 weeks ago. All recall/warranty issues are up to date. No wrecks. Asking $37,700. I also want to add, dealer trade in value is around $38,800 and private party value is listed at right at $41,000. I believe pricing is fair. I will post more pictures later when I get home since my work blocks photobucket.
  7. could possibly be a front strut, mine made a popping noise like something was loose. Dealer replaced the front driver strut and it fixed the issue.
  8. I had to remove my shackles I bought for my truck the shackles everyone is selling are for the 07-13 models even though they are listed for the 14's The shackles on the 14's are a tad bit wider, so when putting the older body shackles on, it allows for the shackles to rock back and forth making a popping noise when turning or backing up. I have a picture somewhere of my shackles but can't post it here at work.
  9. Ughhhh. Lol I'll probably have it professionally done.
  10. Let us know!! If it does I'll order right away!!
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