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  1. I’m going through a similar situation with my 2017 Sierra Denali as well, except on the passenger side. I was about to make a new post, but since this is so current I thought I would add it here and save the “search button comments” . My passenger side running board is noticeably slower than the drivers side. The kick switch never worked ( I bought the truck used ) and it was something I can live without. Lately the passenger side running board extends and slowly retracts back before the door is closed. I searched the forums and found that a member removed the kick switch, removed the wires, put di-electric grease on the connections, taped it up, put it back together and it was good to go. I tried that, but try as I may I could not remove the wires from the connector as the red tab on the connector ( the member said slide it ) would not budge. I tried prying it, but didn’t want to put so much force as to break it. I silicone sprayed all the arms bushings, did a fuse pull reset and all seemed well until I drove it this morning. Now as soon as I open the passenger side the door extends all the way to the tire. When I close the door it closes, but now it seems to open and close at will while I’m driving. I ended up pulling the fuse. Does anyone have any idea what I could have done to cause this, or any remedies? I can go without the steps but my 4’11 girlfriend cannot. Would my kick switch have anything to do with this? Also, what if I bypassed the kick switch as in cut off the connections temporarily until I get a new kick switch? Will my boards still operate? My understanding is the kick switch is basically a jumper off the motor for the running boards and is activated when you kick them. Any help would be appreciated. It is of warranty, and the closest dealer is quite the distance away and I’d rather fix it myself is possible.
  2. You do you buddy and I’ll do me. Given the option to spend thousands of my hard earned money or not when I don’t have to or shouldn’t have to, I’ll go with the latter every time. And you are right, I could do it myself but why would I? It’s covered! It’s supposed to be anyways. It’s worth a fight, I’m not one to just roll over and let some multi billion dollar company do whatever they want to me, but they’re are people that will and that’s why they continue to get away with it. That’s just my opinion, have a good day.
  3. So I’m just expected to pay $1110.91 with tax just to get a transmission fluid exchange done that has been done for free under Powertrain countless times for trucks with similar issues and mileage?
  4. I’m fairly new here and I apologize if this is a worn out subject but I have a few issues and questions, more pertaining on dealing with the dealership and warranty coverage. In February of this year I traded my 2014 Silverado LT 5.3 double cab for a 2017 GMC Sierra Denali 6.2. Black, ultimate Denali package, 22’s, longer bed, the works. I absolutely love it. I drive a lot for work but it only has around 57,000 kms. I have two issues though. One, yes the dreaded 8 speed clunk. It usually only does it when it’s cold, but sometimes it will on other occasions. It will sometimes rev up like it’s holding first gear and it bumps into second gear on the upshift. Other times you will be slowing down and it will bump as it downshifts into first gear. Sometimes I’ll even be stopped completely and I’ll feel the transmission bump down hard into first. One day two weeks ago I was heading onto the highway from a stop. My truck seemed to rev forever in first gear and when it went to shift into second it slipped so bad I had no power at all. I almost got rear ended by a tractor trailer in the process! I slowly eased off the gas and coasted to a stop.My truck then proceeded to shift somewhat normally. I notice a huge difference when the transmission Fluid gets up to temperature. Sometimes though I’ll be on the highway and I’ll floor it and it’s like it’s just locked around 3000 rpms and doesn’t downshift, other times no problem. The other issue is the drivers seat. There’s a squeaking and almost a rattling somewhere, like something swinging inside slightly. It happens when you bump side to side on bumps in the road or driving real slow shifting in your seat. It’s very annoying and I can’t stand it. I live in Canada and this truck new was over $100,000, this is unacceptable if you ask me. At the end of the day it’s a safety concern because I’m doubting the structural integrity of the seat. It has 57,000 kms on it and is barely 4 years old, I don’t feel as though I should be responsible for the cost to repair what I consider a faulty seat. Onto the service from the local dealer. I scheduled an appointment for 8:00 am for Friday, April 23rd. I dropped off my truck the night before. The next morning ( I was home from work unpaid I’m an electrician ) I get a call around 10:30 am telling me that the service manager drove my truck around, and there’s nothing wrong. I said that’s false, I don’t take the days off just for the hell of it. The receptionist said “ well you can take a drive with the service manager and see if the transmission shakes or the seat makes a noise “. Without a vehicle they sent me a taxi for me to go to the dealership. I got there, got my keys and waited for the service manager. He finally came out and I took him for a drive. I went over bumps, drove side to side and there was an obvious creeping/squeaking coming from the drivers seat. I asked “ do you hear that? There’s a noise coming from the seat am I right? “ he agreed there was something wrong with the seat. Try as my might the transmission wouldn’t slip or bump ( obviously it wouldn’t when I want it to) while him in the truck until we were in the dealer parking lot it finally bumped into second, I asked if he felt that and he agreed but promptly said it was normal and tried to show me some service bulletin that was unrelated to the issue entirely. Returned to the dealer, I was already charged a diagnosis charge on my credit card which I feel I paid $83.47 for nothing. A drive down the road isn’t a proper diagnosis, especially after he admits there are issues after I come and show him. All he said was the transmission bumping in and out of gear was normal, that the bulletin about the transmission fluid exchange only pertained to torque converter shudder on the highway, and that the seat wasn’t covered at all. He said if I wanted the transmission fluid exchange done, that has been done countless times free of charge under service bulletin 18-NA-355, it would cost me $872.16 for the fluid alone, and $239.90 for labour. For the seat all he said was “ well in the past we have had to replace the whole frame”. How in the hell does he know that’s the issue? Half an hour earlier he said there was nothing wrong at all. I don’t feel as though my issues were properly diagnosed and I don’t feel I should be responsible for the repair costs. He quoted me a new frame for $ 542.12 and labour of $479.80 which is absolutely ridiculous. Total of $1626.42 PLUS LABOUR being $719.70 for a grand total of $2346.16 for a transmission flush and faulty seat that they claim is totally uncovered by powertrain warranty, and without a proper diagnosis I don’t see how they could accurately say these repairs would even fix the issues on hand. I did purchase an outside warranty on top of existing but I feel these are issues that should be covered under GM. I left the dealership and promptly called GMC Canada to open a case file for me to investigate. I’ve been in contact with the rep from GM Canada and am supposed to receive an update by phone tomorrow. I’m just wondering is there anything else I can do on my end? I’ve sent the rep emails containing all receipts and correspondence with the dealer, as well as links to articles pertaining to the new transmission fluid exchange procedure and symptoms similar to my transmission issues. Has anyone had any luck dealing with GM and having a case open? Are my concerns valid? Am I in the right thinking these issues should be covered by GM? Any help/ feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my long winded post
  5. Thank you. I’ll try the chalk trick this week. I bought extended warranty with this truck but I’d like to be able to narrow down the problem before I get it checked when and if I need to.
  6. Here is a better video recording the sound on start up. This was taken first thing in the morning after the truck at all night. Once it warms up the sound goes away Any help would be appreciated.
  7. This is my first post in this forum so please forgive me if I posted it in the wrong spot. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. I purchased a used 2014 Silverado in January of this year. It has approx. 90 000 Kms( 55000 Miles), it’s a 5.3 LT 4x4. I absolutely love this truck, but have noticed a noise when starting lately. It usually happens when the truck has been sitting overnight, or at least a few hours. At first I thought it was a belt slipping slightly, but after a month has passed I believe the noise it’s getting worse. As soon as the engine starts to warm up a bit, the noise goes away. Sometimes I’ll notice a little chirping when I accelerate slightly, but after a few mins of warming up or driving it goes away. I’m thinking this has to be something belt related, a tensioner perhaps? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou Here is the link to a video I took which may be of help:
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