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  1. I saw a thread on reddit about this too, doesn't appear to be anything. Just seems like a half ass attempt to fill the hole in the G logo.
  2. I have both on my Denali. The lane assist feature is permanently turned off. I sometimes need to switch lanes quickly and I can't stand having to fight the steering wheel to do it. Now if I was on a long drive at night or something, I could def see it being helpful. It is nice to know it is there and it does work quite well. Regarding the low speed breaking, I have had one or two occasions where it actually helped me. I had a dumb ass lady (won't say what ethnicity) but she couldn't drive for shit. She slammed on her brakes for no apparent reason to get over into another lane (WTF right?). Well I was going to start slamming on mine and the truck beat me to it. So I would say it is def worth it.
  3. Soo where are the pictures of the engine and the videos at?
  4. 2017 sierra denali ultimate

    I love my 17 Ultimate. I also got a great deal on it because the 18s were out and I had a ton of rebates I found online that I used. I have the 6.2 and there is a slight rougher idle, but I also have the Borla catback so that may add a little to it. I am right at 5k miles and so far so good. Hope it stays that way. It has some hella power though! These trucks do spoil you though.. the lane assist and collision alert with the auto braking is a nice touch. You can literally take the hand off the wheel and the truck will stay in the lane by itself. It also flashes a red light on the screen and vibrates the hell out of your seat if you get to close to another vehicle. If you get closer than you should, the truck will stop itself, which is nice but also scares the hell out of you the first time it happens. The fold out steps are nice as well, but I wish they didn't extend so far out. I am 6'3 and it can make it a little awkward getting out of the truck lol. It isn't bad enough to complain though and I like how they are hidden while parked, driving, etc.
  5. What portable air compressors do y’all use for your truck tires? I lost my big tank compressor in the Harvey flood and for the time being, I would like to get a decent 12V DC (if possible) or one with a plug since our trucks have the 110v plug (even though I’ve heard it’s a POS but I’ve only charged my phone with it). I would like one that can handle adding air to truck tires and actually having enough cord length to reach the back ones. As well as not take 15 min to add 5-6 psi to a tire. I’ve been reading online and it seems most now days are a plastic piece of crap or it cost more than it’s worth. I don’t mind spending $50 or so for one that isn’t a worthless POS.
  6. To bad BFG doesn't make the KO2's in 22" size. Pretty annoying if you ask me..
  7. Hello fellow Houstonian. Do you mind me asking how much you got for yours? I love them on my truck but they do stick out to far when getting out of the truck and it is kind of annoying at times. Especially if it is raining.
  8. Trading my 15 5.3 for 18 6.2

    Oh for sure. That will be done as soon as warranty runs out. I already have the Borla cat back (dealer installed) but I don't want to tune it until the warranty is done. I would rather not deal with that headache in the event something happens! Also, I am not really one to stomp on it from a stop (I have and it is far superior than the 5.3 for sure). I notice quite often though that when going 30, 40 or even 50, 60 mph and you stomp on it and get that extra click in the gas pedal, this engine is unbelievable!
  9. Trading my 15 5.3 for 18 6.2

    I went from a 15 Silverado with the 5.3 to a 17 Denali Ultimate with the 6.2. I was forced into this as my 15 flooded in Harvey.. However, I am glad it did because the 6.2 is night and day better than the 5.3 I had. You may not feel the difference in the lower RPMs but once you get up there in RPMs the 6.2 has WAY more power than my 5.3 did. Just my .02 cents.
  10. 2019 GMC Sierra

    Well that would look better than the Silverado. Gosh that new Silverado is hideous. It will probably grow on me in time, but first glance is "that thing is FUGGGLY'
  11. I was just about to come on here and ask why their website doesn't list the MIT for the 6.2 on the 16s, 17s or 18s. So you pretty much answered my question. Glad to know if I order it for the year 15, it will work on my 17. Did you just keep the stock filter in there? I have no desire to put a wet filter in the factory intake box. I would prefer to just keep the stock one. Is there a reason they aren't updating it? Is there something slightly different about the tubing on the newer models?
  12. I thought they used a Borla muffler in those. At least my muffler clearly says Borla on it. I have the GM catback for my 6.2 (installed at the dealer before picking it up) and you can hear it when accelerating buy going highway speeds, you don't even know it is there. I love it and so does the lady. The cat-back system is P/N: 19303346 I also added the chrome black tips that are P/N: 19303348
  13. It could be this, my 17 denali with a 6.2 does this and I have the borla catback on it. It does sound good when rev matching.
  14. I have a 2017 Denali 6.2 and was curious as to if an entire CAI is needed or just an airraid jr kit would add a little? I already have the gm borla catback system on the truck.

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