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  1. BUMP - Will Sell Separately if needed $30ea Shipped.
  2. For Sale are (4) GMC Chrome Center Caps. These are in spectacular condition and ready to ship! They cost a king's ransom through GMC ($55 EACH!!) https://accessories.gmc.com/product/2018/GMC/Sierra 1500/center-cap-in-chrome-with-gmc-logo-19301603?categoryId=106001 [More Pictures below] Center Cap in Chrome with GMC LogoPart No. 19301603 Willing to sell them for $80 Shipped. Please Call/Text 405-642-9097 Thanks, Lance
  3. I purchased my '18 Sierra Denali Ultimate on 9/26/2017 (had every option except the Brembo Brake Pkg. and Rear Entertainment). $13,000 Off MSRP from Beck & Masten Buick GMC in Houston, TX. They are one of the largest volume dealers in the nation, so they are more concerned with quantity than profit margin. Their deals are always good, but they have a few big sales a year, typically tied to manufacturers rebate periods.
  4. Bump - Airbox still available
  5. I agree with you after having read more of these comments that this is probably something I could tackle, however I am hoping to get it done soon and simply don't have the time between now and my wedding in August to get to this.. Anyone have any recommendations in Houston of someone handy that could help/tackle this??
  6. Are there any benefits to utilizing this on daily drivers or are the benefits/preventative measures limited to towing?
  7. I certainly will! Between work and getting married later this summer I haven't had too much free time to do this, which was another reason I was looking for some assistance in getting it installed. I'm hoping to get it handled within the next month or so.
  8. From what I understand you can adjust these variables to minimize how frequently it would cycle to a given camera based on your driving habits, I hope that is the case.
  9. I recently purchased a Multi-Camera Interface for GMC Vehicles from ADC Mobile which includes a Front Camera, Side Cameras, and a 3rd Brake Light Camera and am not 100% convinced this is an install I would like to tackle on my own on a brand new truck... Does anyone have any recommendations on where I might be able to get this installed in the Houston Area? Or even better, someone who has installed one that would be willing to give me a hand installing it??? Thanks!
  10. Based on these replies it sounds more like I just didn't give it enough elbow grease. It seemed to me that they were more than 1/4" off from reaching, but I'll give it another go tomorrow and hopefully it works. Thanks!
  11. I sure did. Read a couple of threads on here about the metal skid plates and the ones purchased covered my year, make and model. I had no reason to believe GMC would be dense enough to change the structural design of a specific trim level truck just because it has a slightly different lower fascia w/ LED fog lights..
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