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  1. I would be willing to ship, but I think shipping would probably be a couple hundred bucks including the tires. I do not believe your stock height truck would rub if you are 4x4. I have a 1.75" leveling kit on mine purely for the look and they were nowhere close to rubbing. If you want me to check on shipping, PM or text me a city/state and I can take a look.
  2. I had a 1.75" level on the truck and there was no rubbing at all. May even be able to get by without a leveling kit TBH. My reason for going with these tires originally is it was the largest size still considered "stock" and therefore covered under the 3yr/36k warranty through GMC.
  3. For Sale are my 22" OEM Wheels + 33" Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Tires with ~40% Tread remaining. These OEM wheels are in absolutely fantastic condition, and all 4 chrome center caps are included as well. The tires (as indicated above) are 33" x 12.50" Nitto Terra Grappler G2s, which come with a 65k mile warranty and cost over $1,400 new alone. Tread depth measurements indicate 10/32nds remaining. If you would like any additional pictures or have any questions, please feel free PM me, or call/text @ (405) 642-9097 Asking $1,300 - Can deliver in Houston Metro
  4. Is this still the case or are they able to tune the '18 8 speeds now? Looking to get my 8 speed 6.2 tuned and evaluating what mods to add in addition to the Borla exhaust and AirRaid intake... open to suggestions
  5. BUMP - These are available again as I finally pulled the trigger on new wheels. The 33x12.50 Nitto Terra Grappler G2's have just over 35k highway miles on them and still have some great tread life left. Wheels are still in perfect condition. Asking $1,400 OBO Call/Text @ 405.642.9097
  6. Did anyone else ever end up getting this done? Any updates on what the cost came in at WITHOUT the cost of the Titan window? I recently had my back window busted into and the entire thing needs to be replaced...
  7. Not trying to thread-jack, but I am hoping to find almost the exact same info, only 22" wheels and the level for the magneride. I'd willing to trim/pin back the wheel liner if necessary but have had a hard time tracking down the exact answer I'm looking for too. I am replacing 33 x 12.50 Nitto Terra Grapplers but it looks like I could go a bit bigger, especially if I got a slightly narrower tire.
  8. Really wish I had known about this when I had to replace my entire rear window assembly from a burglary about a month ago...
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