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  1. What an awesome transformation, your hard work absolutely paid off! Your truck looks great! I don't think anyone would ever be able to tell that it was ever a work truck
  2. Welp, my radiator fans were on full blast again the other day on my way to work, turns out the coolant temperature sensor was not the culprit after all (replaced back in May). Currently installing a new thermostat, which I am confident will solve the problem. My temperature gauge has barely been reaching 185, and after a couple of driving cycles during my commute in the morning it drops down to 160 and turns the fans on. It's actually quite hilarious, I think it's trying to tell me something, haha.
  3. So I actually have the Vipmotoz gasket installed in my third brake light from when I first had the leak, and I have to say it has done its job very well! The third brake light has a tiny bit of a larger gap since the gasket is thicker, but this hasn't caused any issues. The difficult part came when I was changing the brake light the other day, and I had completely forgotten it was in there and that it has double-sided adhesive. Definitely made the light hard to get off, and I was worried because with the amount of force I had to put in, I thought I ripped off the adhesive or at least damaged the gasket in some way. Unfortunately, I was lazy and thought it looked fine after close inspection. Lo and behold, even after yanking it off there is still no water getting in! Just know that anytime the bulb goes out, it would probably be wise to swap out the gasket. I guess it's not too big of a deal though, since it's literally $10.
  4. So crazy to see this thread, I literally just changed my oil yesterday and noticed it. When it went out the first time I figured it was because, you know, the housing was leaking and there was literally a pool of water inside of it. However, now that it has gone out again (I think it's maybe only been a little over a year since changing it?), I'm genuinely really curious about what causes them to fail so prematurely. Cargo lamps work perfectly fine, it's just that pesky third brake light. I guess it's just shocking to me because I literally can't even remember when I changed the tail lights, meanwhile I feel like I'm always checking on this third brake light, haha
  5. I changed mine for the first time last year (due to change it again, I think it's been around 14,000 miles). I have reason to believe this might be the original from 2014, as the original owner told me that he did not know that this even existed. I have since added this to my list of routine maintenance items so, well, this doesn't happen again:
  6. Went on a bunch of trails in Northern Michigan! My favorite picture was this one I took at Silver Creek parked next to this old-school Subaru Outback:
  7. My 2014 GMC Sierra SLE Double Cab is at around 112,700+ miles now. The truck was passed down to me in 2016 after being used as a work truck and was already driven about 70,000 miles. I still really love my truck, and it caries a little sentimental value due to its ties with my family, and I've made it a personal goal to keep it running. It's pretty much completely stock, I've never done any performance or tuning modifications. As far as maintenance, shortly after ownership I changed the tires and brakes, and I've kept up on the usual routine oil changes, tire rotations, filters, etc (with a couple of recalls in between). The original battery also died during this time and I put in a brand new OEM one. In the first four years of ownership, I believe the only "real" problem I had with the truck was the constant 'Trailer Brake Control' warning that eventually went away. Then this happened: - I was not happy with the stock Rancho Shocks anymore and they were pretty rotted out, so I replaced them with Bilstein 4600s all around. - At 95,700 miles (in late 2020 near Christmas) my Water Pump failed which also prompted the discovery of a leaking Radiator and Cooling Lines. Basically got a whole new cooling system and while I was at it I got a tune up. This was the first big repair I did on the truck. This happened literally a couple weeks after the shocks; was definitely not a cheap December! - Also did spark plugs/wires shortly after the Radiator as well - At 106,260 Miles (Oct. 2021) I replaced all of the headlight bulbs + turn signals after both on the passenger side died. - At 108,434 Miles (ALSO near Christmas in late 2021) I had to replace the exhaust manifold bolts and gasket. - At 111,811 Miles (May 2022) my radiator fans were on full blast during a trip to a concert and I had to replace a faulty engine coolant temperature sensor. This was the first check engine light I ever got on the truck. All in all, it really has not been expensive to fix/maintain at all in the grand scheme of 6+ years of ownership (besides fuel costs I guess). It also seems to really like breaking around Christmas time apparently, haha. But look, I won't lie and be biased, there are "quirks" this truck has that would frustrate most owners. It's not always rainbows and butterflies. It shudders, it shakes, it squeaks, it's very slow, the thermostat is wonky, the tailgate "sticks" when opened sometimes, the frame is covered in rust. But you know what, I love it! I'm very happy with how this truck has aged over the years, the paint, interior, and overall fit and finish are still almost perfect, and I am almost always parked in direct sunlight. I'm still in love with how the K2s look, and personally I still love driving this thing around. Overall, very pleased with my ownership.
  8. My jaw dropped when I saw this photo. Looks fantastic!
  9. I have an Onyx Black truck and there is definitely no metallic flakes. Looking at your picture, I wouldn't say it necessarily looks bad though, might actually look pretty cool! I know that this is one little section of the truck, I'm curious what it looks like from afar in the right lightning. Personally, at first glance it kind of reminded me of all the dust particles that we get all over our cars in the Summer. With it being brand new, there's all sorts of contributing factors. Maybe the paint really does have some metallic flaking in it? Or maybe some particles just got stuck in the paint? Definitely no harm in asking, worst they can do is give it a nice little detail to see if it gets removed or not. Keep us posted!
  10. Hi all, This is going to sound absolutely crazy, and I can't verify if it is related or strictly a coincidence, but I was experiencing this noise last Fall and it was resolved after I replaced my exhaust manifold bolts (had three broken on the passenger side). I can't imagine why such a noise would be produced, but I hope this information is of use and can shed some sort of light. For context, my situation was the exact same, I experienced this noise pretty much every day at idle, and it went away after I drove off. I couldn't figure out what it was and it seemed harmless so I kind of just endured it, even though it was annoying. Later in the year when it got a little colder and I got the "chattering" noise, I pinpointed the bolts and ever since that repair the noise has never come back. I guess I figure there must be some sort of connection because quite literally all I did was replace the bolts on the passenger side, nothing else. Hopefully this information helps. I can say with certainty I do not believe this is a torque converter issue.
  11. Hey guys, Thanks so much for the responses, I really appreciate it. Huge bummer to hear this, but I guess it is what it is. I never really thought about it up until this point when I was messing with the coolant temperature sensor, my whole system was essentially replaced so I guess I just assumed everything was fine. I found a picture of my gauges around a little after I had the radiator repair and the needle is also in the 180 range, which basically tells me that the thermostat I got was a total dud. It's been a little over a year driving it like this, did I cause any long-term complications? I know that with it being cool like this it causes the engine to run a little rich, and with it being a DI possibly a lot of buildup. Let me know what you think! I'll look into trying to get this repaired soon.
  12. Hi all! Thanks for taking the time to check this thread out. I have a general curiosity that I was hoping someone could answer, as I am unsure as to what is 'normal' and 'not normal' at this point. Long story short, about a year ago I had my radiator, thermostat, and cooling lines all replaced due to the infamous cracking caused by the cycling thermostat. All has basically been well, until I just recently had the small scare with the radiator fans and the engine coolant temperature sensor. Since P0128 (the code that was scanned) is also affiliated with the thermostat, I'm starting to think that I might potentially run into this issue again. In my Dad's 2017 Sierra his engine temperature gauge usually reads a steady 210, right in the middle, which seems to universally be agreed upon as the appropriate temperature for these trucks. However, ever since I had my cooling system replaced, my thermostat seems to barely reach that point unless I'm sitting in rush hour traffic, and even then once I get moving again it immediately goes down. The picture below shows the range in which my truck is usually running: I guess my question is: is this normal? Did GM update the thermostat or something? I did double-check the part# and it is the updated design, so did I just get super unlucky and it's already failing again? I just thought I would be safe rather than sorry and ask since I know the cycling of the thermostat is what led to the previous radiator failures. I am also still covered under this particular repair (2-year warranty) so while I would rather not have to get this fixed again, GM will cover it for free if I have to. Let me know what you guys think! Truck runs great, no issues thus far, just don't want to replace another radiator, lol. If this is totally normal, then even better!
  13. So happy to share a positive repair story! I was on my way to Royal Oak for a concert on Friday and my temperature gauge wouldn't move, resulting in the infamous radiator fan blast. Soured my mood, ended up getting a check engine light and my truck sounded like an airplane taking off. Checked the code next morning, typical P0128 called for the thermostat. I figured there was not a chance, I had just replaced this with the updated design not even a year ago when I replaced my radiator. So this morning I went to Autozone and bought a new Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor, replaced the old one, disconnected the battery, and everything is back to normal!! Cheap, 15-minute repair
  14. I actually don't mind the new bowtie placement, I've seen it in person and I don't think it comes across as awkward at all. I think it looks pretty nice. I think Diesel had shown a photo of the 2019 Camaro bowtie placement earlier in this thread. Now that is definitely, um...an interesting location.
  15. Adding on to the service records, I would also keep an eye out for any sort of radiator work that was performed. The radiator and cooling lines leaking is a fairly common issue as well, and it is not a fun repair. If you happen to find that this issue has already been taken care of, that will be a huge plus!
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