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  1. Not the best picture, but here's after a nice weekend wash.
  2. I mean, if it makes my concern seem any less silly I also have the stock vacuum pump at 100k+ problem free...
  3. Yeah I don't know, haha. I know it sounds a little crazy. Just stumped at this part of the troubleshooting phase right now, this never occurred in the five years I've had the truck so it's just strange to me. Appreciate your reply.
  4. Hey guys, hope you're doing well! Posting this today to get some feedback that will hopefully sway my decision as to whether or not to buy the updated accelerator pedal for the K2s (part #23362231). I've been having a very strange issue with the truck as of late, especially on the highway. If I press on the pedal and get up to speed, say between 70 or 80, and I let go, it is an absolute nightmare trying to maintain speed. I feel like I have to press all the way down just to get it to stay up to speed on the highway, which results in just an overall uncomfortable driving experience. I initially was under the impression that this was somehow linked to the transmission/AFM and had the tranny reprogrammed a while ago, but now I feel like I was completely wrong on that hunch and completely overlooked this problem. Having been doing a decent amount of commuting as of late, I did in fact notice that the accelerator pedal is a little stiff in my truck, or maybe the infamous flex is that bad? Drove my father's 2017 Sierra and it's so much easier to drive. There's a couple of threads that kind of talk about this problem, and it seems a lot of 14'/15' guys have done this swap and had great results, but I kind of was just hoping for more insight because there really isn't that much information on this topic. ***To sum it up (since I ramble), I feel like it takes way too much force to the accelerator pedal just to maintain speed. Hopefully my problem makes sense, I can take a video if necessary. Just hoping there are some owners on here who have had great success with this, I can get the updated accelerator for about $25 on Amazon. There must be SOMETHING different if GM updated this part, lol. Thanks so much for reading, very curious to see the response.
  5. No doubt the paint is very fragile, I have scratches and chips everywhere but for a seven year old truck it's really not too bad. Nothing a good annual detail or touch up pen hasn't fixed. With regards to the primer, I'm not too familiar on the science behind how the K2s were painted from the factory, but I will say that they are pretty dang resistant to corrosion. Granted, they're not terribly old yet, but I have yet to see a K2 with any sort of rust on the exterior paint and if there is one it's very rare. Just as an example, I have a nasty scratch/dent near my driver's side headlight that was the result of an object hitting me on the highway almost five years ago that hasn't shown any signs of rust whatsoever. My bed is also painted (no liner) and was used for work by the previous owner, totally abused, but it hasn't rusted at all! So yeah, the paint is incredibly delicate. It's very frustrating, especially for you I'm sure because of that nice color. Fortunately, if any rust shows up it is in very small areas to the point where you can just dig it out and touch the area up. Had a nasty chip on my tailgate that was pretty deep; ended up showing signs of rust. Touched it up and now it's a distant memory! Hopefully this information helps you out.
  6. You have a beautiful truck, sir. Watching that happen in the video was rough! I'm so sorry. Like mentioned above, at the speed/angle and just the sheer sound of it, I thought it was a lot worse. At least it's just that one panel. Still, that hurts...
  7. Wasn't today, haha, but just got an oil change for the truck, full synthetic. About 5.5k miles since my last one. Doing a tire rotation tomorrow since that is a little overdue. Very excited for the warm weather coming up, deep cleaning time!
  8. Holy crap, wow!! That's really awesome to hear, thanks for sharing! I don't know if there's been more over the course of your ownership than what you specified, but not too bad on the issues you've had to handle. Keep us posted! Definitely a goal I hope I'm able to hit one day. ?
  9. The cold/snow have kept things a little slow, but I recently decided to change my cabin air filter. Had the new one sitting around the house for a while. I did the cardboard method and slid it under the old one as I took it out, and I'm very glad I did. To be honest, I'm almost positive this is the original filter and it has never been changed before (I got the truck used, not sure if previous owner knew about it). Noticed an immediate difference in the HVAC system! Also cleaned up some small headliner stains and spruced up the engine bay.
  10. Truck's at the shop today for some issues I've been having under light throttle during v4 to v8 transition. Fortunately, the guy knew exactly what I was talking about and is reprogramming the truck. Curious to see what results that brings, have not had that done before. In the mean time, I'm currently driving a 2016 GMC Canyon with 180,000 miles and it is awesome, lol.
  11. That’s very interesting. Out of curiosity, how’s you go about doing that? Edit: Nvm, answered before my reply haha
  12. Hey guys! Thanks so much for the response. I just passed 97,000 miles on the truck. Yeah, I figured ? Kind of hoping it isn’t that.
  13. Hi all, hope you're doing well! I'd like to apologize ahead of time if this topic has been covered over and over again. I spent a lot of time digging in the forum and was able to find some topics pertaining to the issue I'm currently having, but no definite answer. To make a long story short, I've been starting to notice a new noise while driving the truck and it is directly related to the V4/V8 transition. When I am on the expressway doing about 70-80mph on light throttle, I get a deep rumbling noise that is almost exactly comparable to that of driving over rumble strips. When I release my foot from the accelerator it immediately goes away, same for when the truck finally jumps into V8 mode. The noise sounds like it's coming from the front of the truck but I really am not sure, it's not terribly loud. What I can only assume is that because it's in V4 mode the truck just struggles a little bit to get up to speed, and the delay from the factory tune on these trucks just makes it take a little while to finally jump to V8. It barely does it at any speed below 70-80. Maybe I've just become a little bit more observant and it's been doing this forever, or maybe this is a sign of things to come (hopefully not). Really, I'm just looking to see if anyone has experienced issues like these and if it's considered normal. That's all I really care about. The noise and typical highway vibrations don't bother me at all, I'm not looking to disable AFM like a lot of people suggested in the threads I looked at, I just want to know if this is hurting the truck or this is standard procedure. If this is normal, shoot, I'll live with it! If it helps at all, I just changed my spark plugs, performed a full tune up, and recently had a big repair at the dealership (radiator/water pump) where they told me there were no issues with the truck. My 6-Speed still shifts like it always has so I'd be very shocked if it had anything to do with that, and my engine seems to run just fine. Thanks so much for reading this guys, I'm really looking forward to your feedback.
  14. I see tons of 99-06 Chevy and GMCs running around, almost guaranteed to see a couple on my way to work. Definitely the most common of that bunch are Tahoes/Yukons. There's also a decent amount of 88-98 trucks in my area that are in excellent shape. I've also been beginning to see more and more of the 10th gen (97-04) F-150s around strangely enough, though a lot of them have seen better days. Plenty of Super Duties from around that same year range around as well, still being put to work landscaping, plowing the streets, etc. There's also a decent amount of old Tacomas here and there. Honestly, I rarely ever see 94-01 Dodge Rams anymore. Although, there is someone in my neighborhood who has a project one that is far from stock. Anything that goes below the 90s is a rare sight, almost like a time capsule. I can only imagine either Michigan weather has destroyed them or they are being preserved.
  15. Got smacked by a rock on my way home today, made a really nasty chip right in the center of the passenger door. Good news is, this kickstarted a nice little winter project. Gonna get some touch up materials, fix that, and I'm also going to be tackling some small areas of surface rust I've discovered under the tailgate and driver door-jam. On a positive note, it's been precisely a year since I powder coated my chrome bumpers and replaced my OEM grill with a black one and no chips whatsoever! ?
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