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  1. Gave my truck a nice thorough wash this morning! Probably one of the last nice days before the cold rolls in, so I wanted to make use of it.
  2. I think the front is pretty spot on, as you said, and once you install those Amp Research boards the side will look perfect! A little bit of chrome accenting is really appealing (especially for Iridium), and I think you have the perfect balance of color-match/chrome. I think the only thing that really looked 'off' in the first picture was in fact those running boards. It just adds an extra layering with the door moldings that is a tad bit awkward; just needs a little bit of balance. The rear is a little tricky, I can see what you mean with the tail lights and cargo lights. I had this exact issue when I swapped my red emblems for black ones because I felt I lost that connection and something seemed off. As time went on, it kind of grew on me though. Personally, I know I 100% prefer the black emblems on the rear of your truck, and the more I look at it I think that the little All Terrain badge balances everything out by providing just enough hint of red. Hopefully this helps, I think your truck looks great!
  3. Hi everybody! So excited to be here, GM-Trucks has a lot of fascinating information that never fails to entertain me and so many great owners with cool rides. I've been a lurker for quite a long time now and I thought it was about time I register. I'm not too far away from the motor city in eastern Michigan and I'm a proud owner of a 2014 GMC Sierra which has been my daily driver for a couple years now. I'm putting all this ridiculously long information in spoilers for obvious reasons, but I would love for you guys to read my history and recent projects involving the truck! I'm not the oldest nor the wisest person out there, but one thing's for certain - love talking about GMC and Chevy trucks! Huge thanks for you all taking the time to read my post. A little bit about my experience with the truck: Some things I've done to the truck: Things I plan to do: And of course, pictures! Here's what my truck looks like now. There's also a picture I took from a couple years ago when it was bone stock, untouched.
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