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  1. Oh GOD. Yeah, I know exactly how you feel with this one. This plagued my truck during my first year or so of ownership and it drove me absolutely insane. It came back for the first time in years last month and I thought it was going to start doing it again, but luckily it didn't. If you've already taken the necessary steps with the module above the spare tire, I would definitely look into possibly the actual manual trailer brake module itself being faulty. In which case, it is as simple as just removing the bezel and replacing the part. There's a couple videos on YouTube that detail this process that are as short as 3 minutes and are incredibly helpful. I apologize in that I cannot verify if this will truly fix the issue as these are not the steps I personally took to get rid of mine (I actually went ahead and replaced the fuse and that seemed to work), but it does seem to have worked with a lot of people with the c1117-00 code and should my warnings ever come back this will be the next step I take.
  2. Already missing the warm weather! First dose of snow and salt of the season with some more on the way! Really going to miss hand-washing the truck. Took it to the automatic for the first time since the end of last winter today, and it cleaned up pretty good!
  3. Hey 15 Z71, This information won't be of much help unfortunately, but I have a 2014 Sierra and I was facing a similar scenario as you. It was similar to a whine, but I likened it more to an intermediate whirring or purring noise, and I was getting it ONLY when the truck was idling in park after I had driven it for a bit. The noise was loudest around the passenger side front of the truck. I didn't even bother taking it in because I could never replicate the sound when I wanted to, but it doesn't seem like it impacted the truck in any way. As of a couple weeks ago, the noise has since stopped completely (whether that has something to do with the cold weather here in MI, I am not sure) and I can't replicate it at all. If it ever comes back, I will try and get a sound clip and post it here, but as far as under the hood, I could not find any issues. Sorry I can't be of more help! If there is any updates about the issue, please let us know!
  4. Changed both headlight bulbs after the driver side went out, which means I am all good for a little while (changed the amber reflectors a couple months ago)! Additionally, I decided to troubleshoot the terrible squeaking noise I was getting while at low speeds, turning, and braking. I initially thought it was a bad wheel bearing or sticking caliper on the front driver side but nope! - It was coming from the rear and it was the parking brake gently rubbing, which I had not used in a while. Literally fixed it by applying it and unapplying it. Piece of cake!
  5. Today was interesting! I was on my way home from work and I couldn't believe my eyes and ears: I got the infamous "Service Trailer Brake Control" spam warning that I haven't heard in 3-4 years. It stopped for the rest of the day, time will tell if it does it again. God help my soul lol
  6. Hey all! It's been a long time! Truck really has been driving smoothly the past couple months, haven't really had much to post about, haha. No issues except for an occasional strange harmonic sound at idle that comes and goes, but hasn't concerned me enough to look into it yet. Anyway, I took it up to Northern Michigan and drove all over the place; went to some local attractions and a couple trails. Was a flawless trip! Has about 106,000 miles on it now .
  7. Yeah, when I was in the process of swapping my Ranchos this past Fall (this was early Sept.) I went to my nearby 4x4 place to have them ordered (5100s OR 4600s) and Bilstein basically told the guy they would not be in for two months. Flash forward to late November and he was only able to find 3 4600s (Both rears, one front) from nearby suppliers. I told him to get them and I would do my best to find the last one, and thank god there was one left on Amazon. Man those things were a pain to find. They were totally worth the effort though! It's crazy that this is still going on.
  8. Hi James! The concerns you're facing right now are actually very similar to the ones I'm having, which is why I'm happy to see this thread. I also have a 2014 Sierra with about 100,300 miles. I used to do very limited driving but a recent job change has me commuting to Pontiac every day during the week. I guess you can say I too have read the horror stories regarding 6L80/Torque converter failure, and I won't deny that I am fearful if I'll be one of the unlucky few who deals with this problem around this mile range. But, as everyone has kind of said, it's a total gamble. It could fail tomorrow, it could fail years from now at 200k, I really have no idea. As of now, just keep up with the maintenance as you have been! I got my transmission serviced at the dealer around 90,000mi. and I'll change the fluid as I have been when the time comes. Given the age and mileage, it still shifts very, very smooth. Honestly, I get the occasional grinding/hesitation/jerk but I remember the truck doing that from the moment I first started driving it. I also am much more calm behind the wheel than I used to be, I don't beat this thing around and I really do think that's a key factor in longevity. Like you, I'm planning to keep this truck for 100k more miles. The best we can do is just continue to stay on top of things. :) Treat your truck well and it will treat you back!
  9. Yep, I recently had that same experience this past winter around 95k. The saving grace with the whole situation is that they are incredibly easy to change.
  10. Not the best picture, but here's after a nice weekend wash.
  11. I mean, if it makes my concern seem any less silly I also have the stock vacuum pump at 100k+ problem free...
  12. Yeah I don't know, haha. I know it sounds a little crazy. Just stumped at this part of the troubleshooting phase right now, this never occurred in the five years I've had the truck so it's just strange to me. Appreciate your reply.
  13. Hey guys, hope you're doing well! Posting this today to get some feedback that will hopefully sway my decision as to whether or not to buy the updated accelerator pedal for the K2s (part #23362231). I've been having a very strange issue with the truck as of late, especially on the highway. If I press on the pedal and get up to speed, say between 70 or 80, and I let go, it is an absolute nightmare trying to maintain speed. I feel like I have to press all the way down just to get it to stay up to speed on the highway, which results in just an overall uncomfortable driving experience. I initially was under the impression that this was somehow linked to the transmission/AFM and had the tranny reprogrammed a while ago, but now I feel like I was completely wrong on that hunch and completely overlooked this problem. Having been doing a decent amount of commuting as of late, I did in fact notice that the accelerator pedal is a little stiff in my truck, or maybe the infamous flex is that bad? Drove my father's 2017 Sierra and it's so much easier to drive. There's a couple of threads that kind of talk about this problem, and it seems a lot of 14'/15' guys have done this swap and had great results, but I kind of was just hoping for more insight because there really isn't that much information on this topic. ***To sum it up (since I ramble), I feel like it takes way too much force to the accelerator pedal just to maintain speed. Hopefully my problem makes sense, I can take a video if necessary. Just hoping there are some owners on here who have had great success with this, I can get the updated accelerator for about $25 on Amazon. There must be SOMETHING different if GM updated this part, lol. Thanks so much for reading, very curious to see the response.
  14. No doubt the paint is very fragile, I have scratches and chips everywhere but for a seven year old truck it's really not too bad. Nothing a good annual detail or touch up pen hasn't fixed. With regards to the primer, I'm not too familiar on the science behind how the K2s were painted from the factory, but I will say that they are pretty dang resistant to corrosion. Granted, they're not terribly old yet, but I have yet to see a K2 with any sort of rust on the exterior paint and if there is one it's very rare. Just as an example, I have a nasty scratch/dent near my driver's side headlight that was the result of an object hitting me on the highway almost five years ago that hasn't shown any signs of rust whatsoever. My bed is also painted (no liner) and was used for work by the previous owner, totally abused, but it hasn't rusted at all! So yeah, the paint is incredibly delicate. It's very frustrating, especially for you I'm sure because of that nice color. Fortunately, if any rust shows up it is in very small areas to the point where you can just dig it out and touch the area up. Had a nasty chip on my tailgate that was pretty deep; ended up showing signs of rust. Touched it up and now it's a distant memory! Hopefully this information helps you out.
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