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  1. Truck's at the shop today for some issues I've been having under light throttle during v4 to v8 transition. Fortunately, the guy knew exactly what I was talking about and is reprogramming the truck. Curious to see what results that brings, have not had that done before. In the mean time, I'm currently driving a 2016 GMC Canyon with 180,000 miles and it is awesome, lol.
  2. That’s very interesting. Out of curiosity, how’s you go about doing that? Edit: Nvm, answered before my reply haha
  3. Hey guys! Thanks so much for the response. I just passed 97,000 miles on the truck. Yeah, I figured Kind of hoping it isn’t that.
  4. Hi all, hope you're doing well! I'd like to apologize ahead of time if this topic has been covered over and over again. I spent a lot of time digging in the forum and was able to find some topics pertaining to the issue I'm currently having, but no definite answer. To make a long story short, I've been starting to notice a new noise while driving the truck and it is directly related to the V4/V8 transition. When I am on the expressway doing about 70-80mph on light throttle, I get a deep rumbling noise that is almost exactly comparable to that of driving over rumble strips. When I release my foot from the accelerator it immediately goes away, same for when the truck finally jumps into V8 mode. The noise sounds like it's coming from the front of the truck but I really am not sure, it's not terribly loud. What I can only assume is that because it's in V4 mode the truck just struggles a little bit to get up to speed, and the delay from the factory tune on these trucks just makes it take a little while to finally jump to V8. It barely does it at any speed below 70-80. Maybe I've just become a little bit more observant and it's been doing this forever, or maybe this is a sign of things to come (hopefully not). Really, I'm just looking to see if anyone has experienced issues like these and if it's considered normal. That's all I really care about. The noise and typical highway vibrations don't bother me at all, I'm not looking to disable AFM like a lot of people suggested in the threads I looked at, I just want to know if this is hurting the truck or this is standard procedure. If this is normal, shoot, I'll live with it! If it helps at all, I just changed my spark plugs, performed a full tune up, and recently had a big repair at the dealership (radiator/water pump) where they told me there were no issues with the truck. My 6-Speed still shifts like it always has so I'd be very shocked if it had anything to do with that, and my engine seems to run just fine. Thanks so much for reading this guys, I'm really looking forward to your feedback.
  5. I see tons of 99-06 Chevy and GMCs running around, almost guaranteed to see a couple on my way to work. Definitely the most common of that bunch are Tahoes/Yukons. There's also a decent amount of 88-98 trucks in my area that are in excellent shape. I've also been beginning to see more and more of the 10th gen (97-04) F-150s around strangely enough, though a lot of them have seen better days. Plenty of Super Duties from around that same year range around as well, still being put to work landscaping, plowing the streets, etc. There's also a decent amount of old Tacomas here and there. Honestly, I rarely ever see 94-01 Dodge Rams anymore. Although, there is someone in my neighborhood who has a project one that is far from stock. Anything that goes below the 90s is a rare sight, almost like a time capsule. I can only imagine either Michigan weather has destroyed them or they are being preserved.
  6. Got smacked by a rock on my way home today, made a really nasty chip right in the center of the passenger door. Good news is, this kickstarted a nice little winter project. Gonna get some touch up materials, fix that, and I'm also going to be tackling some small areas of surface rust I've discovered under the tailgate and driver door-jam. On a positive note, it's been precisely a year since I powder coated my chrome bumpers and replaced my OEM grill with a black one and no chips whatsoever!
  7. Yeah, my '14 with 96k looks pretty much like that photo if not worse; thanks Michigan! I'm positive my truck wasn't rust-proofed at all before I got it. However, it's been a couple years now and it really doesn't look like it's gotten any worse, I've made sure I rinse the underbody off good whenever salt is present. I look under there after winter and everything still seems pretty solid. It's an eyesore but I am fairly confident it will go years without having any sort of compromise.
  8. Hey Imcrazy, thanks for the recommendation! One of my neighbors down the street has a black Dodge Charger and he is definitely a detailing enthusiast, takes really good care of it. He actually recommended me Dr. Colorchip as a solution a while back and I've done research on it since then. Have been on the fence given the length of the scratch, but this Spring just for the hell of it I might test it out on some small areas to see what results it brings. Just out of curiosity, were you happy with the results of your last truck when it was painted? Yeah, that's pretty accurate to how I felt at the time, lol. Thanks so much for the insight, this was actually one of the concerns I had. I wasn't too worried about the lack of swirls. Obviously, it would look a little goofy to have six years worth of swirl marks on the passenger doors and front fender but none on the bed, but I feel I could live with that. The fading is what was a concern to me though: how do you match factory paint that's faded some? When I talked about this with our family friend who runs the auto body shop, he assured me that it wouldn't be an issue. I trust his judgement, given he's a professional, but my general lack of knowledge on the subject still makes me indifferent. I mean, maybe there's been advancements in paint procedure and there's new special tools out there, but that's all uncharted territory for me. That's absolutely right, and it's so funny you say this. I was generally considering slapping one of the '4x4'/'Z71' decals on there. Obviously, the factory placement is a little bit higher than where the scratch is and the dimensions would make it run into the fender, but there's options all over the internet with different dimensions that I might explore just for the heck of it. I kind of like the clean, plain bed look though on my truck but as a last resort it's definitely a consideration, haha. I've went to a couple places since buffing/touching up the scratch who all told me it wouldn't be a good idea to buff it or wet-sand it further due to the clear coat, and I took their word for it. Pretty much 100% of the shops I've spoken to all mentioned that repainting was the best option, and that brings me here today. Was hoping that given the information they gave me and the opinions from everyone here my decision would be swayed. One thing I'm thankful for is there there are an abundance of very reliable auto body shops in my area. ? Hey Donstar! Thank you so much for this response it helped me a lot. I totally agree with your statement. Back in Sept., I went to the closest and most popular collision place near our house. A couple years ago our family's lease vehicle at the time (Ford Explorer) was side-swiped and was totally repaired under insurance; they did very great work and it looked brand new. However, they gave me an estimate that I felt was a little bit too expensive and I was also put off by their reputation online, so I looked elsewhere. I'm very picky about where I take my truck so I usually do research and look for recommendations. In November I found a smaller shop a little bit away from our house that are very well known for their paint services. I think I'm very fortunate in this scenario because the guy who owns the shop is a close family friend, so I'm going to be given a slight discount on the cost and I also feel like they'll put a lot of time and care into the job. I still looked around and went to different repair places and got some estimates, and this one seemed to be the cheapest. It's still clearly expensive - regardless it will be a couple hundred bucks - but it is reasonable and I've been promised excellent results. So, I think the final price of the job is within my budget. I think my only concern is really seeing if actually doing the job with be worth it, I really don't want to jack up the truck. I'm really happy to hear your insight on modern paint application and how the new paint will gradually blend in and get those swirls, your confidence on that makes me feel a lot better. Coincidentally, when I was at the shop there was a 17' Onyx Black Elevation with a pretty nasty gash in the passenger rear door, so obviously I'm not the only one lol.
  9. Haha, thanks for the reply Salsa, appreciate it! Love the Barrett-Jackson tie-in. I definitely see what you mean, and really I basically said exactly that in my original post. Character is a much different way to look at it, didn't really cross my mind. What you said is what a lot of people have been telling me, 'just forget about it' and that 'they wouldn't have even seen it if I didn't tell them about it.' Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, will keep this under consideration.
  10. JimCost, I really appreciate your kind reply, thank you so much for taking the time to help me out. ? Your point is definitely something I wanted to hear and I absolutely agree. Really, that's how I felt when I just dealt with the radiator/water pump failure on my truck and likely any mechanical issues that comes after. It's expensive and takes a lot of time but in the end I always feel it's worth it to have the truck working again, all while having full knowledge of what's been done/what's next as opposed to buying a brand new vehicle. I guess my final concern is should I be worried about messing with the factory paint on the rest of the bed? Can a good, reliable body shop get the finish close to factory and blend it well? Sorry if that seems silly, not too keen on paint work done on trucks this new with all the paint layers fully intact, I think it's just the size of the panel that has me worried. I'm sure there's been some K2s on here with collision work done before.
  11. Hey guys, Was really opting not to have to make a topic like this as I'm sure there's a lot floating around, but I've really appreciated/respected the advice and opinions of the people on this forum and I really thought it would be worth hearing what other truck owners would do if they were in this situation, so here goes: To make a long story short, a couple months ago in September I was using our driveway for something so I parked my truck in front. Once I finished and I was backing up the truck to move it back in the driveway, I must've not realized how close I was on the curb because my bed grazed the little hook that extends from our mailbox, putting a key-like scratch on the passenger bedside extending from the tail-light towards the fender. I was incredibly upset by this, such a dumb mistake on my part, it ruined my whole day, but I didn't really react much to it because just the previous year a piece of metal was hanging off the side of the bed and scratched the exterior and I was able to buff that out. This was almost identical to that (clear-coat scratch) and I could barely feel it with my fingernail. Flash forward, went to a body shop and detailer and they smoothed out the scratch and touched it up but they did end up telling me it got into the paint layer and the whole bed had to be repainted to remove it. I was so pissed, I just couldn't believe the scratch was that bad. I love my truck, and I'm definitely one of those people who parks a mile away at every lot and takes any precaution to avoid jacking up the paint. I hand wash it and keep it clean to the best of my ability. However, I won't deny that my paint (onyx black) is riddled with imperfections. It spent its first 60k miles as a work truck traveling all over the state of Michigan. The inside of the bed is scuffed up, there's chips all over the hood and bumper skirt, the driver's side headlight has a huge gash from a piece of metal on the highway, and obviously there's swirl marks. These imperfections don't bother me at all though, but this new scratch on the bed drives me absolutely insane. If it's overcast, you can't see it, but if there's even a smidge of sunlight it is noticeable from a mile away. My truck is usually street parked and it's the first thing I see in the morning, just puts me in a fowl mood, and I think it's because I know I'm the one that put it there. At the end of the day, I'm writing this to get some advice from you guys as to what I should do, and what you would do if this was on your ride. The fortunate thing about scratches like this is that they can be removed, and this one isn't deep enough to expose metal/cause rust, etc. but it comes with a price ($$). I'm probably going to have to wait until winter is over, but here's what my options seem to be: The only real permanent fix it seems is to bite the bullet and have the passenger bedside repainted. Fortunately, we have connections to two very reliable and quality auto body shops here in southeast Michigan, both of whom say they can do the job easily and with no problems at all. I have a lot of worries about destroying the original paint of the entire bedside just for this small scratch, but they assured me that the paint will be just like factory when they're done and even in the right lighting conditions I wouldn't even be able to tell anything was done. I guess part of me is still on the fence, cause they have to take all that plastic trim on top off, bumper, etc. and I'm also worried I'll lose that rhino guard on the bottom. What do you guys think? Am I wrong to be concerned about a job like this? It'll cost $600-$700. I was thinking of just hiding the scratch/turning it into artwork by putting a bed stripe or some custom vinyl design over it. I've thrown this idea into Photoshop and it looks pretty okay, but I feel it's a cheap solution and will probably do more harm than good and ruin the look I've been making for the truck. If enough people recommend this though, I'll definitely consider it. The third solution and what all of my friends, family, and co-workers tell me is to just leave it alone. From an economical standpoint, I get it. It's been about three months now and I've pretended it isn't there and nobody seems to notice it. However, the truck is paid off, I plan to keep it for a long, long time and given that I'm making a thread like this I really don't see this scratch staying on my truck for the entirety of 2021, lol. However, if you guys think that it's ludicrous to get a body shop involved for this I'll take your word for it. Anyway, that's all I have to say. Thank you all so much for reading, I apologize for making this so long-winded, wanted to share my frustrations about this. Also attached is a couple of pictures so you can see the scale of what I'm talking about. The one with the hazy paint is about right after I got the scratch and did the "water test," and the second one is after it was smoothed out/touched up. Looking forward to what you guys have to say! -JR.
  12. Very awesome! It's always great to see the positive experiences with these trucks. My 14' is getting very close to 100k, got it used and I drove it 4+ years without any issues. I just had my first with the radiator/water pump but after that fix it drives the same as it always has, I still get the same great MPG and smooth/quiet ride. Still my favorite vehicle to drive. ?
  13. Hey guys! Just got my truck back after a week of repairs. Radiator, lines, water pump, belt, thermostat all replaced. Also got a tune up with new OEM spark plugs and wires and a fuel system flush. It was more expensive than I thought and took a lot of time, but I am very, very happy with the end results. Truck rides like it did when I first got it and is super smooth; just in time to become my daily driver again for a new job. ?
  14. I know that when I think "no rust" it typically means there isn't any signs of bubbling under the paint or any clear eating away at the exterior of the vehicle, such as the typical fenders, rockers, etc. With the underbody or any hidden components I feel like depending on what you're typically used to -especially those in the rust belt - unless the frame looks like it's corroded to the point where the metal is being eaten away and certain parts could be eventually compromised it's not much cause for alarm and is typical. It's weird though, because at the same time I wouldn't say my truck has "no rust" because there is definitely plenty of surface rust underneath. But while it's an eyesore it's really just cosmetic and removable if I really wanted to, so I could see why people would say my truck "has no rust" because the surface rust isn't doing anything to the integrity of the vehicle.
  15. Welp, biggest service yet for the truck today since I've owned it; 95,000+ miles. Gonna bite the bullet and get it all fixed! Started out with just the water pump/belt a couple weeks ago, now I just discovered that I have the infamous radiator crack and the cooler lines are leaking. Unfortunately, I don't think the TSB is going to cover this now (being 2020) but gonna bring it up just in case. Also going to be getting a tune up/having the spark plugs and wires changed. I'm hoping that after all this work is over and done with the truck will run like new again. ?
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