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  1. What Cam said, in addition, you could do the swap if you do the whole powertrain - engine, trans, Tcase, PCM, Wiring harness, etc.
  2. Meh, this was over a year ago, I don't care anymore.
  3. The ignition control module inside the distributor is a common cause of this.
  4. I agree with Cam, swap in the engine/trans T-case and leave the diffs. You might be able to find a transfer case with front driveshaft from a 2500 or 3500 GMT400 with the 4L80e trans that would be close to the right fit, but might have to swap yokes and/or U joints, or like he said, get some new ones made.
  5. Nice! Looks very clean. Sounds like you have a good plan for it.
  6. Yes, unfortunately. I had my 2021 for 2 months, had it in and out of the dealer svc dept for almost half that time, including for rear window leaks. I washed my hands and got rid of it.
  7. Neat conversion, but they just look awkward to me with that low swooping roofline and the tall vintage front end. I'll take the real thing any day over that. To each our own, I suppose.
  8. That was directed at the idiots that actually do this kinda nonsense. But you said you’d never do that, so it wasn’t directed at you obviously...
  9. Same here. I’m a diesel and big truck enthusiast myself, but douchey behavior like that is what gives us a bad name. Who cares if you have to share the road with a Prius. If you’re so insecure with your own manhood that you have to make a Smokey show to someone who would otherwise refuse to acknowledge your existence, then that’s kinda silly.
  10. Yeah, screw those guys for making different choices than you!
  11. Gonna be jumping ship too in the next couple of weeks. As I was on the way to the dealer for the window issue, I got a reduced engine power, service parking brake, and service ESC with reduced steering assist had to pull over. 2 months of ownership and only 1100 miles. I’m over it. I have zero confidence in this vehicle. I’ll keep my GMT400 til I die though.
  12. Yeah I read the same thing earlier today. They need to get these issues under control. Ridiculous my 31 year old C1500 is sitting outside getting the ****** pounded out of it by rain and still dry as a bone inside, while my 1k mile ‘21, well you know.
  13. The real question is how many they HAVEN’T or will NOT have.
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