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  1. The brake recall is a reflash of the bcm and would have nothing to do with causing a lean bank 1 or catalyst bank 2 issue.
  2. FYI, good luck getting a vacuum pump if the dealer doesn’t have it in stock. My truck sat at the dealer for 3 days (including outside during the Dallas Tornado event this last weekend but luckily mine was unsacathed) before they informed me they couldn’t get the part any time soon due to the strike. Your mileage may vary, obviously, but bottom line, call the svc department and confirm pump availability first.
  3. I think Frankie needs to bulk order them so he can give them away with the purchase of the parts he sells. Advertising, hey!
  4. Make sure all your brake lights are working, namely your third brake light. If it goes out, your cruise won't work. Simplest check first.
  5. No I didn’t. I’m the one that said don’t mention oil. Haha, see how that turns out?
  6. Ok, let’s stop here while we’re ahead. My bad for even mentioning oil here - You always gotta shill Amsoil on this site, lmao.
  7. Another post to back up OP. Do you really think someone would be bold enough to post their first and last name, pics of truck, and city of residence if they were hawking stolen shit? Man, this game ain’t nothing new, ever heard of auctions and wrecking yards? Man works for his living, stfu.
  8. How old is the battery? Sounds like you need to have it tested and maybe do a parasitic draw test on the truck. Mine has sat in the garage for almost 2 weeks and fired right up.
  9. Adding forced induction will open up another can of parts worms for you. If you plan to do that in the future, then you might be better off spec'ing a turbo/blower cam such as the Elgin 1840 or similar with appropriate valve springs (PAC 1218's for example). Best thing to do is plan the project with the end in mind. What are you trying to accomplish? If you know what your goals are, you can better plan for your supporting mods. Adding a turbo will require more fuel (larger injectors, fuel pump) , custom hot and cold sides for the turbo, oil feeds and drains, 2 or 3 bar MAP sensor with a custom OS for your PCM to accommodate positive pressure VE tables, etc.
  10. Upgrading friction materials, sun shell, and swap in the 5 planet planetary set (4L65E) will make these things quite a bit beefier than in stock silt. After all that, throw on a big trans cooler and it should handle it quite well.
  11. Here are the Delco replacements - https://www.amazon.com/ACDelco-748UU-Original-Equipment-Spark/dp/B001NZX5B2/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=748uu&qid=1570623293&sr=8-3
  12. Like they said above, there really is no standard dimensions. My house was built in 1982 and I was able to fit my 2015 F250 crew cab 6.8ft bed in there with room to spare. Buddy of mine's house was built in early 2000's and he can hardly even fit the minivan in there.
  13. I'll never own another black vehicle. They're a bitch to keep clean and swirl marks are tough to keep at bay. Plus, GM's paint quality isn't the greatest, so it tends to peel and chip super easy. I wish GM would bring back their old Storm Grey or Laguna Green. Loved those colors.
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