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  1. Oh yeah, these are a godsend for removing pinstriping.
  2. Go to a junkyard and find an 05 or 06, grab the fans, wiring and fuse block, take it home and install it, pin it to the PCM, etc. You will need to program the PCM to turn the fans on though, I think.
  3. Check all your grounds, especially the ones on the back of the cylinder heads. Also double check all your PCM connections and all fuses. You probably just overlooked something.
  4. I'm almost 40, so I'll count my blessings while I still have them, haha.
  5. Hey that's pretty sweet, kinda like a Bed Rat for your topper. That could definitely come in handy
  6. There's about a 2 mile stretch on NB 75 through Plano and Allen that shakes me to death if I'm doing 75, it was almost unbearable in my F250.
  7. Your situation seems unique in that the ass-shrapnel removal service occurs with great frequency. Obviously your best method is to chase that blue lagoon, but that may not always be possible. I guess I'm lucky my body is on a poop-at-home schedule.
  8. That 100 miles is an arbitrary number they gave you to be sure all your readiness tests have time to complete. If you have access to a scan tool, you can drive around for a while doing errands and whatnot, and look at the scanner periodically to see if they have completed yet, then head back up to the inspection place.
  9. Agreed with Jsdirt, run some thicker oil. If it continues to get worse, causing misfire and driveability concerns, then it may be time for lifters.
  10. What do you mean by "Just realized he put the 6.6 Gas Code in and not the LB7 for a duramax." LB7 hasn't been used since 2004. You have an L5P.
  11. So yeah, OP, run the Amazon stuff if you want. Great price and good oil. Not that you hosted another oil debate you didn’t wanna start [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23].
  12. It's the fuel pump. In 2017 they added this feature that when you open the door after the vehicle has been sitting, it will prime the fuel system to allow the engine to start quicker. This has carried over to the T1 platform.
  13. Off-the-shelf Oreilly dex works just as well. Unless you're gonna go road racing or something...
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