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  1. I hear that. I’m not gonna molest mine for a long time. Probably. [emoji51]
  2. Thanks dude. I’m over in Garland but that would be well worth the trip across town for a good road force.
  3. Just drove this beautiful 2021 3.0 Duramax home.
  4. There was a service bulletin to re-torque the front crossmember for this issue. Did they look into this?
  5. All this arguing... Just run your cold air kit of choice, but be sure to install a 2 port catch can and switch to Oreilly brand 10w30 conventional oil and a Fram filter. Did I miss anything?
  6. Just ban discussions about engine oil and catch cans and the fights will likely subside [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  7. I’ll go ahead and scribble this in crayon for you. Let’s say some idiot ass-ends me in his half ton in traffic with a trailer that exceeds his weight rating for his/her truck because they can’t stop/control it because, ya know, ITS OVER THE WEIGHT RATING FOR THE VEHICLE. I consult an attorney, we sue their insurance company/ them and win or at the very least settle because of negligence on their part. Going down the road minding your own business? Right, no one cares. Until you are in an at-fault accident, which is my point to begin with. Now put yourself in the other person’s shoes, wouldn’t you pursue legal action against negligence if you got in an accident where someone with an overweight rig was at fault? I bet you would.
  8. What exactly is your point? If you willfully go against the published GCVW and cause a wreck, there will be legal ramifications. Anecdotes be damned. Jim Adler would have a field day with this.
  9. In addition to what Cam said, Make sure your trailer has really good brakes because 88-98 brakes are terrible. I have a 90 so I can relate.
  10. Agreed here, distributing the load across the axles is key, and shifting weight to the rear of the trailer for the sole purpose of removing sag is a recipe for ditch-ville. That’s why when we pull double/triples the lightest trailer goes in the back.
  11. https://www.sdtrucksprings.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=25938
  12. It’s normal. Go get a 20” wheel and tire if it helps you sleep at night.
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