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  1. Where from!?! Btw.....sick mounts! Are those separate???
  2. My truck doesn't fit in my garage either. Boom! Wassup ladies?!
  3. I've been looking at ditch lights on Amazon, I think I found a good pair. I guess I'm more interested in where you got your brackets!
  4. I made a trip to the other side of the state to get a lightbar from a friend for a refurb project. While going through a tiny town I was pulled over by a city cop for going 11 over. When he came up to the truck he obviously wanted to know why I had this in my truck. I told him "to please not tell the (next town over police department) I took it off their car". He wasn't amused until I identified myself. We then talked for about 20 minutes about lights he'd been restoring. Ya had to be there.
  5. Why not? I like it. But you can get them cheap on ebay or Amazon.
  6. This has to be like thing 1 for every Silverado owner!!! Glad to see it. Wish GM would just do it for us.
  7. Why not take a video with your phone while driving so we can hear it.
  8. So I just did a run time test to figure a few things out. Key fob left in vehicle.....runs for 1 hour. If you lock the key fob in the vehicle the passive unlock on the door handle does NOT unlock the truck!! I don't know if the fob in the center console was not close enough to the door or it actually sensed it was in the vehicle. I had to get the other fob from the house, when that fob was present and close enough to the door the passive unlock button worked. So there's that. Good thing I knew this prior....or my truck would be locked, shut off in the middle of the road with no lighting. So I'm taking both fobs with me from now on. Anyone know if leaving a fob inside the console hidden would be a problem? If I disable the passive lock system no one can get in when the vehicle is not in use, and unless they know a fob is in the console they wouldn't think to start it if they did break out a window to get inside. I read somewhere, and now I can't find it, that GM will disable it for first responders with documentation and a fee? Like $250. Anyone know?
  9. I think just the opposite ....my 18 sucked, the 20 has better lighting. LEDs are picked up differently by the eye ...and it's said that they do dim after a while. I dunno.
  10. Both those ideas are actually really cool. Now I gotta go to amazon........... You guys are breaking my bank.
  11. You can get them with the bowtie....cheaper https://www.ebay.com/itm/402201508063
  12. I'm not a tool box hater. It's whatever suits your likes and needs. Looks good!
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