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  1. Question for you guys....I put on the black grille piece and blacked put everything. My wheels are getting black covers in a few days. My Silverado is a lease so I'm limiting myself on certain things....namely I don't want to buy wheels and tries. But I love the look of this black wrapped hood and bumper with the fender flares. I'd like to add the fender flares, but what about the wheels? Would my stock wheels look OK here if I got 1" spacers?
  2. SHOCKED!!! Mine gets 15 min with no key fob, 30 when it's inside the truck. Absolutely terrible feature.
  3. I sat in my 20 RST for 10 min while it updated. STRANDED for that 10 min which was really closer to 20 min by the time I was done. My truck WOULD NOT start until this update was done. Nice Chevy. Good thing I was going on a run.
  4. Do you have A link? I bought two sets now, both did not fit. 20 Silverado 1500.
  5. Are your door handles covers? Or actual handle replacements? Where did you get them? I can't find a set that fits right.
  6. Did a good detail of the inside today. The first cleaning after the winter season. I did all the windows, floors, seats, dash. Used air to blow out the cracks, cleaned all the door jams. Basically, it looks new inside. What do you guys use for your dash, vinyl and mats? I don't like the ArmorAll wipes because they're too greasy. I used turtle wax cleaner today (green bottle) and it smells awful! Took that new truck smell right out. I used it before, it will smell bad for a few days and return. Anyone have any good cleaner to recommend that isn't overpowering
  7. I added this 'Hella-light" to my top console. I replaced it with a LED bulb. If you want more info I'd be happy to share.
  8. Where from!?! Btw.....sick mounts! Are those separate???
  9. My truck doesn't fit in my garage either. Boom! Wassup ladies?!
  10. I've been looking at ditch lights on Amazon, I think I found a good pair. I guess I'm more interested in where you got your brackets!
  11. I made a trip to the other side of the state to get a lightbar from a friend for a refurb project. While going through a tiny town I was pulled over by a city cop for going 11 over. When he came up to the truck he obviously wanted to know why I had this in my truck. I told him "to please not tell the (next town over police department) I took it off their car". He wasn't amused until I identified myself. We then talked for about 20 minutes about lights he'd been restoring. Ya had to be there.
  12. Why not? I like it. But you can get them cheap on ebay or Amazon.
  13. This has to be like thing 1 for every Silverado owner!!! Glad to see it. Wish GM would just do it for us.
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