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  1. You would think you could close them. But its all automatic. It is surprisingly very easy to remove the air dam. Remove two outer bolts that go downward....and 10 bolts that go upward. All 7mm. I had mine off in 5 minutes. There are YouTube videos on it. The couple I watch showed removal of the "clips". I chose to remove mine, kinda a pain, but you can leave them on.
  2. How responsive is it? Does it take time for the electronics to engage?? Or is there a pause?
  3. Another great reason to hang onto my 2020 at the end of my lease!!!
  4. Here she is with the air dam / valance delete. I like this look SOOO much better. Much cleaner line and more aggressive looking. Last thing to do is get those wheels done!!!
  5. You're absolutely right. I guess I was just thinking of doing something for the books to share here. Personally, I really could care less if I lose a GPM or not. As said above, I bought a truck...if I worried about mileage I woulda bought a Prius!!! And the whole cooling think is bunk.
  6. So here's something.....my driving is about the same every week. How can I keep proper track of my mileage? I wrote down all the stats. I just took it off. My trip meter 1 is at my current truck accumulated miles of 1,833. I jotted down the fuel mileage of 15.7 mpg. Then I tabbed over to the current fuel mileage stats screen ....my best was 21.7 and my average was 16.7 What would I do from here....keep track of my best and average....or keep track of my trip meter 1 at another 1,833 miles?? I've not done this before.
  7. So whats your result? I want to remove mine for looks but I did not know it helped out with cooling. All I've ever seen was about gas mileage. I am mostly city driving so a few tenths of a gallon loss isn't a big deal for me. Even a whole 1 gallon loss on highway isn't a concern really. Now I live in Michigan, so its not particularly warm. So I'm not really sure that affects me either. Conversely, here is an article about the 2021 Colorado, in which GM acknowledges people are removing them and they actually made it EASIER TO DO for those people. So is it really important if GM doesn't come out and say don't do it?? https://gmauthority.com/blog/2020/06/2021-chevrolet-colorado-air-dam-is-improved-easier-to-remove/ Thoughts??
  8. No issues. My butt is plenty warm. Do I understand you right....the setting IS on in preferences, and even the dealership confirms they aren't working and cannot figure it out??? Weird!
  9. I got my black bow tie and factory black grille installed today!! All blacked out now, just two things left: Air dam delete Hyper dip black the wheels I'd like to black out the door handles if I can figure a good way to do them.
  10. Here's the grille: Very easy to do, but you have to know how the the clips work on the top shield over the radiator. I pulled the first three out totally and broke them. I figured out you have to partially pull up the center plug, then work the bottom part out to remove the entire plug. Its like a plunger system.
  11. Got my black bow tie today! Looks great! A few scuffs, and a chip, but we'll see how the dealer works with me. I also got my black grille today!!! Took me about 25 to 30 min to swap them out. Very very easy. Here are some pics....before, black tie, and after. Thoughts????
  12. Has anyone had any luck in finding GOOD options for door handle overlays for the 2020? The set i got didn't fit my truck. They claimed they would fit 2016 to 2020, which they didn't....but they fit on our 2018 Silverado perfectly. So they advertised them wrong. I guess they fit over them, but coverage was wrong. Whats out there for options? All I am finding is chrome. I thought about trying a set and using the new "Hyper-dip" on them. Is anyone having luck with plasti dip (hyper dip) or vynil wrap? My local guy wants 45 per handle to wrap them!!! If I did that I want to know how they would hold up.
  13. .......IF I had the nice full center console. Thanks to Covid selection wasn't very great in that area.
  14. I am on my 5th leased Silverado. I have the luck of living close to a great dealership. They lead the area in sales. For truck month they had to meet their sales so my 2nd lease from them was only for a little over a year. They got me out and into my 3rd new one. My 4th was my 2018. The most I did to it was put wheel skins over the chrome wheels to make them black. On turn in's I've been very lucky. I take pretty good care of my trucks. There are always dings and scratches, but my interiors are always spotless on turn in. You get a list of acceptable damage as to how many dings or scratches you get. A few times I got dinged in a parking lot, but I carry $100 deductibles on that stuff. One, I knew was more tgan the allowed but under the amount so I took to a local shop that specializes in dings and dents and they buffed one out for $65.00 I'm on my 2020 now. My trucks have always been pretty plain, but I lucked out enough to get an upgrade exterior blackout logos, side assist steps, etc.... I hated the stock z71's so I matched the rest of the black and put black z71's on the fenders. Now that im blacking out everything, I'm using the new hyper dip (from plastidip) to black out my wheels. I hate with a passion the auto stop button so put in the auto start stop disabler bypass behind the center stack. That was well worth the $88. I'm blacking out my grille and bow tie. I may put rally stripes on it. HERE'S MY POINT: I know that these are things I can take off. These are things that make me happy to do. I may buy out this lease this time as I really like this truck. This has been my favorite Silverado yet. As to the things that can't be removed, like stripes or badging, either the dealership will buy my my lease to put on their lot, which won't matter. Or the leasing company will accept them as equity. I'm not putting anything on the truck that isn't something that detracts from the value. Now as to some other mods I've seen like muffler deletes, console upgrades, etc....I dunno. I was told that if it comes with a jump seat console, and I put in a full center console, I would have to swap them back at turn in. I dunno why?????
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