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  1. Stealership finally got the rest of my Blackout package.... Rims: Before: After:
  2. I had installed a Boost Auto wireless fast charger in the bench console a while back. Murphy must have built the PCB because it soon began malfunctioning. BAP eventually sent a replacement board which required me to disassemble half of the console [again].
  3. Yowza! Those ProClips are heavy duty! Even with their 10% code, the cost is more than I want to sink into a phone cradle. They're probably well worth it. Congrats! Meanwhile I got a new weapon holder... https://greymantactical.com/products/1525x25rmpx Grayman Tactical RMPX underseat kit...
  4. My RST had nada....looked at the one GM offered but it was too expensive for me for what it is. Installation was super easy. RealTruckdotcom had the best price on the Husky Gearbox. I chatted up a sales rep and secured a better price than was listed. I was able to save several more bucks that way.
  5. Pic before dealer Blackout package: Enamel rattle canned and baked the exhaust bezels: After dealer Blackout package and painted bezels installed: IMO, exhaust bezels and fender emblems should have been part of the Blackout kit, GM is chintzy.
  6. A simple but worthwhile interior addition.. I like the flush fit and that my floor mats are still full length.
  7. JB Weld!?! Pics might help for folks not familiar with the power rear window cable fitment.
  8. Not all this exterior stuff was done 'today'....side steps, window tint, black fender badges, rear mud flaps and hitch cover:
  9. Hey GM-Truck.com members, I had been visiting the site from time to time when researching questions on the 2022 Silverado models. Good info found here that was helpful when it came time to go shopping. I eventually decided on a RST after mulling over the Trail Boss a while. Thanks.
  10. Great pic, nice truck, cool tree All these trucks look fantastic!
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