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  1. With the new electric Hummer starting at $112,000 I am afraid I could not buy one even if I was totally on board with the concept! Hell Now that I am retired I am not sure I can afford a normal GM truck anymore!
  2. We are all Assimilated in one way or another! Just pay your taxes and be a good robot!
  3. Yes it is a sad cometary. World has completely gone to hell IMO!
  4. If any of you have thought about a used car or truck right now the prices are astronomical. Cheaper to buy New than Used. Completely ridiculous. In some cases something with 100,000 km is only a few thousand cheaper than new! I was thinking of getting something newer than my 2009 Canyon but the prices are crazy. Reason according to Goggle is pandemic and microchip shortage. Buyer beware!
  5. How did you come to have it? Just interested.
  6. So are the 2022 1500 trucks going to have goofy side step in the box like the 2500's? It that what spy pics are showing?
  7. This is exactly why I am not buying in. Especially in Canada. We are not even 2% of the world problem. Until Russia, China and India, etc. get going on it the rest of the world is spinning it's wheels. At this point in North America there are power plants still using coal to. But most of the coal mined here is for steel making. I think in US there is one steel mill making steel with hydrogen and a few in Europe. So until we can get this changed how are we going to build all these windmills, solar farms and electric cars.
  8. "From My Cold Dying Hands" Not really but I won't go down easy.
  9. So far for me the 2 things I have equated to EV's is Butt Ugly and No Range. If that blue truck in the background in Zane's article is what they are thinking, Chevy truck fans are going to be disappointed. I like the route Ford is going better. Leaving it at least looking like a truck! If they expect us to take these things seriously than don't make them look like a goofy novelty truck like the SSR was. Or the Hummer. Or simply stupid and un realistic Cyber truck. So far other that the E150 of Fords they all look ridiculous! No working man on the Ranch or Construction site will be caught dead in something looking as stupid as that blue thing! As Old Joe would say "Come On Man" !
  10. They need to throw us old guys a bone before they screw it all up with EV's. A high performance 2 door truck would do it for me! Or at least make the truck and I will make it high performance with a GM crate LS something! https://www.musclecarsandtrucks.com/customer-demand-has-chevy-eying-more-silverado-single-cab-trucks/
  11. I have to say though that GM coming out with 20 plus models in 3 years is kinda funny. Christ they can't even design a new truck dash in 3 years!
  12. Here in Alberta we pay a tax per liter of gas that goes for Hwy maintenance and construction. Govt is going to have to figure out a way to get that tax from everyone with electrics! Also at our local malls and such there are free charging stations. How much longer will those be free? Last winter a friend drove his Tesla to Arizona. I drove there in two days in my Tahoe. It took him 3 1/2 days because of charging! They have to figure out a way to charge the electric's faster. People in California with hydrogen cars say that is what they like about there car. They can fill up like a regular gas car and be on their way.
  13. I totally agree! I don't want to bad mouth your new President because I know how loyal Americans are, but wow he has some bizarre ideas and CNN is right there with him. The media is defiantly left. It is that way in Canada too, only we don't have a Fox news to watch so we are constantly bombarded with left wing ******!
  14. Oh Ok! No Frontline said it was from Wet Market. Never said it was manufactured on purpose!
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