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  1. Not in the market for any of these and don't expect I ever will be. Chevy/Gmc trucks til I die! haha
  2. I had a service yesterday and they wanted to unhook it but I said leave it alone. I hardly ever use it anyway.
  3. I personally love the new truck interiors, But that cheesy tilt steering mechanism is right out of a economy model.
  4. New Member - 2019 Trail Boss LT

    Yes! We certainly need pics ASAP! Welcome to the website.
  5. Interior Plastic Scratches

    Hard to get them out completely so your only real option is to mask them. On my 2014 Sierra I had very good luck using some of my Harley Davidson leather black on boot marks on the lower door panel. Work it into the scratches and buff off. I have also had very good luck with black liquid shoe polish. And also brown liquid shoe polish on my Tahoe. The idea is that you are kind of re-dying the scratch. Also I have used Maguiers Leather cleaner and shine and it masks them as well. My 2 cents.
  6. What is your hobby?

    Posting on this website! lol
  7. New RST

    If I was to buy a Chevy today I would go RST as well. Without the RCSB available anymore in North America, this is the sportiest truck IMO! Next year even more so when you will be able to get the 6.2 in it!
  8. I would feel Uneasy to if I was switching to a Dodge or a Ford! hahaha I have driven GM cars, trucks and suv's my whole life except for one six month period when a had a out of body experience and had a Mazda RX3 with a rotary engine. After the aliens brought me back to earth I immediately bought a 1973 Nova SS. and gained my sanity back.
  9. Good Year

    Well I went with the Duratracs. They seem very good. I am happy with them.
  10. To late I bought a set. So far they seem very good. I was worried about noise but they are no more noisy than the tires that were on it.
  11. dl3 chrome mirrors

    I Concur! This is a very good price for these mirrors. Oh and Glen, I have to ask, Is this person still your friend? hahaha
  12. I don't think the ZR2 has anything to worry about. The fact that the Jeep looks like a Jeep is all that has to be said.
  13. Well I wouldn't get to carried away! A lot of folks in my area think the new GMC Denali looks like a Titan.
  14. Tire Recomendations

    I went with the Duratracs.

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