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  1. I am thinking of doing the same thing. Was thinking Trail Boss originally but since the options are a bit limited on them I have started thinking about AT4.
  2. You need to get into the habit of loading through the back and not over the side. Easy to say....hard to do. Putting a tonnue cover on also helps with the habit.
  3. You know that we need Pics Marc. Show us that great looking truck!
  4. I thought this was a Ford/Dodge thread when it was titled lipstick on a pig. lol
  5. Yes I try to keep all of mine. Have even had a few of them from used vehicles. Original owner put it in the glovebox folder.
  6. That's a Beauty! Congrats! and Happy Birthday.
  7. The thing that I don't understand is that being from a cold climate area they tell us that during the supper hours to not turn on stoves, dryers, dishwashers etc or it may cause a brown out. How in the hell are we going to have streets of electric cars and trucks plugged in. At least currently (sorry Bad pun) we don't have the infrastructure to support electrics. Just what we need is more ugly wind mills and power towers running all over the damn place!
  8. https://www.chevymall.com/Sweatshirts-Jackets/products/448/ Chevy Mall is offering some really nice Carhartt jackets right now. Going to order myself one when I get to AZ to save on shipping.
  9. Check out this thread. But I am thinking if a GM tech can't figure it out the rest of us are in trouble lol. Good luck!
  10. Disappointment to me that there is no HUD option for RST or Trail Boss.
  11. I was wondering how long it would take for one of us to think of this! Again we have to do what GM won't do for us. lol
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