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  1. 2022 Chevy Silverado leaked interior and trim options - YouTube
  2. I figured someone would put a 3/4 ton in here to answer me! Sorry but I was talking 1/2 tons. lol That is a big beast you have there!
  3. Are these going to be out before I move to the Seniors Lodge. The auto business is pretty eeffed up right now!
  4. Well 21 Silverado's are arriving here with the new tailgate.
  5. Yeah I have the same problem! Next pair is just going to be plain prescription sunglasses! Other problem is in most of the farm equipment I operate the polarized makes stripes all over the cab glass. Pain in the butt!
  6. It seems to me that with the number of cars and trucks on dealer lots that GM has delayed everything!
  7. Wow, what happened to this website? I realize it takes time if you are re-designing it but it is pretty screwy right now with dead space. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  8. That would be good if you could find something to buy. Has GM gone out of business or something? Hard to even find a 1500, Chev or GMC on the lots.
  9. With the new electric Hummer starting at $112,000 I am afraid I could not buy one even if I was totally on board with the concept! Hell Now that I am retired I am not sure I can afford a normal GM truck anymore!
  10. We are all Assimilated in one way or another! Just pay your taxes and be a good robot!
  11. Yes it is a sad cometary. World has completely gone to hell IMO!
  12. If any of you have thought about a used car or truck right now the prices are astronomical. Cheaper to buy New than Used. Completely ridiculous. In some cases something with 100,000 km is only a few thousand cheaper than new! I was thinking of getting something newer than my 2009 Canyon but the prices are crazy. Reason according to Goggle is pandemic and microchip shortage. Buyer beware!
  13. How did you come to have it? Just interested.
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