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  1. That makes sense. Keep making trucks that the industry says are not up to the standard of Ford and Ram. GM is always playing catch up. Maybe GM should just keep making respirators and masks.
  2. I like them both but for different reasons. I like the HC better than the Denali, but I like the AT4 better than the Trail Boss. Based on looks for HC/Denali and based on options for the AT4/Trail Boss.
  3. So I guess your new truck is a 2020? Wonder when they start building 2021's.
  4. Likarok


    It is looking like I won't be coming for a Arizona visit this winter.
  5. For some reason there is not a lot of buy in to interest in the Colorado/Canyon on this website. That being said can we see a pic of your ZR2? I think they are awesome trucks and might just own one someday.
  6. I noted on a used High Country that I looked at that the bronze on the grill was peeling off!
  7. Borrow your friends Ford truck. Just kidding but there is No way in hell I would haul that in my HC. LOL
  8. Likarok


    Just about have the Virus licked in Western Canada. Things are starting to open up.
  9. Likarok


    For some reason I kinda hope those people do get it!
  10. Cost aside, I know a lot of folks that prefer the stock look. Nothing wrong with that. I myself generally only do OEM Accessories. Level lifts are the most outrageous things I have done to my recent trucks. But I use to be really bad. The last truck I went really crazy with was my 1979 454 shortbox. I did major engine mods to it.
  11. It is said though that the current generation will be the first in a long time that will be worse off than their parents.
  12. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=old+chevy+truck+commercial&docid=608028031555209639&mid=9821A3D06BF6A5599D0A9821A3D06BF6A5599D0A&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
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