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  1. Not to offend anyone but I would get it on a Chevy to so you don't have the big Chevrolet across the tailgate. chevrolet-details-th-8_1600x0.webp
  2. I am sure Harley Earl and Zora Duntov are rolling in there graves.
  3. They are selling lots of them in Western Canada. And there seems to be some on lots to. They are almost selling better than the 1/2 tons. But because of Covid a lot of people up here have gone back to camping so they need a truck to pull them. Trailer sales were through the roof last summer. But GM must be selling lots of trucks because that is their reasoning for reopening the Oshawa Ontario plant. It will build trucks. And they also announced a big investment in the St. Catherine's Ontario engine plant to switch it to electric , and the Ingersoll Ontario plant to build electric whatever.
  4. Most of the power companies in western Canada are owned now by Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett). And because he also owns Burlington Northern he is covering his bets both ways. BN carries a lot of Alberta oil from Canada border to refineries in US.
  5. Well I don't know of to many fields that have charging stations in them. hahaha Unless they can go 16 hr day on a charge not to many are going to be sold. I never knew they were going this far. Mostly for cooperate image I suspect.
  6. So in about 10 years are we going to be like Mad Max stealing gasoline trucks and fighting with each other over gas to run our trucks? hahaha I guess agriculture and industry will still use fossil fuels! I have not heard of John Deere coming out with an electric combine or tractor.
  7. This is exactly why I am depressed! I will never buy electric or jap junk!
  8. https://www.nbcnews.com/business/autos/gm-going-all-electric-will-ditch-gas-diesel-powered-cars-n806806 Read This! I may have time for one more Chevy truck in my life! Although they don't come out and say it I would estimate that by 2030 you won't be able to buy a gas or diesel truck! Not new anyways! GM likely in there typically overly optimistic time frame are saying they will have 20 models by 2023. I mean they can't even tell you when you will be able current model Silverado with the Multi pro tailgate. They always talk the talk at press conferences and then you never see a model to market when they say it will happen. Maybe when they deliver the new electric truck in stead of flying it in with a helicopter they will have the Jetsens fly it in for us! Maybe I have the covid depression but I am really sick of the way everything as we know it is going down the drain.
  9. Yes understandable. But to totally sell out to electric is unacceptable. When I go to a dealer and I can no longer buy a gas car/truck then I can officially say the world has gone to hell. Call me old school but that is how I feel. We have some Provinces up here in Canada that have already said that car makers have to 2035 to sell only electric. By then though I guess I won't give a ******. What I find so funny though is that the Agricultural industry will still be using diesel to feed the world, The mining Industry will be using diesel to mine all the ****** for electric batteries. Maybe I will have to drive a tractor. hahaha And also scientists are saying that they are not sure how the world in going to dispose of the car batteries when electric cars are damaged or wear out. Plus currently we do not have the electric grid to charge all these electric vehicles. Not well thought out at this point anyways.
  10. Tesla can be as ahead of all others as they like. I will never buy electric, in fact after yesterdays gm electric announcement I may not buy gm again either.
  11. Is it just me or is GM doing there level best to piss off all there loyal customers. I don't know about you but the logo change when I see it does not even make me think GM. I makes me think of a slogan for anything but cars and trucks. Now I see on Tuesday they are introducing "Exhibit Zero". Speculation on the net is that they are introducing a bunch of electric vehicle's. And potentially even a electric Silverado. Some posts on other websites are strongly suggesting that if this is in fact what is happening it is going to be a problem for dealers in some parts of the country. Some dealers are saying they have a hard time selling 4 cylinder trucks, let alone electric. Anyways not my cup of tea and if this is in fact what is happening I my be able to buy one more Silverado before I can't remember my name anymore ! What will GM do next, put Greta on the Board of Directors?
  12. How about designing a new logo. Of course I am referring to GM's new logo! I am really worried about GM, have they totally lost it?
  13. I should be able to find something to drink...........Not all in the same glass of course.
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