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  1. Production Numbers Website

    Do any of you know a good website to search GM Production numbers. I remember when I first got my 2008 Corvette I used one but can't remember what it was called. I bought a 2009 Canyon with the a LH9 5.3 in it in Inferno Orange and I am interested to see how many were built in the configuration I have. And how many were exported to Canada. some websites that I have searched say only about 300 Canyons and Colorado's received the 5.3. Any help appreciated! Thanks
  2. Hi all, I found a 2009 GMC Canyon with only 54000 miles on it. Bonus is that it has the V8 LH8 5.3. Picking up tomorrow afternoon. From what I can read on net not many of these trucks were built and even fewer with the 5.3. Do any of you know the actual production number or a website I could look on. I have been searching all day and have not really found to much other than the basic Carfax type of info. Some websites are saying as few as 300 of these trucks were built and I expect even fewer were exported to Canada and fewer again in the Inferno Orange color. This is a Canadian truck that was sold here in Alberta originally.
  3. I had Katskins put on the 2014 sierra reg. cab I had. I loved them to but after 4 years they did start showing wear. But I guess all seats do, leather or cloth. They are a very nice option though to do a quick and drastic change to your interior. And so many color and texture options. One of the best mods I have ever done to a truck!
  4. 2003 to 2007 classic RCSB

    I decided against this purchase. Way more work involved than I was prepared to take on. It would have been fun though.
  5. Wow! That is just crazy. Do the new trucks come with a Short Wave Option now? Or are you trying to talk to the Space Station.
  6. 2003 to 2007 classic RCSB

    I am still in debating mode on it. He is asking $13,500.00 can It has 172000km/107000miles. The rockers are not to bad and have mostly gravel rash. So far my assessment would be on the body a 7 out of 10, and on the interior a 8 out of 10. I t has some small parking lot dings but I think they can be taken out with paintless repair. Back to the rockers and cab corners, the rockers have some gravel rash but I think I could clean them up and repaint at this point, cab corners look ok. This truck was not babied for sure. But I think it is at the point where it can be saved with a few new oem parts. Now the good part! When the original owner sold to the current owner the 5.3 had some issues, to make along story short the engine was pooched. So the current owner thought that he would put a GM crate motor in it. For a few hundred more over the price of a new 5.3 he put in a LQ9 6liter. Install was done at a GM dealer and then was taken to a performance shop in Lethbridge to get a bit more out of it with out going crazy. So it is not cranked way up but at the lets have some fun point. He wanted it to be useable with out being crazy. When the install was done he also removed all the resonators and catalytic converter. Still only a single pipe system but the exhaust note sounds very good. That said, a 6liter would not have been my choice but I was not paying the tab. The swap was done when the truck had 135000km on it so the engine currently has about 37000km on it. It shifts firm and strong and the brakes were done last summer. Steering it firm as well. At this point I am not sure what I should or will do. Decision making is tough when you get old! hahaha Any opinions are appreciated!
  7. I am seriously think of buying a RCSB 2006 Silverado z71 that is local and that I found when I came home. I was in Arizona for 4 months looking on web and all over the USA, then I come home and find one right here in Alberta less than 50 miles from where I live. But I am having a hard time trying to decide. It does have a bit of work that would need to be done to it to bring it up to my standard but is that not what we do? Any of your thoughts on spending a sizable chunk of change on a older Chevy. Would like to know what others have done. Thanks!
  8. 2012 GMC Canyon

    Hey there Mr. Bean, hahaha I owned an older Colorado with a 3.5 Atlas engine and it never presented any issues to me. Kind of a cool little off the radar engine.
  9. ... Only in Canada

    After shutting down Oshawa I am surprised GM even recognises Canada as a country. Is there even such a thing as GM Canada now?
  10. Am i off base?

    The other way to look at it Ryan is that you order, when the truck comes in and you don't like the deal just walk away from it. The last vehicle I ordered was a Cadillac CTS. Did not have to put a thing down and when It came in they called me and then we made the deal. They told me if I don't like the deal that they would just put the car into inventory and sell it to someone else. Now that was 10 years ago. Maybe dealers have a slimmer profit margin now and they want some type of commitment. But Ryan I think the way you would order a truck it would be very nice and they would have no trouble selling it if you walked away.
  11. Or they will screw it up by making it AWD like the last SS! Well with Mary in charge I guess we just need to be thankful it would not be electric! They would be called a SPARKY SPORT instead of a Super Sport!
  12. Is GM Considering An Electric Pickup?

    No matter what brand it is I will buy trucks with Internal Combustion engines.
  13. GM Earns Loyalty Award

    I guess they gave out this award before Super Bowl ads were shown!
  14. The part that even shocked me as a Canadian is the part when they show what it works out to what each Canadian citizen spent to save GM. Only to be told see you later we are going to Mexico and have cheap labour!

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