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  1. Hey Zane and Josh, at one time there were thoughts on making some GM Trucks.com caps and T-Shirts. For my 2 cents this would be an awesome idea! There you have my vote.haha
  2. Looking Good! I guess I will have to take some Canadian Pesos to Mex to get the truck I want! lol But I have to say it is a typical GM move to do something like this. Just dumb!
  3. Awesome deal! Congrats and welcome back? Did you ever really leave? lol
  4. The perfect truck?

    Best of luck with your new ride!
  5. Maybe you should give them our website here so they can get a lesson from Phil Gamboa on how to take harnesses apart PROPERLY. What a mess. I would be totally pissed as well. In the future I think I would be finding a new dealer service dept. That is total BS!
  6. Very nice! Wondering how you like your Duratrac tires?
  7. Wondering what the groups thoughts are on tires are for these trucks. I like the looks of the GY Duratracs on the new zr2 trucks but anyone I see who has them say they are very loud on the Hwy. I have always been partial to Toyo At tires and have always had very good luck with them on my big trucks. Truck is completely stock and I have no plans to change that. (2009 Canyon SLE 4X4 5.3) Thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Lucky to find this one. Just bought as a run around and hobby. 90,000km, 60,000m. it is a 2009 Canyon SLE 4X4 with a 5.3.
  9. Hopefully in a year or two you will be able to get the RST with a 6.2. I will be in the market then. Seems dumb for GMC to have the things we want on a Chevy and can't get. Not sure I would pay HC price when you are going to take stuff off but I guess that is what we do. I am sure the interior options are different on the new HC as well so probably not a bad idea in the way you are thinking. New HC's are very nice. I love the bronze accents in the grill.
  10. Custom Trail Boss Console Upgrade?

    They must of had the Tilt Steering wheel engineer working on this console lid. Another dumb thing on these trucks.
  11. Yes! Weather-strip only!
  12. Shame on gmc

    Hey Kyle, you sound like Joe Kenda from the Homicide Detective on Discovery Channel. lol
  13. Shame on gmc

    Like I said! Good Luck and keep us informed of your day in court!
  14. I have to strongly agree with GN2018! No damage to me is worth more IMO! Plus IMO it was not fixed properly. I had a truck hailed a few years back and they replaced all the panels. No bondo! A box side panel would have been an easy fix.
  15. Shame on gmc

    Well you run with it Pal! Yes it is the 2000's but I live in the real world! Have been to court a few times and you don't have to be a genius to know that you are up against it in this fight taking on a Corporate Giant of American Industry. It sounds like you have found a real ambulance chaser for a lawyer. Why don't you keep us all informed on your success, we will all be waiting with baited breath! Good Luck!

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