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  1. Is It Possible

    Think of buying a GMT800 with no power windows and locks. Naturally all the cosmetic stuff like different door panels, switches , solenoids, motors, wiring etc. from Ebay. But is a LS cab from that era wired with required circuits to make them work. I am thinking that the ECM would have to be programed but is the cab itself actually wired for this. And what would you have to do to get remotes to work to unlock etc.????? Any comments or help appreciated!
  2. Which GMT-800 to buy

    Should think about a 2500 with a Duramax. imo I cannot believe though how even the gmt800 diesel trucks are hold there value.
  3. Send some of them my way! hahahaha That is on Kijiji? There was a 2005 rcsb GMC in Langdon that only had 50000km on it. He wanted $15,500 for it though. If I was at home I probably would have at least looked at it.
  4. Yeah I saw that little GMC in Langdon. You are right, because I don't want to pay the exchange and have the BS getting it across the border! Even if it is not loaded but has a clean body and frame I will look at it. All the other stuff I can put in myself. Get parts at wreakers and eBay.
  5. Seems completely ridicules that they are just pumping the sale of the old model when they have a brand new model they should be advertising!
  6. I guess Santa does not Visit Montana. On-Star could not find or help me when I had troubles there!
  7. When you are looking for something specific like I am (RCSB, 4X4, 5.3L, extra clean) they are pretty hard to find in Canada. I have found about 3 country wide and most of them are in Ontario or the Maritimes. In 2 days I have found a dozen across the US but they are mostly in places where you would have to haul them. Even extra cabs in the 1999 to 2007classic era are hard to find in Canada that are not over priced or rusty. I am willing to pay for what I want but the exchange is killer for us!
  8. If the Canadian $$$$ was stronger I would bring a GMT800 up from US. I have found a few nice rcsb Chevys down here! In AZ for a few months so I have been checking down here. Most are in the Midwest or far east coast. I was asking about the SS trucks because I found a decent looking one in BC. After you look at used trucks in US you really realize how much winter takes out of Canadian trucks.
  9. Very good question! I am currently looking for a good used truck as a daily driver and this age of truck is what I am looking for. More specific, Was any year of the SS trucks any better than the other? Were all years AWD? I am a sucker for RCSB trucks though so this is what I am mainly been looking for, a few in good shape in the US but up in Canada most 1999 to 2007 classics are in rough shape from being winter driven.
  10. Again, didn't they pick the Honda Ridgeline last year! Or the Japanese El Camino as someone here calls it! haha. MT does Not a lot of credibility IMO!
  11. Mary and the Board of Directors seem to be hooked on electric! Actually I am not sure the current electric infrastructure can even support even a 25% shift to electric. Especially in the winter States and Canada. In Alberta when we have a cold snap they announce not to turn on your dryer, stove and other major electrical devices on for fear of having a brown out. How in the hell are we going to plug in a bunch of electric cars?
  12. Yeah our Beer is way better! Get Pissed Quick! hahaha But the US stuff is way cheaper. Ours has the shit taxed out of it like most things in Canada! Enjoying 98cent a bottle beer right now in Mesa!
  13. Here are a few facts about Canada that very few Americans know about Canada. More people live in the state of California (39 million) than the whole country of Canada (38 million). Hard to believe for the second largest country in the world. Only Russia is bigger in land mass. More vehicles (every make) are sold every year in California than the whole country of Canada! So over all Canada's population is only .05% of the population of the world. Canada is small potatoes is the world of the auto sales business.
  14. You nailed it! I had to be careful and not come right out and blame out idiot left wing POS Prime Minister!

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