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  1. What has really caught my attention is how poorly prepared or Govt's where.
  2. No one yet but a friend and co-worker that I mow with in the summers has COPD and is very scared of getting it. I personally don't know of anyone with it.
  3. Likarok

    Scumbag GM

    So now that Trump has announced that GM is doing a great job making Covid supplies are we all happy again?
  4. Likarok


    Should put this sign up in China!
  5. Looks like a transport rub to me. I would be pissed to, and no one will ever admit it.
  6. Likarok

    Scumbag GM

    Iran must have been watching Trump because they killed about 200 people with some experimental cocktail.
  7. Likarok

    Scumbag GM

    We gave all our stuff to China, now we are waiting for them to send it back.
  8. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/2019-2020-GMC-Sierra-Illuminated-Front-Grille-Emblem-84741559-Black-OEM-GM-INSTK/264632076800?fits=Year%3A2020|Submodel%3AAT4|Make%3AGMC&hash=item3d9d4d0a00:g:kDIAAOSwIKVeRBOR&vxp=mtr Just for you from Mary. She was working on these so she had to put the ventilators aside for a bit! lol
  9. Likarok


    Some folks on hear need to mellow out a bit. lol Hopefully we are all learning from this mess. I think we can all agree on one thing, that none of our Government organizers were prepared for a massive disease outbreak like what we are going through now. But I hope they are paying attention because in the future, experts say we will see more super bugs like this. That being said this one is just stupidity, Thank god in most of the civilized world our food supply is safe and we don't have to resort to eating the crap that they eat in China that started this whole mess.
  10. Likarok


    In the 70's, 80's and 90,s we could not trust the Govt. Now we can't trust the news. Corona is all they have to report on so they are blowing it out of proportion?????
  11. Likarok


    Plus about 90% of the junk at Walmart! That use to be made in North America.
  12. Likarok


    I have seen a lot of commentary on Canadian tv pointing out that when stuff like this happens it shows that we need manufacturing back in North America and not in all these shit hole countries. If our economies were stronger we would be able to weather a storm like Corona better. Thanks to the lefties like the Clintons and our ahole Liberal party in Canada, we are on the damn near on the soup line now.
  13. Plus don't be married to one dealer. The minute they think you won't go 30 miles up the road is when they will really screw you! You are buying the truck, not the dealer. For years I have done this. My local dealer has a great service dept. but the salesman are dicks so go where you get the best deal. I agree with what others have said as well. Especially HotRodz, they will be excited in a month or two when they look out the showroom window and it is still sitting there. lol
  14. 2009 sle Canyon 5.3 with 62000 miles. Great little truck.
  15. Likarok


    Well I don't know about the rest of you but by the time this self isolation is done I should have about 5 coats of wax on all my trucks and Motorcycle! lol
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