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  1. I can't imagine myself buying a Ford but I guess there are those that do, so good luck!
  2. Yes the best is if you can sell it yourself. To me the whole point of leasing use to be the lower payment, but now there is not a lot of difference. This is a purely personal decision. Most people think leasing is crazy. There are a lot of great used trucks out there right now but the prices are overly inflated. Myself, I would say there is no bad decision in your case. If you really like the truck, buy it out. If not get rid of it.
  3. Well we just lived through a 2 week stretch of double minus celcius cold here in Western Canada. It was common for Tesla drivers to be seen in snowmobile suits driving there cars. Better work on a better heating system Elon!
  4. Just so you know last week here in western Canada it was -50 Celsius with wind chill. Tesla drivers were complaining of no heat in their cars. And the electric grid was overloaded. I guess there was not enough Ford trucks plugged into houses. Good luck with electric at this point! Just stick out your thumb and I will pick your frozen ass up!
  5. At $105,000 ($138,000 Canadian) a copy you are going to have to pay to save the world from the gasoline boogie man! So if the RST is the top of the line I guess they drop the High Country, The Finance person at the dealer, whose name by the way will be Lucifer will be taking soles in on trade!
  6. Well I have to say that it looks better than I thought it would. Can't say I would be rushing out too buy one though........ First thing I would have to do though is get a good airbrush guy to paint a grill on the front of it! lol
  7. For you young guys it will be useful, but for us older dudes we need to pay attention when driving as it is! hahahah
  8. Merry Christmas! hope everyone can be safe and that we get over Covid. And that our world can get back to some semblance of order. Hope Chevy and GMC can get production ramped up and make us the new trucks we asked Santa for. Have a great day!
  9. I also read that we can't booster our way out of this. I guess that means we need to get it and our bodies have to fend it off. As long as we can survive getting it. I have had three shots of Pfizer. That is it for me. If I get it I should be able to beat it back now. But I see Israel is now doing a forth booster.
  10. I am going to have to look one over in person before I think about a order. They are fine looking trucks but I am old school and have to see what I really want. Somedays I think about keeping my 2017 HC and getting a RCSB Pro and building it into a Trail Boss........somedays I look at the new High Country and and think that is the way to go.
  11. Don't you just love environmentalists! https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a21933466/does-your-car-have-wiring-that-rodents-think-is-tasty/
  12. I noticed this a long time ago. Firstly I would agree with Montana- Wyoming being high. In Canada Alberta and Saskatchewan to north would fall in same category. But what is funny, having grown up in the country on a farm, 4x4's were hardly ever seen in the 60's and 70's. Then slowly in the 80's and full blown in the 90"s. now you virtually have to look for a 2wd. And if dealers bring one in it never sells. My first pick-ups in the 70's were always 2wd with 454's in them. My first 4x4 was a 90 Z71 ( when z71 first came out and meant something). After that truck I swore in would never own a 2wd again.
  13. They have to put something on paper to keep Grandpa Joe and his merry band of tree huggers happy!
  14. Did you make sure it was not just a Limited? Most sources I have seen say that ordering the new style 22 is about a month or so away.
  15. The same can be said for a lot of former world leader corporations, maybe General Motors comes to mind. In the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's. There was nothing GM could not do or build. Now they are a shadow of their former self. Kissing asses around the world trying to get chips from any slimball country that has them. They use to say, "As Gm Goes, So does the US Economy". God I hope the US Economy isn't as screwed up as GM is. Mary has turned them into a joke! I have been a GM person all my life, but the way I feel right now I am about ready to tell them to stick it. My last hope was that they would build a loaded reg cab. Maybe I will have to build my own, or go to Mexico and buy one and bring it back to Canada.
  16. Well it is not without some emissions. Unless you don't fart like I do when I drink Beer!
  17. Most on this forum would respond with........does anyone really care? hahahah
  18. Where I live in Canada a major portion of gas/diesel sales at the pump is tax that pays for upkeep of the infrastructure road system. I hear that Oregon for example is collecting extra fees when you register an electric vehicle. This will no doubt be the new normal. Electrics will still travel down the same roads that are there now, and in cold climate countries pot holes and frost heaves are still going to happen requiring maintenance through some sort of tax. And when you charge your car at home in your garage (sounds like you will have to have a 220 current) that sure as hell is not going to be free, So to say electric will be free makes no sense to me. And no doubt GM, Ford or whoever is not putting charging stations in for free. The cost of those stations is going to be recouped in the price of the cars and trucks. Free????? Nothing is free in this world! Then there is the construction and style of what is coming out. Glass roofs and wedge shaped bodies, I can really see how successful the current electric style trucks we are seeing are going to be in a work truck environment. As I have also said, why does EV have to stand for Butt Ugly? Now add common sense styling to the mix!
  19. GM these days never ceases to disappoint me. Building these trucks in wt format is another in a line of recent let downs!
  20. I will buy one when available. Leaning more toward the Silverado. Not sure I like the air vents look over the top of the screen on the Sierra. I will have to see one in person to decide. Probably be my last top of the line truck purchase. I will drive it til they take my drivers license away or there are no more gasoline pumps. hahahaha
  21. I noted that as well. I hope it is correct and we will get these Hot Rods back in Canada and USA were they belong!
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