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  1. https://www.kijijiautos.ca/cars/gmc/sierra-1500/used/#vip=27285428 very nicely done reg cab Sierra cut down from a long box. Not sure why, but maybe to get the 5.3. This unit is for sale. It says Edmonton, Alberta but I think it is at Winding Roads Motorcars in Langley, British Columbia. Remember the listed price is in Canadian dollars so it would be around $50,000 US.
  2. It is like just about everything associated with GM. They have moved on with a new generation of high tech money spenders in hock up to their azzes, and they don't give crap about past customers or in the case of this website past contributors. The administrators have moved on to You Tube trying to be movie stars, and this site is now a after thought! You are right that this use to be the place to find up to date information........well not anymore! We are on our own if we are not willing to pay for it! Just like everything else in the world, things have gone to ******!
  3. I am at a point in my life were I can not see spending $90 thousand on a gas truck, let alone a $100 thousand plus on a electric one. I have had new or relatively new Chevy trucks since I was 18 years old. (probably close to 20 of them) I guess time has passed me by.
  4. Just having Paintless repair done. Removal of literally hundreds of hail dents on hood, roof, and passenger side. They have the truck for a week. $500 deductible is what I have to pay! If any of you recall the 2014 rcsb GMC I had hailed in 2014 damage was $12000 on it. That did include some body work on that one though.
  5. Going for paintless repair tomorrow! $4600
  6. Does anyone know if the EV Silverado is built with composite body parts. Had a Hail event with my High Country on Thursday and I am sick of Campbell Soup can bodies on new cars and trucks.
  7. Starting to appear that Zane and company have lost interest in this website. Being a Youtube actor seems to be were the interest is I guess. This morning there is a bunch of garbage in the Ordering 2022 thread, starting to lose confidence in General Motors Production ...........and this website!
  8. Dealers are pretty cocky right now! Ripping people off big time on Used cars and trucks! I for one will remember and am going to change dealers on my next new truck purchase! I have never been loyal to just one dealer or salesman. I buy from whoever has the truck I want. Screw the salesman!
  9. It appears to this member that Youtube is where it is at with administration. As mentioned we still do not have a 2022 Topic location and now there is talk of 2023's coming out with still no topic section. What's up?
  10. That is scary. But what I always think of at a dealer oil change is, the lowest paid uneducated person at the dealership is working on your car/truck. I remember Dale Jr. talking about working at his dads dealership in the lube rack as a kid and how he forgot to put the oil pan plug in and oil ran all out the bottom. Then he started it up and backed it out. Ouch!
  11. Never thought I would see the day that I could not go to the Big City, drive to 5 Chevy Dealers and not find a truck that I would like to buy!
  12. Appears to be some confusion over Colorado vs Silverado. Actually I have a Colorado zr2 and could never figure out what the problem is that people are reporting with the headlights. Seem to be just fine to me.
  13. Not just America, Canada sold out to China as well, now we are paying the price.
  14. All these little mix ups is exactly why I am waiting until 23 or beyond!
  15. She is a beauty! More pics please from yourself and any others who have new trucks to show off! This is always so exciting for us gm truck freaks!
  16. Also I never knew the Trail Boss had a zr2 type hood. Looks good!
  17. That is a really great looking truck. You will have a lot of people looking at it where ever you go. Also I thought the Ultimate Denali had a carbon bed standard???????
  18. Not my cup of tea! I will leave it at that. lol
  19. I am not ordering nothing! The way GM is deciding what options I get because of chip shortage I am waiting to see with my own eyes a truck with the options I want! If I have to wait until 23 or 24 so be it!
  20. Another lame one from GM!
  21. I can't imagine myself buying a Ford but I guess there are those that do, so good luck!
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