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  1. I don't know if this will help, since my truck is not SC or built. I think the one major flaw I can find is the first to second gear ratio in the trans. I had my truck tuned, and I rod it around once in a while, but burn outs and launches kinda suck with this truck. ( I know its not built for 1/8 mile or 1/4 mile runs, but its mine and I drive it the way I want.) When it shifts outta first doing a burnout, it falls flat on its face. I don't now if you'd have to open up the transmission and change that ratio, or my tuner needs to do more work............. I think your 4.10 gears will be fine, it'll definitely be really quick off the lights!!
  2. Salesman friend of mine told me yesterday an email from GM came out saying GM only making crew cab trucks for 2021. No extended cabs, or no regular cabs. Any truth to this I wonder? I think it would be a big mistake to do that, but I guess production is behind and the crew cabs are what is selling more than the rest.
  3. I just put a pair of Bosch OE icon, I think is what they were, on my 15. Not a perfect fit, but they are tight and didn't come off running full blast on a road trip we just took in a blinding rainstorm. The passenger side fit well, but the tabs didn't fit the drivers side arm the same. I may take them back and look for something different.
  4. I had a 2012 HD before this one, bought new January of 2013. Winter of 14 my 2012 started saying bunch of messages. Same deal, battery specd out too weak. Replaced and shortly traded for my 15. This truck is still on factory battery and shows no signs of failing sooner than later. The only difference, the 15 has spent more time inside during colder months. Neither truck had any add on mods, or were ever used very hard. Both were kept very clean and maintained properly. I agree, maybe just luck of the draw.
  5. I was informed yesterday that my 2015 HD Silverado has a recall or advisory notice on the rear window defroster? Anybody else been notified of this? Is it going to burn up my truck if I don't get it fixed? The dealership didn't really tell me much. They called my wife and said I have an appointment there, but I've never done business with them. I bought my truck from the previous dealership at that location, but I'm sure all the information the other dealer had went to this new dealer.
  6. The driver side never moves, but the passenger side always moves out. I just wondered if it would be a replacement to fix it, or just something inside of it. Thanks for the replies so far.
  7. Has anybody had any problems with their tow mirrors sliding out on their own? I searched google and found some, but they were older trucks. My passenger side mirror will work itself out. I haven't really paid attention to miles or how often, but I know it does it because I have to push it back in every once in awhile. It usually slides out bout half inch or so before I see it, but I just wonder how to make it stop coming out on its own.
  8. What do you do with the knob on the dash? My truck is an LT without the console. I think it'd be cool if I could put in a floor shifter.
  9. Just go get some Sylvania ZXE bulbs for everything. They are xenon bulbs, and are very bright.
  10. Picture with the steps to show what I mean.
  11. I have +18s on mine. I have a few smaller chips down low, but I have steps and I think they help deflect most of the rocks.
  12. Spending that kind of money, I can't believe nobody has suggested the BDS coil front conversion kit. That looks like a nice kit. I don't know anything about it, but BDS is a great company too.
  13. I have a cognito level kit on mine. I have 295/55 20 Cooper STT Pro tires and my truck is about 2 and a half to 3 inches from the opening of a 7' door at the satellite radio antenna. I adjusted the garage door to open further than the opening so I don't hit the bottom door seal on the garage door. I found out I can barely get another tire size I think, (I want to do 305/55s), as long as the snow doesn't build up too much. We just had a foot of snow the other day and I could get in and out with an inch to spare, lol.
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