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  1. I have +18s on mine. I have a few smaller chips down low, but I have steps and I think they help deflect most of the rocks.
  2. Spending that kind of money, I can't believe nobody has suggested the BDS coil front conversion kit. That looks like a nice kit. I don't know anything about it, but BDS is a great company too.
  3. I have a cognito level kit on mine. I have 295/55 20 Cooper STT Pro tires and my truck is about 2 and a half to 3 inches from the opening of a 7' door at the satellite radio antenna. I adjusted the garage door to open further than the opening so I don't hit the bottom door seal on the garage door. I found out I can barely get another tire size I think, (I want to do 305/55s), as long as the snow doesn't build up too much. We just had a foot of snow the other day and I could get in and out with an inch to spare, lol.
  4. Wow, I guess I should have gotten a d-max...... My 12-13 mpg on the 6.0 is pretty depressing right now .
  5. I agree with the ZXE Sylvania bulbs. I have lows, highs and fogs. Look great and perform A LOT better than OE.
  6. I just received my S&B for my 2015. Getting a tune done after thanksgiving. Nice to see someone else review a product I am yet waiting to install. Right now with deer season and work, it'll be a few days before I get it installed.
  7. So my 2015 has the towing mirrors on it. I've read and researched the one mirror brighter than the other issues and found something out. The driver side mirror has the led signal lights, but with an opaque cover over the bulbs to make it not so bright. The passenger side mirror has nothing covering the led signal lights so they are brighter because there is nothing to dim them down. However, I have noticed that the new, at least new on the lots now, the mirrors are the same on both sides. the signal leds are not covered, and should be same brightness from side to side. With that being said, I wonder if the MIRROR GLASS part numbers would be similar or if one supercedes the other if someone wanted to get a replacement mirror glass? Anybody know?
  8. Boss snow plows offer a replacement valance that allows for plow brackets. I don't have a plow, but getting that low hanging plastic out of the way, makes for better ground clearance and gives it a taller look.
  9. Cognito uppers and keys, keys have just enough tension to keep tight. Measures out level, and sometimes you can even see a little bit of a rake on it yet. Rear is completely stock. I've changed the front valance so it looks taller from the front.
  10. I put Sylvania ZXE bulbs in my lows/highs and even the 5202 fog lites. I am very happy with them, more of a white lite even tho they have a blue tint to the bulb.
  11. I think they were an afterthought GM decided to put on to make it look better. Nothing behind them besides bumper and little holes to hold them on with. I think if someone could figure something out to do there, it'd be pretty unique.
  12. I have the Cognito kit on my 15, with the +18 Buck wheels and 295/55/20 tires and I don't have any bumpsteer like that. I DO have a Bilstein steering stabilizer on mine, as they didn't go away until the 16 model year trucks, but I leveled mine and did tires and wheels and alignment all in one shot. I never drove it leveled without these tires and alignment. The only problem I have is, mine feels really heavy on the front, but I just figure its from the tire and wheel package.
  13. My 99 extended cab fullsize is getting tired (221,000 miles) and I'm kinda looking into early model Colorado/Canyon 4x4s. Can someone give me real world mileage numbers on early model extended cab or quad cab 4x4s? I commute back and forth and this truck mileage has been bad for a while, but I've just lived with it. I just can't do it any longer. Thanks for the help.
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