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  1. I think they were an afterthought GM decided to put on to make it look better. Nothing behind them besides bumper and little holes to hold them on with. I think if someone could figure something out to do there, it'd be pretty unique.
  2. I have the Cognito kit on my 15, with the +18 Buck wheels and 295/55/20 tires and I don't have any bumpsteer like that. I DO have a Bilstein steering stabilizer on mine, as they didn't go away until the 16 model year trucks, but I leveled mine and did tires and wheels and alignment all in one shot. I never drove it leveled without these tires and alignment. The only problem I have is, mine feels really heavy on the front, but I just figure its from the tire and wheel package.
  3. My 99 extended cab fullsize is getting tired (221,000 miles) and I'm kinda looking into early model Colorado/Canyon 4x4s. Can someone give me real world mileage numbers on early model extended cab or quad cab 4x4s? I commute back and forth and this truck mileage has been bad for a while, but I've just lived with it. I just can't do it any longer. Thanks for the help.
  4. I actually came across your build thread after I commented here, lol. Thanks.
  5. I am trying to find one for my 15 as well. I would be interested to know what you decide to install.
  6. I think they look like a Tundra. I'll stick with my 15 instead of updating I guess.
  7. Following. I'm in the same boat with my 90 Sport. I'm thinking carb, intake, distributor, cam and headers. I have already changed the rear gear from 3.42s to 4.10s and gone thru the tranny. The only other option, is get another motor and throw it together quick and drop in instead of putting parts in this one.
  8. I have mine looped around the hook on the end of one of the safety chains. It loops through the safety chain hook on the drivers side of the hitch, then loops onto the hook on the passenger side chain of the hitch. Its up out of the way, taught, but not tight, and I've owned that trailer now for about four years, using it three to four times a year pulling with no issues.
  9. Probly oil cooler, I'm guessing.
  10. There is nothing for the exhaust to resonate off of without a muffler. I looked at it again, and there is a little bit of single pipe after the resonator under the cab. The "Y" split is about the front of the box. From that "Y" it is 2, 2 and a half inch pipes into two four inch bowtie tips. I have taken a couple videos on my phone, but I don't know what to do with them. I have sent via text before. If you are interested PM me your number and I will send them to you.
  11. There is a resonator under the passenger side of the cab, up front like under the passenger front seat. From just behind that resonator a few inches, my exhaust is split into duals with no muffler all the way to the rear bumper. Not loud, no drone, no expensive muffler.
  12. I have fabricated duals out the back of my truck with dual Bowtie 4" (I think) tips on them. Sound good, and look good usually. Truck is dirty right now, but you understand.
  13. I've found that behind the wheels, the tips get a lot of debris thrown at them, and some things get melted onto the tips. If you don't care about how they end up looking, go with those out behind the tires. I have had both, out behind the tires and out below the rear bumper. I like mine out the back under the bumper. Just my preference tho.
  14. So, CuzznVinny, are these just plug and play? Or is there something else needed to make these work? Did you change the high beam bulbs to match? Sorry for all the questions, just really considering trying these.
  15. Very little adjustments are needed. As far as the adjustment screws go, a little goes a long way. The newer bulbs I put in mine, made the cutoff line very visible now.

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