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  1. Hey all! Hope I can find help here. It's been quite some time since I last posted, hope y'all are doing well. anyways, what brings me to this thread is that recently, I've had issues with my Chevy mylink where i plug my phone in with usb, doesn't recognize the phone anymore. I've tried turning off the truck and back on, no avail. It keeps telling me "name of phone" then shifts to "no artist info". I have a 2016 Yukon in the driveway that I swapped the usb module into my truck, and it worked for some time, and now it doesn't. It'll work once every now and then. im getting very frustrated with this. Does anyone have any tips? I want to avoid taking it to the Stealership. it's a 2014 silverado 1500 with the 8" screen.
  2. Hey man! I just removed the flowmaster yesterday. It kinda claps a bit but I like it, it's not that annoying clap. I've been encountering some issues as of today with some kind of trembling from the engine, so I might have to clamp on my 3rd cat if I need to go to the dealership.
  3. Good afternoon everyone, hope y’all have had a wonderful weekend. I know it’s been a little while since I posted anything but with college classes starting I’ve been quite busy. Since I last posted on this thread, here’s what got done to the truck: - Rough Country 3.5” spacer lift with UCAs (I’ll provide pictures soon) - 3”/4” Fedar matte black exhaust tip - 3rd catalytic converter was deleted - I tinted the cargo lights as well as the reverse lights - I also painted the Chevy logo on the steering wheel, so instead of gold and chrome it’s black and chrome... looks so much better! Not much got done, but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. In in terms of the engine noises, I’m still suffering from the ticking and that whine. After my last visit to the dealership, it was narrowed down to the vacuum pump. I’m not sure if the whine is also being caused by that too, but I won’t know until I replace the pump. I’m planning on adding some sound deadening material in the engine bay to help with the noise. (So if anyone has any insight to this, please respond... I’d love to know more about it) Next I have planned for the truck is to remove my flowmaster 40 series original. I’m simply not happy with the way it sounds in higher RPMs, so I’m going to go straight pipe for now. If it “claps” too much since my third cat was deleted, I’m putting my 3rd cat back in and just having a muffler/resonator delete. I also plan to actually get my tail lights lightly tinted with the reverse and cargos clear, I’m really digging that look. If if anyone has any suggestions or input, feel free to leave a reply below! I’d love to hear what the community has to say!
  4. You’re awesome. Thank you so much for sharing this, I will share with the dealership and keep everyone updated.
  5. Dang man, I’m sorry to hear. And yes, I don’t know why our tranny’s are shit. My mom’s 05 Yukon XL has a rough shift between 1-2, never been able to figure out why. And that SUV is mechanically sound; regular maintenance, etc. I’m surprised GM still hasn’t engineered a better transmission after all these years. And about your code, that’s super strange. I’ve never had that happen. About my engine noise, it seems very relative to yours. Check my above replies to another poster, we can further discuss this as I’m interested to see if you happen to have my same issue... it would be nice to know my problem isn’t isolated to just my truck. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks. Sorry on my behalf, I should’ve mentioned that, you’re right. Thanks again.
  7. Thank you so much. I’ll look into this the next chance I get. I appreciate your feedback greatly, I’ve been trying to narrow this down. I’ll keep you updated once I’m able to check off my driveline checkup.
  8. Hey all. I’ll be responding to everyone as well as I can. So I took my truck back in, whole complicated story. They told me they were doing all the lifters, and when I got the truck back, I had my friend check it out and he informed me only half the lifters were serviced. He also explained my ticking noise is because there wasn’t any insulation around the injectors, which there is supposed to be. I’ll be keeping everyone updated through here. As far as the whine goes, I had the dealership tell me it could be my vacuum pump, but my mechanic said it could be belt related. I hope it can get resolved easily.
  9. Bumping this topic because I am suffering from a VERY loud whine in Park and 1st gear compared to a new Silverado with my same engine. My ticking is super bad too. Much louder than any other truck
  10. Hey all! So after extensive research, I’ve figured out what it is. Its called “EMI”, short for electromagnetic interference. Now, one of the common ways to relieve this is adding an EMI filter, also known as a ferrite bead or ferrite choke. My question is, does anyone know what size the cable is for the reverse lights!? I’ve seen 3MM EMI filters that clip onto the cable, like a laptop charger cord has... but that’s the smallest size. Does anyone know what size the reverse light cable is?
  11. Ah okay, thank you for the insight. I’ll look into it.
  12. Hey there. My exhaust flapper valve is removed, i removed it when I did my exhaust. I don’t know why they wouldn’t cover a starter, I was reading that somewhere but I could be wrong. And the clunk is in fact from a poor shifting tranny? Cause mine does shift poorly but the clunk feels like somethings loose in the rear end.
  13. Hey all! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday morning. I’m reaching out to y’all because i purchased my 2014 Silverado 5.3 used, with 76k highway miles. From purchase, it had a decently loud engine, which after reading some posts about direct injection and the oil delivery of these engines, thought it was normal. But after comparing engine sounds to other 2014-2016 5.3 engines, I’ve come to the realization that my engine is obviously not operating the way it should be. My transmission acts up a bit, but that’s GM transmissions... I’ll have it checked out when I take it for a warranty service. Anyways, I wanted to hear what you guys think on this topic. I can’t seem to figure out what the whining is from, and why it’s incredibly quieter on other trucks. Maybe my (part that produced the whine) needs to be replaced? I don’t know what it is. My starter grinds sometimes and it’s a nasty sound, but I heard starters aren’t covered under warranty. Then, I noticed, if I get on the pedal and let off, there’s a chirp...I have no freakin clue what that is, so any insight on that helps. Next up is my lifters. I have to definitely get new lifters, and I heard that the lifters go bad after many miles thanks to the B.S. AFM. Once I get the full service I’ll be tuning out the AFM. Then, finally, is my driveline. I get almost like a “clunk” somewhere along the driveline towards the end when I’m coming to a stop, and going... I think it might be my UJoint. Thank you guys for any input you leave, it’s greatly appreciated.
  14. No, I haven’t tried that. It happened after installing the LED bulbs. I just don’t know if I can add anything like a resistor or something along the cable of the reverse light to prevent the interference.
  15. Hey all! So, as y’all know I have a 2014 Silverado. I installed LED reverse and cargo bulbs a couple months ago but I noticed there’s interference, and I don’t know what to do to fix it. Calling all electricians out there that know what I could do to fix this. Open for any responses, suggestions, and solutions. Thanks, y’all!
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