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  1. 20x9 +0 fit?

    https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery?order=&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado+2500+HD&year=2017&suspension=Leveling+Kit&wheel_diameter_from=20&wheel_width_from=10.0&tire_height_from=305&wheel_diameter_to=20&wheel_width_to=10.0&tire_height_to=305&page=1 Here is a good search for you to check out
  2. Rancho or Bilstein?

    I've been running the 5100''s for a few months now. So far so good. There is a noticeable difference in ride quality.
  3. I had a problem with geolanders years back. Switched to michelins and problem solved.
  4. Higher load index tires

    Will have to find a tire you like and llok up the specs. I was searching last weekend and some of the same size tires of the same brand and style have differt ratings. For example check out a toyo mt 35x12.5x18.
  5. The diff drop is new to me for a torsion cranked leveled truck. I had over 100K on my last 2500 when I sold it, and it was cranked from day one with no diff drop. I know I can get the spacers for $40 and have them installed in under an hour, but is it actually needed?? I don't seem to feel any vibration from the front end that would tell me I might need to do this mod. Is it just a piece of mind thing?? On my last truck I replaced the idler and pitman at 70K. I did install the supports when that replacement took place. It was hard to understand how they actually worked until I installed them and you could see how they would help. Even looking at a picture you can't really tell. I would appreciate any feedback on either mod if possible.
  6. Exterior Lighting

    Right on!
  7. Leveling Kit

    Plenty of room without cranking.
  8. Leveling Kit

    If I did it all over I would have left the 285's on the stock wheels and lowered the rear 2 inches. I would have left the front stock.
  9. Leveling Kit

    Keys, no blocks. You can fit 35's in the rear with no blocks.
  10. Leveling Kit

    I have that size on mine. 18x9 +1 offset wheels. I cranked the front 2in and they fit fine. No trimming at all. I even have mud flaps. If you left stock wheels on you wouldn't even need to crank.
  11. After owning a durabeast for years I told myself I would never return to gas. Not having anything to haul now, I couldn't justify the extra cash on a new diesel, so I bought a 6.0. I have been happy with the 6.0 other than the mpg, but there a days I miss my hopped up diesel. Next truck will be a diesel again.

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