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  1. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Dang! Those look huge! What did you have to do to make those fit? And are they 35x12.50x17 or 315/70/17?
  2. need help deciding Tire size

    I'd definitely run the 275/60/20, and do whatever trimming or zip tying is necessary to make them fit. The stock 275/55 is just a bit too small, IMO.
  3. Post photos of your 2500/3500 HD's

    Very nice upgrade! What's the lift/wheel/tire setup?
  4. Shorter antenna

    I bought a stubby antenna from Auto Zone for the same reasons. I lost a little bit of FM reception in rural areas, but it's not really a concern for me because 90% of my listening is XM radio or bluetooth from my phone. For long, out of state trips, I'll just put the factory one back on.
  5. When I saw the "Blazer" name, I was hoping for a scaled down version of the current Tahoe (like a Silverado Trail Boss SUV)....or an SUV version of the Colorado (with a ZR2 option). Not exactly what I was hoping for......
  6. If you're keeping the stock rims, they'll probably fit without any lift. However, if they don't, then it won't take much torsion bar cranking to make them clear. And, as long as you keep the front lift at 2" or less (and add shock extensions) the ride will be just fine.
  7. Nitto EXO Grappler experience?

    Very cool. Those look big for a 275/60. Maybe the rims help things out a bit. Regardless, nice setup!
  8. Nitto EXO Grappler experience?

    Very sharp rig! Are those 295/60/20's?
  9. Leveling front and tire size

    Hard to say for sure. I think It'll be close. A member of this forum, named "rocnrol" has ran both 35x12.50 and 305/70 on his stock rims. Might want to check out his profile & posts.
  10. No problem! And don't forget, we love pictures!
  11. Sorry, they're for a crew cab.
  12. Leveling front and tire size

    I replied to one of your other posts about the number of cranks. For tire sizes, you can fit 295/70/18 or 285/75/18 easily with 2" of lift. Those will probably clear at stock height, but will be very close. With a 2" lift, you should also be able to run 305/70/18 or 35x12.50x18, as long as you stick with stock rims.
  13. Level/Wheel/Tire... Help!!

    Mine is a gasser, but I think 7 turns got me about 1.5" of lift. And yes, shock extenders will be helpful. Make sure to get the front end re-aligned too.
  14. I've got a brand new set of these still in the box, in my garage: https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-assist-steps-4-round-chrome-22805436 I'd make you a sweet deal, if you're interested in driving to central Illinois, haha.

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