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  1. The 2015-2019 HD's can run a 258/75/18 or 295/70/18 on stock wheels at stock height. The 2020's seem to have more room than the previous generation, so I don't see any reason why those sizes wouldn't work. Could probably even run a true 35x12.50x18 on stock wheels with a few torsion bar cranks.
  2. Hmmmm.....that's interesting. I didn't know it behaved like that. I figured it would just slam into first gear and stay there until you shifted it yourself. I guess I need to play around with it more.
  3. I've used manual mode for grade braking quite a bit. Been down plenty of high altitude passes at 5k RPM, with my camper trying to shove me off the mountain, haha. It works great, but I've seldom had to keep it in M1 because first gear is so low. I still don't understand the purpose of forcing it to hold 1st gear only. Why not just use M1, and tap the shifter button when needed?
  4. Sweet. So, that's 0mm offset and 4.5" backspacing, right? Any pictures?
  5. Most upgraded leveling kits are about the same. Any kit that has new keys, longer shocks (or shock extensions), new UCA's, and differential spacers will be fine. With any of those, you can raise the front about 3" without really needing to go to a full blown lift kit.
  6. My dealer reprogrammed the TPMS on my last two trucks, but refused to do it on this one. So, I run 50-55 psi all around for a while, and ignore the warning light. Eventually, I get tired of the light, and bump the rears up to 62-65ish just to make the TPMS happy. When I get tired of the firm ride, I drop back down to the 50's and start the process all over again, haha.
  7. They quit doing that a long time ago. A good tint shop can get you fixed up. Might as well have them do the front windows while you're there!
  8. My dad has to fold his mirrors in every time he parks his 2017 2500HD in the garage (with standard doors).....but he's retired, so it's not an every day thing...
  9. I'm running HID's for the lows, LED's for the highs, and LED's for the fogs. The HID's are much brighter than stock. The LED's aren't drastically brighter, but at least they don't look yellow next to the HID's.
  10. Yes, the factory halogen lights suck. Those projector housings are begging for a LED or HID bulb. I ran Xenon Depot LED's for a while, before one quit/blew out. Then, bought some used HID's from a buddy and they have been working well.
  11. If you already have the tow mirrors, and the rear window defroster, you already have heated mirrors (on the upper glass portion). My tow mirrors are manual, but when I use the rear window defroster, the mirrors melt off too. I can't help you with adding the power option though, haha.
  12. Have you actually towed multiple times with your truck? If so, did the transmission run hot? My dad and I have both used our 6.0/6L90 trucks to pull campers from IL to CO (and through the mountains), and back home, in the summer heat without any problems. And, we both have homemade guards over the hole in the front bumper, which probably restricts a bit of airflow to the factory transmission cooler. My 1500 trucks would be at max temperature during various times on this same trip (both engine and transmission), but the HD's handle it with room to spare.
  13. Our trucks won't always hold 6th when towing at interstate speeds, but they'll usually hold 5th pretty easy. Mine would easily hold 5th (and sometimes 6th) pulling my small camper, 4-wheeler, etc. to Colorado and back, from Illinois. My dad's 6.0 will run in 4th a lot when towing, but his camper weighs just under 10,000 lbs. If yours was stuck in 4th with a small trailer, something is definitely wrong. The bright side is that yours threw a code, which should help diagnose the problem.
  14. I use manual mode when towing our camper as well (especially in the Colorado mountains)......but I've yet to find a use for the "1" mode, which holds the transmission in first gear. How about you?
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