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  1. Another Tire question

    I'd say that 285/75/17 is the max, on the stock wheels. I ran those on my truck (pics in my build thread) for about 5,000 miles, before cranking the bars a bit and putting those same tires on aftermarket rims. My tires never rubbed at stock height, even with the factory mud flaps. I didn't have much room to spare though. I think a 295/70/17 would also fit, but might be reaching the width limitations of the stock rims. 285/70/17 will fit easily, while being much more common and lower priced than the 285/75. I prefer the look of the taller tire though.
  2. 700 miles to a tank

    That mileage seems nice....but I'll take my thirsty 6.0 any day. It has enough power for me, it's arguably one of the most reliable gas engines ever made, there's no DEF or regeneration stuff to worry about, it runs just fine on cheap 87 octane gas....and I've got about $10k more in my pocket. Sorry to the OP. That 700 mile range is pretty cool.
  3. Your truck looks nice! Do you think you could have ran a 35" tire on the stock wheels with your lift kit?
  4. Silverado HD revealed

    Yuck. The High Country is less ugly, but still ugly. And, I hate the idea of having to buy a top of the line trim level just to have a truck that's only a little ugly, instead of a lot. Looks like my low mileage (and still good looking in my opinion) 2016 might be staying in the garage a bit longer than I planned.....
  5. 6.6L GAS for 2010HD?

    Central Illinois is just as much "corn country" as central Iowa....but I've never seen E85 nearly that cheap. $1.10 per gallon is really good. I'd argue that Cowpie's local station has some of the lowest E85 prices in the country. I check https://e85prices.com/ on occasion, and the price he pays is always much lower than anywhere else. For many others (including myself), E85 actually has a higher cost per mile than regular 87 octane gas. It's nice to have the flex fuel option, but I seldom utilize it because the cost spread isn't good enough. Being able to run regular 87 octane is a plus though.
  6. Posted in the wrong thread. Sorry.
  7. Winter Tire Setups

    If you're not wanting to run a dedicated winter tire, then a good all terrain with the 3 peak snowflake rating (Cooper AT3, Falken AT3, BFG AT KO2, General Grabber ATX, etc.) would be second best.
  8. Dang, that's a lot of tire! Any more pics of the truck?
  9. You're right, that's asking a lot from one tire. However, there are a few options that would probably suit you well. If the handling & road manners are more important, then a few choices to consider would be aggressive all terrains with lots of siping, like the Cooper AT3 LTR, BFG AT KO2, General Grabber ATX, and Falken AT3. If you're wanting something a little more aggressive, then hybrid tires like the Cooper ST Maxx, Mastercraft CXT, Goodyear Duratrac, Toyo RT, and NItto Ridge Grappler would also be worth looking into.
  10. Very nice man! Thanks for the extra pictures!
  11. I run 50 psi all around when empty, so I have to clear the warning every time. It definitely gets annoying after a while. My dealer was able to reprogram my 2012 truck, but wouldn't do it on my new one.
  12. Both of your trucks look great, guys. I'm really starting to like that 285/75/18 size. Do either of you have any more pictures?
  13. You might be able to run a 285/75/17. Mine cleared pretty easily, but it's a 4x4 and the front is raised 1.5". I think a true 35x12.50x17 would require a lot of cutting on a stock height 2wd.
  14. Thank you! I think that look only goes well with certain color schemes, but I'm happy with how it turned out on mine. Nice choice on your wheels! How do you like the Mastercrafts?
  15. Big Whiskey's 2016 2500HD

    Thanks! I replied to your PM. I think you'll be with with 285/75's at stock height. And, if you crank your torsion bars 1" you won't notice much ride difference at all.

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