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  1. He’s actually putting his in the upcoming Mecum auction in houston.
  2. That is Adan’s truck, the owner of the shop that is doing mine. You can see more of it on Instagram, @Adanomyte.
  3. For those of you looking at this system, take your tome and look at the Willwood kit for out trucks. It has bigger 16” 2 piece rotors for only a couple hundred more. That’s the kit I will go with if I decide to do a big break kit.
  4. I have a crew cab, standard bed, Duramax, 2500 for when the weather is bad or when I need to tow something. Taking the fun truck out in inclement weather is optional and probably not one I’ll use that much. And yes I expect to leave the truck in 4wd Auto mode most of the time. To my delight it stays in Auto mode when you restart the vehicle after shutdown. I was a little worried it would electronically default to 2 High.
  5. I want it short and sweet. The easier it is to maneuver and park in an urban setting the better. Plus there are only a handful of custom 5’8” bed single cabs out there, more unique. Plus in the grand scheme of the build a $500 custom shortened driveshaft is insignificant.
  6. The body shop doing short bed conversion is Leading Edge Collision in Houston. You can follow the body shops part of the build on Adan, the shops owner’s, Instagram. @Adanomyte. https://www.instagram.com/adanomyte/?hl=en
  7. Starting this thread to document the build on my 2020 Sierra. As I live downtown I want a vehicle that’s small and easy to get around in and something fast to play with. GM doesn’t make a single cab short bed and definitely doesn’t make one with the 6.2 so I’m having one built. Starting out with a 2020 Sierra 2 door long bed (8’). Going to chop the frame down and install a short bed (5’8”) on it. Moving forward after that we are looking to put a supercharged 6.2l bored out to 416ci. Started off with the easy stuff like tinted windows and new stereo (new door and tweeter speakers, amps and 2-12” subs). Now it’s at the body shop for the short bed conversion. Then to suspension for a 4/6 drop. A brief stop for some Katzkin leather seats. Then to the performance/speed shop for the engine work. Then off to have the trans built to handle the aprox 850hp the engine will put out (@ the crank). Just started the fun part of the build process at the body shop. Here they are cutting down the frame.
  8. Sorry, posted that on the wrong thread.
  9. For those of you looking to have a 2 door short or regular bed truck made. Reach out to Adan at Leading Edge in Houston. 2815801777 https://www.leadingedgecollision.com/ You can follow my short bed build on his Instagram account @adanomyte.
  10. While you’re in there I would go headers and exhaust. A fuel pump booster would also be helpful. With the extra mods, if you find a good tuner a dyno tune will be better. If just running the whipple stay with their tune.
  11. Here you go. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.motor1.com/news/487487/chevy-tahoe-k5-blazer-conversion-487487/amp/
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