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  1. Man this project is taking longer than expected. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel though. The truck is almost out of the shop that is doing the short bed conversion and custom paint. The one off wheels are in. The engine is finally done!!!! Still moving slower than I expected but it’s progressing.
  2. Anyone know what power the stock 5.3l is putting down with the whipple? I’m thinking of taking the 5.3 out of my 2020 build and drop it in a Jeep JK.
  3. Looking good! Give us a full report once you get her on the road.
  4. Stuck with wet sump. 1. Less things to fail. 2. No issue with ground clearance. 3. I’ts not going to be a road course truck.
  5. Update: truck is coming back to the builder/shop from the suspension shop. Did a 4/6 drop, traction bars and driveshaft loop by VAS Specialties https://www.vasfab.com/ The engine has been my biggest headache. Apparently Edlebrock is moving out of California and is in mid move. I’ve been calling for 6+ weeks to order the engine and have gotten horrible customer service. I finally spoke to a sales manager 2 weeks ago, they do not have any blocks in stock and he doesn’t even know where they could produce the engine as their Cali facility is closed and haven’t moved into their new one
  6. I think I read the carbon pro option only saves 60lbs of weight. It was t worth it to me.
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truck_nuts
  8. I have a guy that works for me, he has to be late 50’s. He has the train horns installed on his truck. He thinks it’s the coolest thing and sooooo funny, we just think he’s a doushebah.
  9. For a 2 piece design just hiinge the section of at the top not the side.
  10. Here are all their products for current generation Sierra/Silverado’s. Scroll down to their pro series kits. They will give you the capacity of a 2500 series truck. https://www.hellwigproducts.com/products/search-by-vehicle/?Year1=2020&Make=GMC&Model=Sierra+1500 It is a progressive setup when you are unloaded it rides like a stock vehicle. It can also be tuned by tightening the U bolts that tie the springs together to give you a stiffer starting point.
  11. I used Helwig helper springs on my 2500 and it made a HUUUGE difference. Daily drives the same and I’ve towed 12,000 lbs with over 2000lbs in the bed with minimal sag. Much simpler than an airbag set up with less to fail.
  12. I have an ‘05 duranax that I tuned +100hp and +200lbs of torque. I did it around 30k miles. I now have north of 250k miles and not a single problem with the engine or drivetrain.
  13. Too much bitching from all sides. I’m out of this thread.
  14. I have a 2 door so we did floor mount behind the seats. Under the rear seats or behind the rear seats mounted to the bulkhead is the most common places to mount amps.
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