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  1. I’m a little hesitant to use the edge or Banks system. I don’t necessarily like how they interact with the ECM changing parameters from what the ECM is really l telling the truck. I prefer to have a fully tuned ECM that I can swap out. I plan on upgrading to 37 inch for 38 inch tires, I just want to compensate for the power loss in the gearing change. A little extra power it’s not bad either. Not looking to drag race but I do occasionally tow 10 to 15,000 pound loads.
  2. For those of you who are looking for the same answers. It looks like the front axles on our trucks are sealed. There is no re-gearing option for our trucks for four-wheel-drive trucks. Only 2 Wheel Dr.
  3. Anyone running emission compliant ECM tuning? If so which tuner/company did you go with and how happy are you with them?
  4. Order placed January 25th. GM just picked up the order up Friday March 4th. Now the wait begins.
  5. I have them on my current 2022 high country and they are on the new high country I have in order. I think they are prioritizing them on the higher trim models.
  6. You can 100% tune your truck. It’s not cheap but it can be done, $1000 to unlock the ECM. That said this discussion is more about what I need to do wheels and suspension wise, not performance.
  7. Hey guys I have a couple questions for you. I am looking to run 38’s on a 2022 3500. I’d like to use a 3/2 level kit, not a full on suspension lift. I’d also like to use the stock high country wheels if possible to keep it looking at least fairly stock. I realize it will be a little bit of trimming necessary and most likely a mudflap delete. 1. Do you think that wheel spacers will be necessary? 2. I would probably want to do a regear to try and maintain the factory final gearing. What ratio differentials would I have to get to get back to stock?
  8. I wonder if the 2500 CCSB tank would fit in the 1500. I believe it’s 35/36 gallons.
  9. Man this project is taking longer than expected. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel though. The truck is almost out of the shop that is doing the short bed conversion and custom paint. The one off wheels are in. The engine is finally done!!!! Still moving slower than I expected but it’s progressing.
  10. Anyone know what power the stock 5.3l is putting down with the whipple? I’m thinking of taking the 5.3 out of my 2020 build and drop it in a Jeep JK.
  11. Stuck with wet sump. 1. Less things to fail. 2. No issue with ground clearance. 3. I’ts not going to be a road course truck.
  12. Update: truck is coming back to the builder/shop from the suspension shop. Did a 4/6 drop, traction bars and driveshaft loop by VAS Specialties https://www.vasfab.com/ The engine has been my biggest headache. Apparently Edlebrock is moving out of California and is in mid move. I’ve been calling for 6+ weeks to order the engine and have gotten horrible customer service. I finally spoke to a sales manager 2 weeks ago, they do not have any blocks in stock and he doesn’t even know where they could produce the engine as their Cali facility is closed and haven’t moved into their new one. He promised me a call back 2 weeks ago..... (so did the other 6 people I’ve talked to there, still waiting). I ordered an engine from Late Model Engines in Houston. https://latemodelengines.com/They produce some serious engines for some of the top names in the business. Pricing is significantly more than Edlebrock BUT customer service it top tier as well as communication and individual attention. Sticking with a 416ci motor and an Edlebrock 2650 supercharger. It will produce 900-1000hp to start, I’m having them mill/port the SC to add secondary port injection later, the block is good to 1400hp. Hopefully the truck will be out of paint in the next 3 weeks. Custom 1 off wheels are still 8-10 weeks out and the engine is around 8-9 weeks. That’ll give us time to have a level 4 trans built and installed by Circle D. https://www.circledtrans.com/6l80-level-4
  13. I think I read the carbon pro option only saves 60lbs of weight. It was t worth it to me.
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