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  1. Headlights also have a slight tint applied. I was going to blackout the lower chrome area, but will likely be doing a hidden winch bumper which replaces that piece.
  2. The grill comes off pretty easy and the center chrome detaches. I took mine apart, planning to spray w/ removable coating, but ended up sanding and spraying with a black chrome paint. Looks good, but should have prepped better, it has chipped some. The gold bowtie also separates from grill, making painting it very easy. I've done some pieces in vinyl wrap. That works well too. Buying nicer wrap is well worth the money, it is more workable and forgiving. Vinyl wrapping is an art to get it right, imo. Im still learning.
  3. I was hoping for some increased whine as a secondary benefit, but i didnt notice much difference. At idle and low rpm i have a slight noise that sounds like the tensioner. Hollow sounding "ting" ..... pause.... "hollow "ting".... pause .... repeat. Definitely seems like it'd be belt related, but could maybe be internal noise to the s/c compressor. Hasn't bothered me enough to dig into it. Once you start getting into the throttle a bit, or a lot, she screams though. An evil and simultaneously heavenly scream.
  4. I hear ya... but Whipple's tune was making me regret the S/C altogether. At least for me, the powerband was inconsisent and erratic. This seemed to be further complicated by the 10 speed not knowing where to go next. Idle even seemed rougher than i liked. Didnt want to spend more money, but the pcm is already unlocked.. so gave it a shot. Ideally done on a dyno, but theres a couple good remote tuners that can do everything via email. Literally a couple. Need to understand what you're doing with fuel tables, timing, neural network, etc. More bang for the buck on a dyno, but even a remote tune was lightyears ahead of the canned tuned. If you're happy with the Whipple tune, I'd say it probably isnt worth it. To each their own. The CAI does seem to help, low to mid throttle. I'd say it was just in my head, but mpg has been up too.
  5. Havent heard anyone mention a cold air intake and a supercharger together. I installed the GM performance intake. I liked the rotofab and the afe, but with how the intake tube and the maf is mounted, they would have required some customization. The GM is a direct fit, which is what i wanted. Definitely will improve airflow. Mainly installed as I'm looking to get a functional ram air hood evetually, at which point ill take the plastic top cover off. The hoods funnel air and dump right over the top of existing filter location.
  6. Whats the latest update on this Steve? Hate hearing about issues with brand new trucks.
  7. You can get to them in the drivers side wheel well. They are between the front of the wheel well and the radiator support area. Crank the tire to the right, remove the T15 screws securing the wheel liner. At least the ones in the front to drop the liner down, and you can get to the ecm from there. On the direct opposite side of the ecm and ecm mount is the tcm, harder to see it. Make sure you've got a t87a and not a t93 before you send in the tcm.
  8. Ya'll worry too much. A little annoying. I'd deny my warranty if i was GM. I boosted intake pressure by 8lbs. Unlocked an ecm that was specifically hard to crack, and retuned parameters specifically meant to not be changed. Gm doesnt owe you a thing. Modify it. Or leave it stock. But don't act like its gm's fault if you break something. Thats ignorance. That said, hope they find a way to tune the t93. I know a lot of camaro guys wanting it more than me.
  9. I agree with the surging. How was the transmission been for you? Mine feels like it can get confused if it wants to drop a gear or not. Sometimes it does, sometimes it hesitates. Some of the gear changes seem a bit harsh too. The t93 isnt tuneable, so ill live with it. I heard they do some amount of learning, so i considered looking into a reset on it.
  10. I agree that it would eliminate some weak points when adding boost. Worst case if you were to leave it stock is that you end doing everything they mentioned later. Im in the 2nd camp. If i end up tearing down for a broken valve spring, ill rebuild it back stronger. As a reference, hennessey is boosting silverados with full warranty. They add "crankcase ventilation" i.e. catch can as well as hardened push rods.
  11. Its pretty crazy how many wire harnesses, coolant lines, etc are crammed into the engine bay. I organized mine best i could, but theres just a lot in there. Going to add a couple more lines with a catch can too. Anyone mess with the trans tuning yet?
  12. The 6.2 is pretty awesome naturally aspirated. I had high expectations, and Whipple didnt let me down. The power is pretty crazy, especially in a 4 door pickup. No check engine lights, leaks, or issues whatsoever. Id say what impresses me just as much as a full throttle pull, is the torque at lower rpms. On the first run, i idled around the neighborhood and barely had to touch the throttle. Haven't got used to the trans yet. Seemed like it wasnt sure which gear it wanted. Punching it from a 20mph or so roll and she seemed to hesitate on which gear to grab. I havent heard much about tuning the trans yet, but i can see the value of dialing it in. As is will take some getting used to.
  13. Installed over the weekend. Still a few loose ends to tie up before a full blown test. Pun intended.
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