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  1. I've been wondering the same thing. My '14 had the USB plugs right under the lid, which was quite handy. For now I've been using a 12v USB adapter to take care of the passengers charging needs. I tried using the 2nd front USB (USB C) port, but that just ends up taking over Carplay functionality and it was easier to get a 12v adapter than find a power only USB cable.
  2. Speed is the killer of MPG when towing. I've found that if I don't try keeping up with traffic I average 12-14 mpg on the highway towing my travel trailer of about the same weight. The worst mileage I've had was towing through the mountains and that was still 10-11 mpg. If you are relying upon your truck's display for MPG average, you might try hand calculating to see if it's just too far off. Something else to consider is how you have your rig setup. The travel trailer should set level as possible while towing. Check tire pressures on truck and trailer, low pressure can lead to poor MPG. Tire or suspension modifications definitely, such as a lift/level can set you back too. I remember replacing my truck tires with a lot more aggressive tread and I dropped about 1 MPG.
  3. I would doubt that Chevy would handicap themselves like that. Out of curiosity I read the owners manual on a 2022 Ford F-250 and it states “The trailer tongue weight should never exceed 10% of the maximum towing capacity when towing a conventional trailer, and should never exceed 15% of the maximum towing capacity when towing a fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer.”. Looks like Chevy is just doing us a favor by putting it on the sticker.
  4. From what I can see the conventional max tongue weight is 10% of the max towing capacity and 15% for the gooseneck max tongue weight that you see on your sticker. My truck is a '21 CCSB Duramax, 18,500 max towing = 1850 conventional max tongue and 2775 gooseneck max tongue weight. Gas has a bit lower towing capacity and so those numbers are lower. I don't know how the other brands figure their numbers, but would be curious if they are more than the 10%/15% numbers I'm seeing for our trucks.
  5. These trucks have the aerodynamics of a brick, weigh 3+ tons, and most upgrades/mods people do on these forums only increase drag/weight. The window stickers didn't even include fuel economy numbers when we purchased our trucks. That being said, I'm mostly just burying my head in the sand ... like fueling up at 1/2 a tank to pretend it's not going to cost over $100 to fill up.
  6. Definitely an issue with the build software on their website. I tried to build my same truck (2021) using the 2022 model year and every time I pick 20" wheels/tires it forces me to choose the lowered 10k gvwr. Follow those exact same steps when building a 2021 and asks you to chose between the lowered 10k gvwr and 11,350 gvwr.
  7. There are 2 different IOR radios, the one that comes standard on the WT/Custom and the one that comes on the LT. They are the same radio, but the LT's is 8" instead of 7". So if you are just looking for the bigger screen, you'd probably save money and time by getting the bigger screen IOR radio. No matter what you do, you'll have to replace the bezel, as the 8" screen won't fit. Looking at the interiors on chevy's website and the button layouts look different, so not sure what that would mean for getting the right bezel.
  8. Seems like a neat setup and I like how it integrates with the radio. Sadly not something I'd be able to use since my radio is an IOR. Guess I'll have to stick with my usual method ... a wife with a two-way radio in hand. Not ideal, but she'll do.
  9. I don't have my build sheet, so I dug out my window sticker and it indeed has the snow plow prep/camper package listed. So you are right, I'm just an idiot and overlooked/forgot it was on there. I lookup and keep a spreadsheet of all the RPO codes of my vehicles I own and that's what I was referencing to see if I had the snow plow package. My truck does not have the "VYU - PROVISIONS-SNOW PLOW PREP" or the "WMI - SHUTTERS-FRONT GRILLE, ACTIVE, UPR AND LWR" RPO codes which is why I was mistaken.
  10. Now I'm a little curious myself. I have a '21 2500hd LT without snowplow prep package and I do not have active aero shutters. Curious what's change for 2021 or if they decided they weren't worth the trouble after only having them on the HD trucks for 1 year.
  11. For the OEM the convex mirrors are manual adjustment. There might be a 3rd party mirror option that includes electronic adjustment of the convex mirrors, but it's not something I've looked into. I'd honestly love to have a fully electronic mirror with electronic controlled top mirror, convex, and extend, but I make do with what I have.
  12. Pictures are showing up correctly now. Seems like a good use of space, since the scoop is just for show on the gas trucks. Not usually a big fan of cutting into a vehicle like that, but your install is clean which makes it look good.
  13. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for how they add LED lights to these trucks. Custom gets LED tail lights and LT can get LED headlights if you get the right package. If you want front and rear you have to go up to at least the LTZ trim. Maybe that's the point, it gets people to consider spending more for the higher trims/packages.
  14. I got the Chevy all weather mats with my truck and so far they've done really well. I liked them for the same reason, they cover the middle hump, which is nice when it's muddy out and I have one of my kids sitting in the middle. We tend to do a lot of outdoor activities that can get messy and it's nice being able to just pull out the mats, hose them off, and put them back in. They don't necessarily come out super easy due to the odd shape, I move the seats back to make it easier. The fitment of the mats is surprisingly well, they don't slide around, and have done well containing all the dirt and sand. Not sure about longevity on these mats, since I haven't had them even a year yet, but only time will tell. Not sure what other options are out there, since I liked the Chevy mats.
  15. Same warning doesn't show up in the 2020 user manual, so I'm guessing it's a problem discovered before releasing the 2021's.
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