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  1. You are honestly better off getting what you need now than trying to add later on. It'll save you on cost and headache when trying to add later on. For what upgrades you need, that'll have to be based upon what you believe you will be using the truck for. Given what you've described, you'll probably at least want to get the gooseneck/5th wheel options. For other accessories that I'd highly recommend; The all weather mats, spray on bed liner, and wheel liners are all things you'll probably want to protect your truck from wear and tear. Get a set of running boards/steps would probably go a long
  2. As others who have tried, this seems to actually work. I performed these steps a couple of days ago and I've noticed a big difference in the brake feel and performance. Kind of surprised it worked, but I'm not the most knowledgeable about brake systems. Anyone have any ideas why this seems to help?
  3. Everyone is going to have their own opinion and defend the choices they made, as you can see with the back and forth going on. Like anything in life, you need to weigh the pro's and con's of which truck meets your needs. I was in a similar situation when I ended up choosing my LT Duramax. Yes a 6.6 gas with all the bells and whistles would have probably been fine, but after looking at what I needed/wanted my truck for I ended on the Duramax as the most desirable trait. Long trips through mountains are effortless, the distance I can travel between fuel stops, and the ability to use the commerci
  4. My previous '14 was a double cab and while it got us by for a while, it eventually got to a point where my boys were getting too big to be comfortable for long road trips. Getting a crew cab for my current truck was a priority and my family is super happy we went that route with all that extra leg room. I've ridden in my buddies 2021 double cab a few times and we fit 4 adults without a problem. If we were going on any trips longer than our lunch breaks, then I would probably be calling shotgun so my legs wouldn't cramp up from not being able to stretch them out. If you plan on taki
  5. Is that setup even legal? If I saw that rig coming down the road I would both be impressed and scared at the same time. If you do actually tow that, I'd love to hear the story of how it went.
  6. Is the pin weight you are looking at based upon the gross trailer weight? If so, then you may be okay with towing this particular camper as long as you are not pushing it's max gross. You typically figure your pin weight at 15%-20% of your trailers current weight. If you aren't loading it down, then you aren't adding as much to the pin. Ideally you'd weigh your entire rig loaded with a scale to get a true reading on the axles, but you can always do a paper exercise by looking at the campers dry weight and adding everything you plan on loading into it and taking 20% of that as your pin weight.
  7. You shouldn't be exceeding any of those weight numbers, as that's what the manufacturer has deemed safe for what your truck can tow. Max payload does not equal max tongue weight. Everything in your truck, including family, luggage, camping gear, etc. count towards your payload totals. Know that your truck can tow/haul more weight than what the sticker says, but it's not something anyone would recommend. You'd probably be safe, but you are also introducing extra liability in the event you get into an accident or cause one. Also know that you can't "add" payload capacity to your truck
  8. If you aren't looking to spend a bunch just to satisfy your curiosity, you can get a much cheaper OBD II reader/scanner. My $45 Amazon ordered ANCEL AD410 let's me view DPF levels and regen status, plus a bunch of other data streams the vehicle presents via the OBD II port. It of course has its downsides, like not being very user friendly and doesn't save the screen where you left off, but it gets the job done. You won't be able to initiate a manual regen, but that really isn't something that you'll probably ever need anyways.
  9. Not much has changed between 2021 and 2022. I haven't seen anything that indicates changes to the chassis that would prevent installation of the same nerf bars/running boards, so I'd imagine they'd work out just fine.
  10. If you go by the owners manual you should take it into the dealer to change the fluid or reference the service manual. Only problem I see is that I can't seem to find a service manual for a 2020 or 2021 model years.
  11. You can find the paint color code on the stick in the door jam with the large QR code. The QR code itself will list your RPO codes if you scan it. If you look directly underneath it, you will see your vehicles color code. Mine shows 619D which is WA619D touch up paint. Everything I find shows the "Red Hot" color code as WA130X (RPO G7C), so it should show up as 130X under the stickers QR code.
  12. Pretty much this. I typically wait around 30 seconds after the nozzle first tops and then slowly fill up the remainder to reduce foaming. If you are filling up in a commercial truck lane it's even worse with how high flow those nozzles are.
  13. Let's see if I can help answer some of your questions ... Yes you can probably add on after the fact, but it's almost always significantly cheaper and easier to get whatever features you want/need from the factory than try to get those added on after the fact. Finding all the necessary parts and getting the vehicle re-programmed isn't always easy or straight forward. The dealer may not even be able to or want to do the work either. For any upgrades/changes you want to do after the fact, you may want to look through the forums here to see if anyone has done it before which will make
  14. It's a crew cab standard box with 4x4. It doesn't have a whole lot of bells and whistles which lowers the curb weight and gives me more payload.
  15. 2020 Chevy 2500 - RPO PYN - Wheels, 17″ (43.2 cm) painted steel, Silver GM part number: 9597724 Size: 17 x 7.5
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