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  1. I bought 1.5 x 5ft and have a good amount left over. I think it was like $14 for the vinyl.
  2. Thanks, got it from Amazon. VViVid XPO Black Carbon Fiber. Was very easy to work with.
  3. I only did the trim on the doors and the center console, wasn’t planning on doing the radio because it isn’t wood. Didn’t take long to do, maybe an hour. I recommend taking the trim off to wrap so you can fully cover the original color.
  4. No more wood! Wrapped with carbon fiber vinyl, looks way better.
  5. Got the windows tinted yesterday. 35% front and over factory tint in the rear.
  6. I went with the motofab 2.5" front and 2" rear kit. No noticeable ride difference but love the new height. As for upper vs. lower strut spacers, I used the upper as it sounds like it is better on the front end after reading a lot of posts. Lower are easier to install but I did mine in about 3 hours in my garage with floor jacks.
  7. Those look sharp! I might have to find a way to sneak these without the wife knowing!
  8. Tried the bed plugs in my frame, no go. They are too big and are not like a grommet. Plastic with clips.
  9. My only concern with the RC wheel liners are if they are plastic, how well do they clean? I have heard that if you dont wipe them down with cleaner they show dirt/dust/smudges vs the current "fabric/felt" ones.
  10. Just checked them out, that makes a huge difference. Are they plastic? Do they go over the stock liners or replace? Pretty easy to install?
  11. I already have the large holes plugged, this is an actual picture of my rear wheel well. I am looking to plug the 3 slots and the keyhole that are wide open. Might just be me, but I don't like looking at t open holes.
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