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  1. Plasti-dipped the bow ties on the wheels a couple weeks ago. Replaced OEM tow mirrors under warranty due to water in the market lights, FOR THE SECOND TIME. Took the market lights out, sealed them up and tinted them before install. I feel like I should go into business installing tow mirrors for the number of times I’ve had to swap now. I guess it was really only 3 times, but still. One time swapping the DL3s to tow should have been enough.
  2. I didn't want to spend the $250 so I bought carbon fiber vinyl for about $15 and wrapped the wood grain pieces.
  3. Good morning All! Wondering if anyone has painted/coated the bowtie on the centercaps of the 20" chrome wheels. The bowtie is textured so I don't think vinyl will last through the winter and washing. Was thinking about black epoxy to let it fill in nice but wanted to see if anyone has done this.
  4. Oh, gotcha. I've never used it. I usually use Google or Waze.
  5. If i do not have navigation activated, is this how you would do it or is this just an update?
  6. Thanks for your thoughts and experience. I did find replacement parts from Boost and once I get the mirrors replaced under warranty I’ll probably get the upgraded strip market lights from Boost.
  7. Hello all! I have had OEM power folding tow mirrors on my 2018 since around May and absolutely love them and glad I had the support of this forum and Phil to ensure the swap went flawlessly. Unfortunately, I have had issues with the OEM mirrors, specifically the marker lights. Somehow, water entered into the marker light housing on BOTH driver and passenger sides. GM dealer replaced them as they were covered under warranty. After five trips to the dealer last time due to incompetence, long story, I replaced them and was happy again. Well, a couple weeks ago I noticed that BOTH have water in them AGAIN. Contacted the dealer and they will replace them but wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I wash regularly but no direct contact with any high pressure water. Thinking about telling the dealer I want my money back and buying a set from 1A. Anyone out there that can share any similar experiences or thoughts on what I should do?
  8. I bought 1.5 x 5ft and have a good amount left over. I think it was like $14 for the vinyl.
  9. Thanks, got it from Amazon. VViVid XPO Black Carbon Fiber. Was very easy to work with.
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