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  1. Denali cluster in SLT

    @Bubbles, if you purchase the cluster from a dealer, they may charge you a core charge if you don't have the exact cluster for them to return, just an FYI. Once you purchase one, send it to www.whiteautoandmedia.com (WAMS) after purchasing the programming through their website.
  2. Denali cluster in SLT

    It is not the same opening. I've been investigating this for my Silverado and I know you will need the HUD module, HUD switch, wiring for the switch, the cable from the cluster to the HUD unit and the HUD compatible windshield, not to mention the programmed cluster.. You will also need to retrofit installing the HUD unit in the dash and covering it along with mounting the HUD control switch. I've been looking into how to retrofit it to look OEM but have not spent the money on parts to start cutting up to try. This is on my to-do list though. If you wanted to get crazy, swap the SUV interior into the pickup but there are still some switches that will still need a home that aren't present in an SUV though.
  3. Shoot a PM to @pgamboa (Phil). He's on vacation right now but he should get to you once he gets back.
  4. Like both @WesternMike and @pgamboa have mentioned, I'd be very hesitant putting any module in a different vehicle, especially a cluster, that needs programming due to tamper flags. You may have gotten lucky because all the parts came from the same vehicle thus all the modules already have the same internal VIN even though they dont match the VIN on your truck. Everyone else wanting to do this mod, I'd play it safe and have WAMS do the programming.
  5. Denali cluster in SLT

    @Sijrado, it'll probably say it's not compatible due to the fact that GM did not install that cluster in the Silverado. Just ensure that's it's a 2018 cluster and it's the correct fuel type depending on what the pickup you're getting is, get it programmed by WAMS and you should be good. If it's a gasser, the P/N you found should be the same as what's available in the Premier trim SUV's.
  6. Overhead Console

    Phil, I got to thinking, is that switch for vehicles with the automatic high-beams like the Escalades if not for the rollbar lights.
  7. Overhead Console

    That's cool as I have never seen that switch before. I'm definitely curious on that so keep us posted. The beacon light on the overhead console and is a similar switch like the sliding rear window or sunroof switches.
  8. Overhead Console

    Phil, have you seen if there are any differences if the truck has the Snow Plow Package. I know there is a relay to run the beacon lighting on the Snow Plow Package up there. I was in a 2015 Denali 3500 with the Snow Plow Package and noticed it did not have HomeLink or sliding rear window. I've noticed newer snow plow trucks still don't have the sliding rear window but I haven't been able to verified if they have HomeLink or not. The HomeLink only require power and ground correct unless they changed it over the years so it don't see why it'd be hard to add it anyways, even with the Snow Plow Package unless I am missing something.
  9. Overhead Console

    Definitely post one or PM it if you have one. Thanks.
  10. Overhead Console

    I may be incorrect but that may have been only on console trucks. That light lights up the bin area in the center console as it's always on at night. I don't see why it wouldn't work for you to install. I know the consoles can get expensive depending on what's all included in them. I've been thinking about trying to put in the SUV console with the curved mirror to see every one in the back seat but a couple hundred is the cheapest I've found it so far. I have other things on to-do list first.
  11. @reihart You can also do custom BCM programming to extend the remote start engine run time among other things. Contact Chris White @GTPprix of WAMS through his website at http://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/. Note his business hours for consumer sales on the website.
  12. Left side.jpg

    Are those Amp Steps with a chrome strip on them?
  13. Denali cluster in SLT

    @Crobinson16, I may know someone how can take it off your hands. Shoot me a PM when you get it.
  14. Denali cluster in SLT

    The diesels are different as there's no glow plug circuit in the gas clusters so you'll get a check engine light. I'd just look for a 2015 Denali diesel on the internet and get the VIN and take it to the dealer to the part #.

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