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  1. Did you have to wire them for the drl's to be on the leds or do they come that way ? I also ordered these for my 2019 and I'm still waiting on them. One thing I'm a little disappointed with after seeing your pictures is it looks like the side marker has an amber lens yet on the trs website they make it look like it's a clear lens with an amber bulb. Looks a million times better than factory headlights !!!! How is the performance? I have the d2s projectors with dense bulbs and computers and I will say I think they'll be hard to beat as far as output. Thanks again for sharing they look great !
  2. Here is a picture of the back of my cluster. If you look closely you'll see that while there is a cut out for the connector, no connector exists in the opening.
  3. If you get a chance could you verify that the connector is there ? I had mine programmed for it but the opening where the connector is supposed to be does not have the connector.
  4. Thank you for the detailed write up and words of encouragement. I will be sure to document and take several pictures of the process to share. On the hud retrofit, I too purchased a Denali cluster and had it programmed as well as a hud and harness, but unfortunately since I have a diesel the cluster I was sent does not have the usb connector that connects it to the hud. I spoke with Chris white and he said at this time they don't have a remedy. I've been thinking of buying a used cluster with the hud output and trying to remove the connector off the board and soldering it on to this cluster as it has the menu on the dic for adjusting the hud location on the windshield so I believe the programming is there.
  5. Do you have any pointers on removing the steering wheel ? Also did you notice any rattles or things not seeming as tight after resembling ? Thank you for the advice !
  6. So unfortunately for me you are correct. The console harness has 5 additional wire that the mating harness does not have. Fortunately I was able to find a schematic online that shows the pin outs on the hdmi input board and it appears that two of the wires are power and ground and the other 3 are for the wired headphone jack on the board. So I ordered a dash harness and received it today ! My only dilemma now is deciding on wether I should try to trace and remove the parts that I need or replace the entire dash harness. I will say looking at this harness is very intimidating as there are ALOT of connections !
  7. Thank you very much for that! One more question I have is, with the center console wiring harness, is it possible to get it to work without changing the dash harness ? The harness that I got with the overhead screen already has an lvds cable that's labeled rear hdmi and it looks like the console harness has the usb cable for the usb inputs in the rear so maybe it's possible that I won't need it or maybe I can just part out the part that I will need ? Any help on this is really appreciated !
  8. Do you happen to know the part number of the dash harness for rse you used ? I just installed everything in my 2019 except for the rear inputs, I have the hdmi board, the console harness, and the usb connector for the hdmi coming from the DVD player but I,m having a hard time finding the dash harness. Thank you
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