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  1. If connected correctly you will have all usb inputs connected on the back of the DVD player. I paid 80$ for the cable plus 30$ shipping. I'll let it go for 70$ including shipping. I'll find sometime this weekend to get on my laptop and send you the schematic I have !
  2. That is the rear hdmi input that mounts to the center console. I ordered it and it was lost in shipping so I ordered another and then that one ended up showing up months later.
  3. The picture of the coiled up cable is the one I mentioned in that post. The rear hdmi inputs will work without the dash harness but you need the double usb cable and the one I have as well.
  4. Also have an extra Blu ray and here's the pic of the stand alone overhead usb cable. These parts were all for my 2019 2500hd and to my knowledge 2018-2019 share the same part numbers.
  5. This is the complete headliner harness for the overhead screen and the other picture is the usb harness we talked about
  6. Yes they are for Blu ray. The reason I have so many is I didn't realize that center console harness already came with one plus the guy I purchased the flip down screen and rear inputs also sent me one. I also have extras of the overhead usb cable for the same reason, I didn't realize the headliner harness came with one so I ordered one separate. I didn't end up using the headliner harness because I didn't want to have to drop the whole headliner so I have that as well. I'll send you some pictures and dig up the part number for the dash harness. What year/model truck do you have ?
  7. You're not kidding ! Like I said I had to order the entire dash harness to get it. I guess on the flip side I have an entire dash harness minus that connector for future activities haha ! Good luck. Try another dealer. I've bought several variations of usb cables stand alone. If you're in need of the console wiring harness or the usb-c cable that splits off from the rear inputs let me know. I have 3 sets of them !
  8. I had to order the entire dash harness to get that cable. Luckily I took pictures of it after stripping the harness up before I installed it with the hopes it might help someone else out some day. Good luck!
  9. Did you have to wire them for the drl's to be on the leds or do they come that way ? I also ordered these for my 2019 and I'm still waiting on them. One thing I'm a little disappointed with after seeing your pictures is it looks like the side marker has an amber lens yet on the trs website they make it look like it's a clear lens with an amber bulb. Looks a million times better than factory headlights !!!! How is the performance? I have the d2s projectors with dense bulbs and computers and I will say I think they'll be hard to beat as far as output. Thanks again for sharing they look great !
  10. Here is a picture of the back of my cluster. If you look closely you'll see that while there is a cut out for the connector, no connector exists in the opening.
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