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  1. These trucks use 1 wire to the low beams from the factory for the DRL and low beam. The circuit I created and built splits that signal into DRL and low beam for two different bulbs. In this case the DRL portion is wired to the LED strips in the morimoto lights that activate when in gear and the low beams only come on when lights are needed. They do look much better! So far so good on performance, just need to get them adjusted when I can find the time after dark.
  2. I finally got the XB headlights and what a difference. The LED's act as the DRL now when the truck is in gear. All auto functions work just like factory. No low beams for DRL. It's dirty...but here are a few pictures. More to come... All lights on... The pictures don't show the pure white of the lights.
  3. That may be a challenge. I wouldn't be able to manufacture them myself on a large scale, but depending on quantities I probably could. I just got an update on the Morimoto XB headlights and they are now saying December 1st as a release date.
  4. I have read many threads on here about deleting/relocating DRLs on the 2015-2019 HD Chevrolet trucks. I wasn't ever that concerned with it until I decided to upgrade my headlights. I bought the Morimoto XB headlights (that have not arrived yet) that have the separate LED tubes in them as well as LED headlights. This would also come in handy for HID upgrades as well (not burning them during the day). I wanted the LED tubes to act like the factory DRLS, not the lowbeams. As you may know, GM uses PWM (pulse width modulation) over 1 wire to differentiate between DRL and full low beam. I also wanted to keep all factory automatic headlight operation, just activating LED running lights instead of lowbeams when in gear. This excluded the pin swap and the switch mod because I wanted the automatic function to remain intact. To the drawing board I went! What I came up with was a harness that will T into the factory harness between the headlight and factory plugs. All wires are passed through except the low beam. The low beam input is redirected to a circuit I created to filter the PWM and only activate a relay when full lowbeam signal is sent. After the circuit design and testing, I got some PCBs made and put it all together. I then tapped the trailer brake running light fuse to power the circuit so it has power after the truck is shut off until the lights turn off which helps with all of the factory light operation. I have installed everything and it works as expected, I have no DRLS currently with everything else functioning like the factory automatic settings would. I'm just waiting for my headlights to come in so I can get them installed and get the LED tubes hooked into the DRL signal! Here are a few pics of the setup. Harness Circuit - I'm going to fill the box with epoxy once completely done for weatherproofing Pass Side Tap Cross Harness Driver Side Tap Relay Circuit in Box I will get some updated pictures of the DRL operation if my headlights ever arrive! I have been waiting since the beginning of April for them when they were on pre-order.
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